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How to properly handle anti-piracy

I just stumbled on this article on Androidpolice:
Fake App Gets Uploaded To Pirate Android Markets, Megatrolls And Embarrasses Those Who Download ItIt seems, that the developers of the “Walk and Text” Android Application have found an extremely effective way against piracy.

Their 1.54$ app that they sell through the Android Store is widely pirated and the .apk installer file can be downloaded from the usual shady sources on the web.

Now there is a new version out there (done by the App developer or someone else) that does the following:

  • Show a dialogue saying that it’s cracking the Application
  • In the meantime, all of your personal data is forwarded to a remote server (IMEI, phone number, your name, …)
  • Then the compromising SMS is sent to ALL of your phone contacts
  • In the end another dialogue tells you to go buy the app

So in the end you look stupid and your next phone bill is likely to be gigantic.

Even if I don’t approve the publication of any Virus/Trojan or Spyware (why does this send all of your data to a server?) and sending humiliating and unsolicited SMS, I still think that this is “an original” way to deal with people who think that you work for free to bring them good applications.

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  • Nico |

    If you use an app and are happy with it, just spend a few bucks to show your appreciation to the developer(s). You spend anyway much more money on your phone plans…