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PixelPumper – A WordPress Blogging App


This looks like a nice app to grab while it’s free…

PixelPumper is a Mac OS X WordPress blogging app.

With PixelPumper, you can now create, edit and publish your blog posts directly from OS X in a beautiful retina display interface. It doesn’t matter if you host your blog on WordPress.com or self-host, PixelPumper allows you to post to either.

Features include:

✔ Manage multiple blogs simultaneously✔ Compose posts offline✔ Publish with retina quality images✔ Style your text easily✔ Drag & Drop featured images✔ Schedule your posts for any time

You can manage multiple blogs from within PixelPumper and quickly switch between your different blogs without having to logout and login over and over. You can even compose blog posts when you are offline, and save the draft to publish when you get back online.

Link: itunes.apple.com

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