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OSX Leopard 10.5.7 update on the eee 1000h

Update: you can find new video tutorials on how to install SnowLeopard on our new partner site technow.cc.

I just upgraded to version 10.5.7 of Leopard on my 1000H.

I did this by downloading the Combo Update directly from Apple (just to be sure…) and executing it on the eee PC.

Everything went fine, I just had to:

  • reinstall the modified graphics kexts in version 10.5.7
  • reinstall the Bluetooth kext from the Fixes folder
  • and strangely the PS2 kexts and to reapply the AboutThisMac.pkg

All of those kexts can be found in the 10.5.7 folder from the Install Package in this eNik article.




  • Joshua Ochs |

    Unfortunately, like many others I’m having problems getting the “Hardware” info to show up in System Profiler. Any suggestions on what might fix this, and would it be possible to post your AppleSMBIOS.kext? The site that used to maintain the patched version appears to be gone.

  • ramon |

    Hello, great to hear.

    If got a question.

    With the new modified Bios, is it able, to install OS X on the internel HD AND install XP on SDHC?

    Becauso actually it is not working with my eee hackintosh.

    Dont know why.

    I am getting a Blue Screen after having seen the black background and the XP Theme for about 5 seconds.

    BIG THX, great site and support!!!

    • admin |

      I’m afraid I really would not know how to help you (not enough info – how did you install XP, how do you boot into it (Esc-bootmenu?)?). But I don’t think that the BIOS version has anything to do with it.

      Now: don’t do that, even if you get XP running on the SDCard it will be dead slow!!! The only thing that I saw running more or less decently of a SDCard was a heavily optimized Ubuntu…

      Good luck anyway,


  • Mayhem |

    After updaiting to 10.5.7 I got blue screen after booting. This is the fault of AppleIntelGMA950.kext. I tried with modified graphics kext and the old one, the result is blue screen. Tried even install OS from zero at 10.5.6 then to upgrade to 10.5.7. Upgraded OS X version doesn’t work with AppleIntelGMA950.kext on my 1000H 🙁

    How can I solve this problem? Please help.

    • Mayhem |

      Ok, I found it out. The new BIOS 1902 works well only with new modified dsdt.aml. And because I cannot use dsdt (it corrupt my battery icon) I have to use only old patched BIOS.

  • Thireus |

    Hey Nik,

    The “<” and “>” keyboard key has not been fixed for the last 10.5.7 package section (Trackpad Fix), I mean for ApplePS2Controller.kext 10.5.7 :/

    Can you apply the fix for this kext too?

    Well and I don’t know what has been fixed from the 10.5.6 because the kexts you provide into the Trackpad Fix seems to work as well as those for the 10.5.6 version… So can you please tell us the difference?


    • admin |

      Sorry this was a bit too rapidly patched together with my (now dead 1000H) whining like hell.

      It’s actually just the 10.5.6 versions to reinstall.

      I actually didn’t change anything in the kexts, I just found them somewhere on the net (some German site I think – you know how it is – too many sites with too many fixes/kexts).

      So this is not very scientific, it just works.

      For the keyboard to work correctly you’ll have to reapply the keyboard fix kext.


  • Hansl |

    Nik, it seems something is wrong with the bios in your bundle. Afudos refused to downgrade. I used original 1902 and the dsdt.aml from “eee-osx-install.zip” instead¬†and most things work. Just no TimeMachine a running fan and no Hardware Profile Info.¬†

    • admin |

      Why would you use afudos?

      Just put the file ALONE on a usb stick, make sure it’s named 1000H.ROM and boot with holding ALT-F2 which launches the internal flash tool.

  • rimarzo |

    Hi Kin, I just found your site few days ago, and after lots of reading, I did it, I installed osx on my eeepc, upgraded to version 10.5.7 and everything works fine!

    Today I tried to connect a video projector to my eeep pc 1000h but i’ts not working! The projector sees the computer and it’s showing whatever it’s on the screen, but on the screen everything disappears, as soon as I plug it in.¬†I tried to change the resolution, but still nothing works, There is some flickering and then the screen is¬†frozen with a gray box with some¬†vertical lines on it, some of which¬†are¬†kinda changing!!!

     any idea???

    thanks a lot and thanks for your great job!!! you rock man!!!

    • admin |

      You probably have switched to mirror mode.

      This completely screws up your display.

      You’ll have to use a two screen combination (uncheck mirroring)

      • rimarzo |

        I thought that could be the problem but in system preferences/ display/ it should be present a section called arrangement for what I know and on that section the mirror mode can be selected or not, but I don’t have that section that’s why I asked! Is there a way to fix that? or is there an other way to get to that menu?

        I thought it was a problem of the video card kext.

        thanks again,

        • Jesse Head |

          Hey Rimarzo!

          The option to uncheck mirroring only appears after you have plugged in your external monitor. But because the screen becomes garbled after plugging in the monitor, it is impossible to uncheck. I also have this problem.

  • schnaggenhals |

    Hi Nik,


    thanks a lot for your good job but i have some problems

    with my combo update 10.5.7 on the 1000H

    The basesystem was installed with the iPC OSX86 10.5.6 DL.



