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Posts – iPad blogging app

This is probably the coolest blogging app on the iPad to date.

Yesterday, if I had suffered a grievous accident involving some kind of heavy farm machinery, and my fingers were mangled to leave only a single, stubby nubbin where previously I had sported ten beautifully slender digits, I’d still have been able to count the entirety of half-decent iPad blogging apps on one hand.

Today, though, I’d have to start counting on my toes, as Black Pixel software, the company behind Apple award-winning app Versions, had launched Posts, and you might like to call it the Reeder of blog publishing.

Just as Reeder took the iPad and made the first RSS reader that took advantage of the little touch screen, so Posts is a gorgeous, easy-to-use publishing app. It works with the main blogging platforms: WordPress (hosted or not) and Blogger, and if you don‚Äôt already have a blog you can set one up from within the app.

Link:  www.cultofmac.com

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