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Learn how to create your own DSDT (Updated)

UPDATE: I just re-released a modified and much improved version of the tutorial.

This video tutorial gives you the basics for creating a custom DSDT file that matches your configuration (eee PC model, amount of RAM and BIOS version).

The version of DSDT SE that goes with the tutorial can be downloaded here.

This is for advanced users only, so you’ve been warned if you shoot your install…


  • admin |

    Everyone having USB boot problems, please check out the new section called “USB boot problems”.


  • kuniyoshi murata |

    @nordlead2 DSDTが本格的になっているようですね。自作法も紹介されているみたいだし http://bit.ly/2FSU2q

  • pienXo |

    I do that, before 5 minutes, all step (except 1000HE 950 fix – it is necesary?), but power  button dont work, brightness after wake up dont work, i must this brightness manually set up, so i dont know what im do bad? … No compilation error,… but when i do step with 1000HE 950 fix i have so more compilation error, so i try without that, and without this 950fix, no boot error, but nothing change, i have 1000H, 2GB Ram, Bios 1902 modified… 

  • pienXo |

    But i dont have som special apps, like EEE Hotkey Enabler or what 🙂 i have Retail Leopard, 2102 alex_l bios, and now i go to copy this dsdt.aml to /Extra folder, so after that Power Button should go to work? Or brightness after sleep (wake up) … I really thank you for your and others job, to Make Dream Come True :))

  • EvOsx86 |

    Nice tutorial and video.   :)Now there is a newer and nicer version from DSDTSE with extended tables support and new editor layout, don¬¥t forget to check it and thanks for sharing your methods.EvOsx86 Team.

  • Francois |

    Hi there,I’ve just updated my eeePC 100H from 1Gb to 2GB…Do I have to compile a new DSDT file and install SL again??Thank you for your help!

  • Yan |

    Hi all,Is there anyone who already have compiled a bios modified for eeePC 100HE bios version 1104?Thanks!

  • dmx |

    Hello i am new user, my laptop sleep it’s not working. I add my dsdt.aml file. My english is weak sorry guys. I want your help.My graphics card GEForce 9600M GS.pls someone fixing my dsdt.aml and sending my mail address. thank a lot.xpity@hotmail.comhttp://uploaded.to/file/0r81hh

    • admin |

      We won’t be able to help here.

      Please have a look at DSDT SE, as I think it contains support for Nvidia chipsets.

      And Google around, you might find something…


  • JaveeHH |

    Hi, i want to know why i dont have in my dsdt a ” method (CDGS. 1 Not….)” y just want to fix the graphics but i cant find it, thank you for your responses.

    when i choose GMA 950… on custom code the DSDTSE program shows a message ” NilObjectException was not handled.” and then shut down. thanks for your help

    • admin |

      What model are you using?

      What version of BIOS?

      Creating custom DSDTs remains quite complex and is not recommended for someone that has no experience in low level programming (unless you meet the preconditions for this Tutorial – EEE model, BIOS version, in which case it should be pretty straightforward).

      Otherwise try Google with “MY _NETBOOK_BRAND_AND_VERSION DSDT”