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This is the home of Niklaus Hirt, Blogger, Geek and pre-sales consultant.

Nik had a first contact with computers in the early 80’s when he got his Commodore VIC-20 at age of 12.

Tired of playing Lunar Lander he started programming small BASIC applications.

Later going through Commodores C 64 and Amiga 500 he got familiar with Assembler (sic!) programming.

In the early 90’h he finally got his first PC (an i486DX2-66 with 2GB of RAM!) and started programming in Pascal and in 1995 jumped on the Java V1.0 bandwagon.

Attending the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology (EPFL – 18th in the 2008 Shanghai-Ranking – second best in Europe) to graduate in Computer Science in the year 1998.

Working as an Analyst/Programmer for ELCA in Lausanne for 4 years he acquired solid development skills in J2EE.

Changing to CAST software in 2000 marked a turn in specialization as he started working as a pre- and postsales consultant/specialist in the field of Software Quality.

After 10 years of pre- and post-sales work he joined the IBM Software Group as a Tech Sales specialist for the Rational brand.

Since 2015 he is a Cloud Architect with the IBM Cloud team and concentrating on DevOps topics such as Continuous Delivery, Cloud Topologies and Microarchitectures.

In his free time Nik is mainly occupied by his family and if there is some spare time he tries hard to be a geek, writes blog entries, composes music and posts more or less interesting comments on twitter.