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Finally one Apple gadget I don’t have to buy

I just watched Steve’s keynote about the iPad and I am happy to announce that this is the first Apple gadget that does not trigger the “must have” effect.

Seeing the keynote I really don’t get the excitment about this thing:

  • It’s yet another device to carry around, too big to fit in a pocket and too limited to really be of any serious use.Seriously, do you’d want to write a 30 page Pages document on this thing?
  • Oh yeah I forgot: it’s an eBook reader…Wait, I’ve never seen one of those – and it comes with an eBook store – now there’s some real innovation.
  • The battery lasts for 10 hours… Yay, great. And then? You’ll have to carry some huge Mophie Juice Pack…The battery of my Sony eBook reader lasts for 1500 page turns.
  • And most of the really needed stuff is missing. I fully agree with this article.