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Vagrant Manager for OS X

Vagrant Manager: A nifty tool if you use Vagrant on your Mac/PC.

Manage your vagrant machines in one place with . One place. All access.
Link: vagrantmanager.com

iOS gestures you may not have known

iOS gestures you may not have known

Timing – Automatic time tracking for your Mac. Find out where your time goes, without start/stop timers. We don’t just communicate by speech.
Link: sixcolors.com

Battle of the Docker Orchestrators: Rancher vs Tutum

Very interesting comparison between Rancher and Tutum

The Docker Orchestration race continues to heat up. With a ton of great tools on the market and new tools arriving almost daily makes it difficult to stay up to date with all the developments. @veggiemonk and I try to stay on top of the Awesome Docker List but it seems we get new pulls almost daily on the repo.
Link: www.brianchristner.io

A New Hope for a Perplexing Mathematical Proof

Earlier this month the math world turned toward the University of Oxford, looking for signs of progress on a mystery that has gripped the community for three years. The occasion was a conference on the work of Shinichi Mochizuki, a brilliant mathematician at Kyoto University who in August 2012 released four papers that were both difficult to understand and impossible to ignore. 



Android Wear and iOS

NewImageGuillermo Cique Fernández published an experimental way to connect an Android Wear watch to an iPhone.

I did test it and it seems to work, however with some limitations. And you need an Android device to install the Android Wear part.

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