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Urbancode Influx Plugin

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.28.03

I just published a beta version of the Influx Plugin for IBM UrbanCode Deploy on GitHub.

You can grab it here

Bluemix Project: Control a BB-8 Droid from a Smartphone

This is a sample project to control a BB-8 Droid based on the works of shamimshossain
using MQTT, the IBM internet of Things Foundation, and the sphero.js.
This project also uses the MQTT wrapper from the parrot-sample.

You can control movement of the droid using a Node-RED flow. A sample flow has been included below.


Running The Sample


You will require the following devices for this demo.

  1. A BB-8 Droid
  2. A laptop which supports BLE. The BB-8 will be connected to the laptop via BLE. BB-8 controller code will run on the laptop. I used a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid […]

Summer Sessions Draft

IBM UrbanCode Deploy Automation Plugin Development

IBM UrbanCode Deploy Automation Plugin Development

Jaco Botha covers the development of the IBM UrbanCode deployment automation plugin and discusses info.XML, plugin.XML, and upgrade.XML.
Link: dzone.com

Spring Sessions

Autumn Sessions

Winter Sessions

Easy UrbanCode Deploy with Vagrant (part 1)

This article describes my process of automatically creating deployment targets for an IBM UrbanCode Deploy environment.

All the sourcecode is freely available in my GitHub repository.


Vagrant must be installed on your local machine.
It can be downloaded and installed from here.

Building the bases

In order to optimise performance, in this first article we will first build a base box image containing some basic stuff:

  • Java JRE

And optional (to speed-up VM creation):

  • Docker engine
  • Docker compose
  • NodeJS
  • NPM

1_ Create the Vagrant File

First we start with the “config” section in which we define that the base image is based on Ubuntu […]