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Easy UrbanCode Deploy with Vagrant (part 1)

This article describes my process of automatically creating deployment targets for an IBM UrbanCode Deploy environment.

All the sourcecode is freely available in my GitHub repository.


Vagrant must be installed on your local machine.
It can be downloaded and installed from here.

Building the bases

In order to optimise performance, in this first article we will first build a base box image containing some basic stuff:

  • Java JRE

And optional (to speed-up VM creation):

  • Docker engine
  • Docker compose
  • NodeJS
  • NPM

1_ Create the Vagrant File

First we start with the “config” section in which we define that the base image is based on Ubuntu 14.04.


For this article I chose to create an inline shell script in order to make it a simple on-file solution to start with.

Provision the Base image

So first we update the package manager and install the unzip binary.

Next we install the Java JRE needed to run the UrbanCode Deploy Agent

Optional Steps

For my specific example, I need install the following additional elements:

  • Docker engine
  • Docker compose
  • NodeJS
  • NPM

Install the Docker Engine

Install Docker Compose

Install NodeJS and NPM

And I pull some Docker images to speed up deployment

2_ Create the the Base Box


Create a directory for the project and copy the above code into a file called Vagrant and finally run vagrant up

or download the code from GitHub

When done, we’ll create a box image of the base

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