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Learn how to create your own DSDT (Updated)

UPDATE: I just re-released a modified and much improved version of the tutorial.

This video tutorial gives you the basics for creating a custom DSDT file that matches your configuration (eee PC model, amount of RAM and BIOS version).

The version of DSDT SE that goes with the tutorial can be downloaded here.

This is for advanced users only, so you’ve been warned if you shoot your install…

OSX 10.6.1 SnowLeopard on the eee 1000HE – Part 2

Please refer to the first part for comments, installation notes and news on compatibility.

Comments are closed and moved to part 1.

This video is the second and last part of the two part video tutorials on how to install OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.1 on the Asus EEE PC 1000HE.

This should work similarly for the other models of the eee family.

WARNING: Even though I don’t experience any problems, there are some reports that the graphics performance under SnowLeopard may be quite slow for some installs (around 30% of Leopard).

You can follow this topic here.

UPDATE: I just updated the Video for Part 2, because there was an small error in it (thanks prmpfbubub). But lost the comment when deleting and re-uploading the vid.

eee 1000H(E) – DSDT files and the memory problem

Update: You can find a video tutorials on how to manipulate DSDT files

on our new partner site technow.cc.


As a lot of my readers have observed there are some problems when using certain dsdt.aml files with certain RAM configurations.

It seems that when you export/generate dsdt.aml files from the real existing BIOS, the resulting export is not strictly identical and thus playing havoc with your configuration.

The dsdt files contained in my packages (for the 1000H and the 1000HE) have both been generated with 2GB of memory, so there will be problems with eee PC that have not been upgraded with more RAM.

OSX Leopard 10.5.7 on the eee 1000HE (Updated)

Update: You can find new video tutorials on how to install SnowLeopard here.


I finally got OSX 10.5.7 to install on my new eee 1000HE.

This guide is quite basic, again you‚Äôll have to enable your brain at a certain moment 😉

Thanks go to Greg, slither2007, pentiumpc, Thireus,strongesthylian, comatron and all the other fine people at ipis-osx.

Update: I just had to reinstall the OS after I lost keyboard and mouse after changing […]

OSX Leopard 10.5.7 update on the eee 1000h

Update: you can find new video tutorials on how to install SnowLeopard on our new partner site technow.cc.

I just upgraded to version 10.5.7 of Leopard on my 1000H.

I did this by downloading the Combo Update directly from Apple (just to be sure…) and executing it on the eee PC.

Everything went fine, I just had to:

  • reinstall the modified graphics kexts in version 10.5.7
  • reinstall the Bluetooth kext from the Fixes folder
  • and strangely the PS2 kexts and to reapply the AboutThisMac.pkg

All […]

OSX Leopard 10.5.6 on the eee 1000h (UPDATED)

Update: You can find new video tutorials on how to install SnowLeopard here.

image I finally got the time to update my article on how to install OSX 10.5.5 on your eee 1000h.

The procedure is pretty much the same but I tried to add the cool stuff that has been discovered lately, mainly over at ipis-osx.

I tried to keep this guide more basic than the one before, so no iDeneb, iPC or Kalyway specific installation instructions, you‚Äôll have to enable your brain at a certain moment 😉

If you would like to install […]