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Apple (does) Care : With a happy ending

200908242036.jpg Friday afternoon just before heading home from work, streaming radio playing on my MacBook Pro while working on my work PC…

Suddenly no more sound… Lost the WIFI connection. No panic, just reconnect, but to my big surprise there are no more hotspots detected (there are more than 10 in my office space).

The basic troubleshooting begins:

  • Reboot
  • Reset PVRAM
  • Creation of a WIFI hotspot on the MBP (Create Network) and nothing detected by my iPhone or my Dell PC.

To no avail.

I have to jump the shark and call Apple Care (I’ve been in the IT business for more than 20 years, so this is kind of humiliating ;-)) for the first time.

I get a very nice and knowledgeble lady on the phone who walks me through the basic steps:

Reset PVRAM (yay, been there already)

Create test user

Hold Left Shift-Alt-Cmd when switched off and press the on button (nothing seems to happen) wait at least 5 seconds, then do the reset PVRAM thingy 3 times in a row.

This was quite interesting, as I never heard about this one. Must be some sort of super-reset

So in the end she (has to, it’s a hardware fault) has to give up and tells me how to get a appointment with a Genius at the Geneva Apple Store.

Unfortunately the next slot is for monday afternoon but I take it…

Comes monday I go to the Apple Store with mixed feelings, as I’m sure they will have to keep the MBP for some days to fix the problem.

So I get to talk to the Genius at 16:03 (I had the appointment at 16:00 – hats off Apple) and he does the same stuff that I already did and indeed concludes that it is a hardware problem…

“Repair will take some days…” and ” Have you made a backup?”

After “No, no backup” (lying only so slightly ;-)) and some minor whining on my part we get to:

“OK, I have the piece to replace in the back (the airport card in fact was grilled), come back in 30 minutes”

So I went to have a coffe, came back and five minutes later and went home with my repaired MacBook, working perfectly.

Why am I writing this?

Because as a switcher (in fact I did switch officially 3 months ago, if you don’t count my hackintosh adventures) I always found Apple products extremely sexy and well built, but terribly expensive.

Now if you look at my experience with the iPhone(s) and the MacBook and the service that goes with it I’m a very happy camper tonight and I would switch again if I had to.


  • Dugald |

    One minor note. Apple hardware is perhaps a little more expensive than rival PCs, however, you tend to get a better component quality.

    • admin |

      That’s a given. The build quality AND the components are (far) superior to comparable PCs…

  • Simon |

    … but out of the rare small laptops with 9400M graphics, you can still get one for 2/3s of the price and pimp it up to specs Apple would happily charge you 2000$ (1500 Euros?) for.

    I paid too much for a Black MacBook with Intel GMA graphics a while ago, before I was fully up to speed on those details. Before I realized I could buy another technically similar laptop without a fruit on it for half the price. Fortunately, the fruit on it made it easy to resell.

  • *Mussaboy |

    The thing is… Apple hardware is more realiable than the other, so your support as well. That’s what they sell. Not just the machine.