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Email’s Dark Side: 10 Psychology Studies

Irritating emailers

A fluffly AOL survey has classified the most irritating types of emailers by the type of emails they send (Woffenden, 2004). In order of how irritating, from most to least:

  1. The cryptic: rated the most irritating type of emailer, this person fills their emails with unexplained acronyms, mostly to try and impress the boss.
  2. The author: thinks they are writing a novel not an email.
  3. The forwarder: sends on every idiotic chain letter and joke they receive, apparently without exercising their judgement.
  4. The player: claims not to have received your email. Quite irritating; but in these days of spam filters, hard to prove.
  5. The smiley: emoticon users were amongst the least irritating types of emailer.
  6. The succinct: the least irritating type of emailer keeps it short and to the point.

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