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eee 1000H(E) – DSDT files and the memory problem

Update: You can find a video tutorials on how to manipulate DSDT files

on our new partner site technow.cc.


As a lot of my readers have observed there are some problems when using certain dsdt.aml files with certain RAM configurations.

It seems that when you export/generate dsdt.aml files from the real existing BIOS, the resulting export is not strictly identical and thus playing havoc with your configuration.

The dsdt files contained in my packages (for the 1000H and the 1000HE) have both been generated with 2GB of memory, so there will be problems with eee PC that have not been upgraded with more RAM.

Attention – technical stuff:

It seems that there is one line in the decompiled dsdt.dsl file that differs:

For the 1GB:

Name (SMBS, 0x0400)

OperationRegion (BIOS, SystemMemory, 0x3F7AE064, 0xFF)

Field (BIOS, ByteAcc, NoLock, Preserve)


For the 2GB:

Name (SMBS, 0x0400)

OperationRegion (BIOS, SystemMemory, 0x7F7AE064, 0xFF)

Field (BIOS, ByteAcc, NoLock, Preserve)


I included the needed files in a zip file here, and I’m updating the packages now.The 1GB 1000H files are courtesy of elParker.


  • Jener |

    WOW! Thank you!! I was searching for this files just now!!

    I’ve got a 1000HA with 2GB.

  • admin |


    Be cautious with this, the files are for the 1000H and 1000HE only.

    But you might apply the elParkeurs (and others) find to your own dsdt…

    Drop me a line if you don’t know how to do it.


    • Jon |

      Thanks in part to you I am typing this on my 1000HA running OSX 10.5.7!

      My 1000HA has the new chicklet keyboard, and the hacked v1902 1000H BIOS you provide in your pack is not 100% compatible. For example, my 0,p,;,/ keys do not work, even at the BIOS setup level (ruling out an OSX compatibility issue). Everything else works great.

      So now I’d like to make a DSDT file for my specific 1000HA model and flash back to a stock BIOS hopefully regaining control of my missing keys. However, everything else is working so well, I don’t want to mess up the good stuff (boot time, sleeping on close, etc.)

      How do I make a DSDT file w/o flashing back to the stock ROM prior to compiling the file?

      BTW, I’m typing on a USB keyboard in case you were wondering where all my p’s are coming from. 🙂

  • Kuromu |

    I have a 1GB 1000HE and this works perfectly.  Shutdown and sleep both work flawlessly now.  Thank you!

  • Tom |

    Jener – did this work out for you? ¬†I want to give this a shot on a 1000HA/2GB, but wasn’t sure if it would work since the file is for the 1000H machine…and the admin comment from 6/22…

  • atkusz |

    For me now works the shutdown, the sleep, and i have the battery icon! Great job!!!

  • Jener |

    Yes… I’m getting many kernel panics… 🙁

    And I’m searching an aml file to my Asus but I didn’t find. How can I do it, please?

    And I couldn’t recover the power management (another problem).

  • Dornkaat |

    hey all,

    i’ve found out that you have to install ideneb with 1 gig modul ! The install process crashes when 1 gig is mounted !




    • Dornkaat |

      sorry i’ve meat when the 2 gig modul is mounted the install process crashes ..

  • kel |

    1000he and installed the corsair 2gb ram upgrade.

    1st attempt. Had 1gb in and installed the 2g DSDT..

    Kernel panic after 1-3 mins of use.

    2nd attempt. Installed DSDT with the 2gb ram stick.

    I lost my power button options. (sleep, restart, shutdown etc..)

    BUT.. I close the clam shell and the thing goes to sleep. That is a plus.. And i have my battery icons.

    So far.. working.. Will keep updated.

  • kel |

    O ya.. I found a way to use the stock Wifi card and it is very simple. Will trade ya that knowledge for some assistance with getting this damn camera to work..

    • e |

      You will trade tour knowledge? You mofo, share it, I can’t imagine you figured out the hackintosh yourself.

      • admin |

        This comment is inappropriate.

        Even if Kel choose a wording that is probably not the wisest, I don’t accept swearing and calling names on my site.

        Consider this a warning. Next time you’ll be banned without warning.


    • admin |


      You replied directly to my mail.

