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Cloud Music Sniper brings your Google Music library to any music player

Android Central

There is absolutely no doubt that Google Music is a fantastic service to have, if slightly limiting at times. The music stored in your cloud locker is only ever available to the official Google Music app which is frustrating for some. Oh for a world where Poweramp or Winamp could access all that music. Well that world is now, and Cloud Music Sniper can bring your music to your chosen music app. 

The previous incarnation was known as Google Music Sniper, but was suspended due to its name. The new version requires no root, and works by ‘sniping’ your offline synced music content and storing it in a new directory. This […]

Apple offers free books to iOS developpers

Apple just put six free books online about iOS programming.

You’ll need the new iBooks 1.2 as they contain inline images.
Grab them while you can in the iBookstore by searching for “apple developer”