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This is my home on the Web – Niklaus Hirt, Blogger, Geek, passionate Dad and pre-sales consultant.

My love with computers and everything remotely technical began in the early 80’s when I got a Commodore VIC-20 at age of 12 and the same year almost electrocuted my mom with a science experiment gone horribly wrong (and I’m not talking about the time when I almost blew up my family home).

Tired of fending off my brother for playing Lunar Lander I started programming small BASIC applications.

Later evolving with a Commodore C 64 and later the Amiga 500 I got familiar with Assembler (sic!) programming doing some serious demos when cycling color tables was all the rage.

In the early 90’s I finally got my first PC (an i486DX2-66 with 2GB of RAM!) and started programming in Pascal and in 1995 I jumped on the Java V1.0 bandwagon.

Making my hobby my calling I attended the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology (EPFL) to graduate in Computer Science in the year 1998.

After getting my diploma, I started working as an Analyst/Programmer for ELCA in Lausanne during 4 years where I acquired solid development skills in J2EE as well as project management skills.

The move to Geneva to work for CAST software in 2000 marked a turn in specialization when I started working as a pre- and postsales consultant/specialist in the field of Software Quality.

After 10 years of working with customers on improving their code quality and reducing technical debt, I joined the IBM Software Group as a Tech Sales specialist for the Rational brand.

In 2015 I changed roles to become a Cloud Architect with the IBM Cloud team and started to get myself educated on DevOps topics such as Continuous Delivery, Cloud Topologies and Microarchitectures.

The move to a DevOps Architect was just the logical consequence of my professional evolution and I still trying to help customers close the gap between Dev and Ops and modern Cloud Architectures.

In my free time I am mainly occupied by my boys and if there is some spare time I try hard to be a geek, write blog entries, composes music and posts more or less interesting comments on the Interwebs.