      Please repost your answer here.

      As for the camera, if it does not work out of the box (and you’re sure that it is enabled in the BIOS – stupid, but happened to me) then you are probably out of luck (Asus reportedly use different cameras on batches of the same product).


  • doc bandit |

    If you find a way to use a stock wifi , please share. What´s the problem with your cam ?My cam works fine

  • kel |

    I don’t know what the kext is called.. But maybe i can get the Admin to post it up.

    My cam… Ichat crashes and Photobooth comes up with an error.. Error: Photobooth does not support your graphics card.. or somethin like that…


  • kel |

    Ok guys,

    What kext did you use for the video?

    I have the AppleIntelGMA950

    and AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer…

    My video card says on the windows :side: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family,

    Driver version


  • Boomer |

    Hey All, after fighting with my new 1000he for a couple of weeks now, I know have everything working A-OK in my iPC 10.5.6 version + 10.5.7 update from web update, including sleep, lid close, replaced WIFI with a Broadcomm 4328 (but only runs at 130mbit), and more goodies.  

    My question is, has anyone been able to¬†successfully¬†use an external LCD monitor with the 10.5.7 version> ¬†I using nik’s 10.5.7 gma950 and frame buffer kexts.

    Thanks for any info you can give, and let me know if I can help answer any Q’s as well.

    • admin |


      Yes, it works, but only with “desktop extension” and not “mirroring”.

      There are some guys who seemingly have been able to make mirroring work, but I had no luck so far (it is a real PITA to get back to normal operation after enabling mirroring, because it screws up your display).


      • Boomer |

        Hey Nik……..

        Thanks for the GREAT install guide!! I must caution people to make 100% sure you have updated DSDT files when trying to get the GMA950 and framebuffer kexts to work. I may have skipped ahead through the guide a bit, and missed this step as I was rather new to leo on the 1000he’s. Now all is working well, and also parallels is working well with XP with the exception of win7 on version 3, loads soooooooo slow!

        So what is the fix for the desktop extension on the VGA fix? Put the display’s icon on the menu bar and going to try the “Down arrow 2 x solution” soon and will report back as time allows.

        • admin |

          Thanks for sharing this info and good luck for your surgery.


      • Boomer |

        PS- Anyone come up with an airport speed fix for the broadcom 4328 NIC? I only get 130 mbit in OSX as well, runs the full 300 with XP no issues.

        Let me know if I can help out in the coming weeks, will be going in for some surgery this week and will have extra time to help out with solutions.



    • Maurizio |

      You need Natit.kext to use an external monitor.

      No support for “mirror” mode anyway.

  • admin |


    I had a plugin breaking the treaded comments.

    I just got home from a 3 week vacation and corrected it immediately.

    However, I won’t/can’t correct the latest posts made, so this will remain a bloody mess, but from now on, the threading works again.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,


  • admin |


    There seem to be a lot of problems with the dsdt.aml files (missing battery icons, no sleep, you name it).

    It is very important (and I forgot to mention this in my post) that you use the same version of BIOS (the one that you flash) and the dsdt.aml file.

    The BIOS file should be provided in the package.

    If you flash another BIOS or change the dsdt.aml it might screw up some stuff on your hackintosh.

    As I don’t own the 1000H anymore I am unable to help you any further, but you should be able to find an up-to-date combination of BIOS and dsdt.aml on ipis-osx.


  • Mogwai |

    Wow, thanks a lot for those dsdt files. That did the trick. Everything works great now! I used to have problems whenever I was listening to music or watching anything on youtube. All problems gone.

    EEE 1000h (1Gb) with 10.5.7 (iDeneb 1.5 option Asus eee)

    Thanks again,


  • Yan |

    Hi all,

    I got the last bios version of Asus eeePC 1000 HE (1102) and when I try to change it for the modified bios I got a message telling me the bios is too old or not adapted to my mother board.

    Is there a solution to force it, because when I tried to install the Ideneb DVD after 30 min i got a message telling me there is a conflict with ACPI configuration?

  • Brad Fallon |

    hello my laptop suddenly shut down and gives msg that dumping physical memory please tell me what is this problem and how can i solve this problem.there is another msg also that if you have installed any new hardware please remove it.