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+Daniel Treadwell's Google+Blog WordPress Plugin is simply magic

Reshared post from +Guy Kawasaki

+Daniel Treadwell's Google+Blog WordPress Plugin is simply magic. It takes your Google+ posts and places them in your WordPress blog. 

I learned about this a few months ago from +Peg Fitzpatrick, but Holykaw.com, the site where I wanted my Google+ posts to appear, was not running on Word Press until this weekend. 

For some reason, I have no problem writing Google+ posts, but I have great difficulty writing blog posts. If you're like me, Google+Blog WordPress Plugin can solve the problem. Now I can make a Google+ post like this (the picture on the left):


And it will automatically appear like this in our WordPress blog (the picture on the right):


Even the comments are carried over, so that the Holy Kaw post instantly looks popular because it shows the Google+ comments.

Here's where you get the WordPress plugin:


Thank you +Daniel Treadwell!

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