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Meet my MacBook Air

Let me share some thoughts in this first post from my new MacBook Air 11″.

I got the baseline model yesterday:

  • Screen: 11″
  • Processor: 1.4 GHz
  • RAM: 2GB
  • SSD: 128GB

What I like

Sleep – Wakeup

One other thing is the almost instant wake-up from sleep. Open, close, open, close, it’s just there as soon as you open it. Veeeeery handy, when some distraction comes along, even the briefest, just close it, and 40 secons later, reopen it and go on instantly. It’s magic, as some might say…


A full size, Mac keyboard on a portable device this size, do I need to say more…

Battery Life

Pretty decent, I get 4h30 out of it with WIFI and full brightness. Nice…

What I don’t like


No keyboard backlight, seems silly, but you get soooo used to it…

Real world performance

Being a little scared off by the 1.4 GHz processor¬†I immediately started throwing the same stuff at it that I’m using on my MacBook Pro 15″ i7 (with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD – my workhorse for professional use).

And I find it really usable. I’d even say astonishingly usable.

Of course it’s lacking some RAM to do some serious VMWare Fusion (4 GB would be nice if you order on the Apple Store), but a Win7 image just boots and handles nicely.

But that’s probably not the point in owning this little gem, is it?

On the other side I was able to play a nice little arrangement (11 audio tracks, 4 midi tracks, loads of effects)¬†in Propellerheads Record/Reason without any hiccups/dropouts which in itself is incredible (and probably due to the lightning fast SSD). So I’ll be definitely¬†using the MacBook Air for¬†making¬†music (for mixdown and mastering I’ll go to the MacBook Pro though).


I’m impressed, that even the base model (you could get a bigger processor and more RAM) performs that well.

I did not expect any miracles, but this thing really threw me off. And it will be a really nice complement where the 15″ MacBook Pro is too big (train, plane, …) and where the iPad just doesn’t cut it.

So I somehow think of it as an “iPad for media creation”, compared to media consumption on the original iPad.

The conclusion in two words: LOVE IT!


  • rubens |

    hey nick, lieber deutsch od englisch? naja…ich habe osx auf mein 1000h installiert, danke wegen dein tutorial,habe jetzt dual boot mit win7. habe nur 2 probleme die ich nicht mehr weis wie ich l√∂sen kann. das erste, ich bekomme den X nicht weg auf die akku anzeiger, habe schon alles probiert aber es geht nicht.noch mehr ideen? und das grosste problem…wenn ich win7 benutze kann ich den pc ganz normal runterfahren, wenn ich aber mein osx runterfahre, der osx f√§hrt runter aber den pc nicht. ich muss dann den power button drucken damit es ausgeht. schon so was gesehen? ich bedanke mich schon. lg