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Safari is driving me nuts


So I finally got my first Mac (a MacBookPro 13″) and I have to say that I like it a lot (you’ll be able to read about that in a post in the near future).

Coming from a Windows background and still working on XP at work there is one major quirk that drives me completely nuts.

Every time that I click on a link that should open in a new tab (like on a headline in Google Reader for example), Safari opens it in a new window.

Why can’t it just behave like Firefox and open it in a new tab?

Well, I hear you Mac Fanboys – I could hold down the cmd key to achieve that, but frankly sometimes I like to lean back slightly to read the latest tech news out of my Google Reader, instead of being hunched over the keyboard with one finger glued to the cmd key.

Now there is no standard solution to this, but I found a tip on the web that changes that behavior.

Open a terminal

Type “defaults write com.apple.Safari TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true” (without the quotes)

And restart Safari

Voil√†, that’s it, and I’m a happy camper with Safari

BTW: This happens because I abandoned Firefox temporarily to give Safari a chance – especially since it supports XMarks now.

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  • Paul Papadimitriou |

    Safari is still the best around on Mac, IMO, esp. regarding speed.

    I’ll give Chrome a shot when it becomes more stable.

    For the auto new tab, you’re right, it’s missing. So used to use cmd since I’ve been a long Mac user that I don’t even think about it anymore.

  • James Hurrell |

    Hi Nik,

    XMarks has to be the best thing invented…! I’ve only just started using it and also moved to Firefox… I don’t know why i resisted for so long. With the IETab add-in on FF, some of those odd websites that only work in IE are now available too…

  • John M |

    Hi Nik

    I’m a Firefox user, but the biggest downside is lack of scriptability using Apple Script.¬† In that area Safari beats it hands down.

  • Kevan |

    Nik, As a mac user from 1984 i will admit to using a 2 button mouse even though apple insist on providing only 1 button on its laptops. It really speeds things up and saves a lot of control clicking.

    I am glad you have joined the Mac converted and thanks for all your assistance with eeemacs 🙂


    • Paul Papadimitriou |

      With the multitouch touchpad on the newest MacBookPro, I really don’t miss the two buttons. Everything became so much faster and easier ^^