    – Asus 1000H, 2GB Ram , OSX friendly WLAN-Card

    – with the old Brightness Controll Fix (sleepwatcher,rc.wake,rc.wakeup)


    – XP on the first partion and now osx 10.5.7 on the second Partition.

    – last Bios 1902

    – the last *.kext from your “Install package V09.4.1



    Now my problems:


    РAfter  installing the 10.5.7 combo i have started the ./install.sh

    for the  Brightness Controll Fix and now the time sleep

    is very slow (high HD activity) but it works. After the wakeup

    i hear beeps from the speaker an the keybuffer is full.

    It looks like the user turns the key “7” down. When i press a key

    on the keyboard the “wakeup autorepeat” stops.


    – It is possible to install the dsts.aml on a harddisk with 2 partitions.

    Your chapter 3.4.2 is very short. When i have a copy from the dsdt.aml file 

    in the root directory of the osx partition,  the system freezes on boot process.



    – How can i fix the long time to sleep-modus?

    I can’t find anything via internet and google¬†


    – the “<” / “>” keyboard key you can find it on the “¬∞”/”^” key

    how can i fix this problem


    Thanks  for your help.


    schnaggenhals from Germany


    Sorry for my bad english.


    • admin |

      Wow that’s a lot of questions 😉

      • Don’t know for the slow sleep, sorry (a look at the logs might help..)
      • Try to repair the permissions of the dsdt.aml file:
      • sudo chmod 755 /dsdt.aml
      • sudo chown root:wheel /dsdt.aml
      • Otherwise try a repair of all system permissions in DiskUtility
      • You might also try the older dsdt.aml from the previous package.
      • For the directory to place the dsdt.aml file: unfortunately I’m not an expert with Chameleon bootloader, Google might just be your best friend here 😉
      • For the he “<” / “>” keyboard key thingy you’ll have tpo reinstall the kext from the Keyboard Fix directory.

      Good luck,


      • schnaggenhals |

        Hi Nik,


        thank you for your fast support.


        now the keyboard works,

        i’m study the system.log and i think it is a problem

        with the safe sleep mode on lid close or press sleep key

        kernel[0]: hibernate image path: /var/vm/sleepimage

        kernel[0]: sizeof(IOHibernateImageHeader) == 512

        kernel[0]: Opened file /var/vm/sleepimage, size 2147483648, partition base 0x4e22cec00, maxio 100000

        kernel[0]: hibernate image major 14, minor 2, blocksize 512, pollers 2

        kernel[0]: hibernate_alloc_pages flags 00000000, gobbling 0 pages

        so i change the hibernatemode from 3 to 0 and now it’s works¬†

        see the tutorial on this site: 



        Now my 1000H works fine !!!!



  • RfZ |

    Same issue than Mayhem : blue screen after bios update on 10.5.7 🙁

    • Mayhem |

      You know how I fixed it?

      The first I downgrade my BIOS to 1305 modefied. By that way I get rid of the blue screen. After that I deleted wrong dsdt.aml from the root directory and place correct dsdt.aml and Extensions.mkext from this bundle http://thireus.dareyourmind.net/eee-osx-install.zip here: /Extra/. Then rebooted to make sure everything’s ok. After that I update my BIOS to v.1902. That’s it.

  • damon |


    first of all thanks to all the guys that did and contribute to troubleshoot all the issues with osx and the PC world. I really appreciate all the infos I arrived to get and the final result on my 1000H !

    I’ve installed on my 1000H OSX 10.5.7 . If someone need, I did a document with written my step-by step procedure of the install.

    What is working:

    Ethernet LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, Graphic, sleep on lid close and with FN-F1, Audio in/out, dual monitor, screen brightness via FN key, audio controls via Spark tool, battery, CPU speedstep, keyboard layout, trackpad.

    All the OSX updates after the iDeneb 10.5.7 install done and working. In battery it lasts 4h50 with surfing / emailing. So I’m really happy (-: . It works, stable and really useful.

    There are some small problems that I didn’t arrived to manage:

    1. I used the internal WLAN adapter with the latest RaLink driver from the website. Funny to say, but when Time Machine is doing backups, after an unpredictable amount of time my Time Capsule hang and reboot! This problem don’t happen with my iBook or Macbook Pro, and don’t happen if the 1000H is doing backup connected with the LAN cable. Any help / question about this subject is really appreciate!

    2. The webcam worked well with 10.5.6 but with 10.5.7 photobooth turn on the camera but the image remain black. Using others programs such as EvoCan, it works perfectly. Why? I don’t know…

    3. If I wake up from sleep the computer pressing a keyboard key, there is a strange effect like the key “remain pressed” for the os, and I need to press another key to stop this thing. A little bit annoying, but didn’t happen if I wake up the computer using the power button.

    4. I didn’t found anywhere how to wake up from sleep the computer on lid open without having to press a key. I even don’t know if it is possible.

    5. There is a possibility to enable / use the four silver keys on the top left of the keyboard?

    6. Last, simply cosmetic, there is a possibility to change the resolution of the gray boot screen to 1024×600 ?

    Thanks guys. Any kind of help will be appreciated!


    ps if someone is interested I will post all my installation procedure and stuff on some website. Just let my know.

