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Vagrant Manager for OS X

Vagrant Manager: A nifty tool if you use Vagrant on your Mac/PC.

Manage your vagrant machines in one place with . One place. All access.
Link: vagrantmanager.com

iOS gestures you may not have known

iOS gestures you may not have known

Timing – Automatic time tracking for your Mac. Find out where your time goes, without start/stop timers. We don’t just communicate by speech.
Link: sixcolors.com

A New Hope for a Perplexing Mathematical Proof

Earlier this month the math world turned toward the University of Oxford, looking for signs of progress on a mystery that has gripped the community for three years. The occasion was a conference on the work of Shinichi Mochizuki, a brilliant mathematician at Kyoto University who in August 2012 released four papers that were both difficult to understand and impossible to ignore. 

The Hardest Game You Never Played: Hacker

Oh how many hours did I spend in front of this game…

Back in 1983, three years before Ferris Bueller demonstrated to the world the most entertaining way to exploit a sick day, Matthew Broderick starred in a particularly enjoyable if not completely ridiculous Cold War film known as WarGames.

Link: getpocket.com