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Google vs Apple – Tablet Wars

“Google says it will delay the distribution of its newest Android source code, dubbed Honeycomb, at least for the foreseeable future.”


“To make our schedule to ship the tablet, we made some design tradeoffs,” says Andy Rubin

It seems that Google had to take some serious shortcut to get Android Honeycomb out of the door in time – to beat (or at least keep up) Apple in the run for the release of a “truly magic tablet”.

Now it comes back to bite Google, because they have to delay the release of the source code of Honeycomb (which is supposed to be Open Source) because they couldn’t prevent that users put Honeycomb on phones “and [would be] creating a really bad user experience. We have no idea if it will even work on phones.”

This seems like some nice case of “Honeygate” to me 😉
On the other hand: Kudos to Google for maintaining the effort to invest in Open Source projects.

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