  • Brian |

    I have an unusual problem. ¬†Everything is working find on my 1000HA with 1GB of ram and 10.5.7 installed according to this guide. ¬† I just received a 2GB ram stick to upgrade my memory and when I install that the computer boots into osx fine but then the keyboard and mouse don’t work. ¬† I put the 1gb back in and tried reinstalling the trackpad fix from 10.5.7 folder but same result when 2gb is installed again. ¬† A memory test of the memory shows no problems. ¬†Any ideas?

    • admin |

      I had a similar problem on my 1000HE when I got to 10.5.7…

      Nothing worked:

      voodoops2, thireus ps2 kexts,…

      I reinstalled from scratch and used the iDenebComboUpgrade 1.4 to go to 10.5.7 and since, everything is peachy…

      • damon |

        Same strange problem with RAM …with only 1GB I didn’t arrived to do a clean 10.5.7 install. When I swapped to 2GB, everything worked fine!

  • Norm |

    I tried upgrading my 1000HE to 10.5.7 with the OSX Combo and it never boots past the grey apple and rotating icon.  Do I need to downgrade my BIOS to get it working?

  • Norm |

    I applied the iDeneb update to 10.5.7 and things seem to be OK. However, I looked at the Tools Rev 1 oackage and I have no idea which to install When I installed them all, my machine never got past the rotating icon. What do I need to install to fix my screen resolutions? How did folks get the WLAN to work?

    • admin |

      Don’t use the Tools Package, just update (this did it for me).

      For the resolution fix install the 10.5.7 graphics kexts.

  • Tom Moerel |

    First of all, thanks a 1.000.000 for your great work. My 1000H is now a real useful machine!

    I have upgraded to BIOS 1902 & OS X 10.5.7 as explained here. All is well except for one small detail. Sytem Profiles gives an error on the Hardware section : “There was an error while gathering this information.”. Any idea why this happens and how to fix it?

  • damon |

    Ok, now it is completely clear… there is an evident difference between 1GB and 2GB of RAM in the 1000H. WIth only 1GB of RAM the battery gaude don’t work and the battery isn’t recognised by the system, screen luminosity cannot be modified via the FN keys, sleep mode hang the computer (via lid close or FN-F1, it is the same). Putting 2GB of RAM in the same machine and everything works properly… I’m doing tests on sexactly the same image of installation on three eeePC 1000H witt the same results. I really don’t know why 2GB or 2GB of RAM affect so strongly the system, and if exists any workaround. Any help to debug this is appreciated! Damon

    • Brian |

      I think this is dependent on the bios/dsdt.aml you are using. ¬†I would like to have your combination since my machine only works properly with 1 GB of ram (battery gauge is fine, fn-brightness, sleep, etc). ¬†If I put in 2GB, then the keyboard and trackpad don’t work in OSX anymore.

      • damon |

        Uh that’s a good new!

        You can also send to me your combination of bios/dsdt file? I have two 1000H with only 1GB of RAM (of friends) that I’m preparing but they doesn’t work, and one with 2GB (mine) that is fine. I used Carbon Copy Cloner to prepare for all three machines the same hard disk image.

        I will send back to you my files.

        email: damon@bonesi.ch



        • damon |

          Others details (difference between 1GB and 2GB):

          1. Screen light doesn’t work

          2. Sleep hang the computer

          3. Keyboard layout for the 1000H don’t load

          4. Battery isn’t recognised

          5. Sound Works

          6. WLAN workd

          7. Bluetooth works

          8. USB work

          9. Audio volume works

          10. Integrated webcam works

          11. Power management and dusl core CPU are working

          12: Graphic is working but with 1GB of RAM the dock animation and expos√© are more “scattering”

          13. Trackpad is working properly

          14. LAN interface is working properly

          15. External monitor is working properly

          I’m using the BIOS of the bundle, tha dsdt file instead I don’ remember because I did soooo many tries between dsdt, kext files, …) to have one working combination….


    • admin |


      I’m starting to believe that there is a difference in the dsdt.aml files if you extract/compile them with different configurations (e.g. 1 or 2 GB of RAM).

      This seems a bit like black magic to me but that seems to be the only explanation for the behavior we have encountered…

      I’m looking into it…


  • kevin |

    can you give me a descriptive tutorial on how to update to 10.5.7? cuz it crashes everytime i do it.

    like after the update process and rebooting, it hangs or the display is all messed up

    • admin |

      For me there was nothing more than what I described in the post.

      The thing is that as always with a Hackintosh, your mileage may vary.

      I used iPC distro, so if you used iDeneb this may change.

      The garbled screen might come from the mirroring mode activated.

      Try to plug an external screen to see if you can switch mirroring off like that.


      • kevin |

        i’m using ideneb… maybe that’s the problem

        which distro would you recommend?

        i’m currently using ideneb v1.5 10.5.7, it’s OK there IS a eee pc option (at the place where you customize). but after boot up, you can’t see the battery icon

        i’ll give you updates if i find something faulty 😀

      • kevin |

        by the way, do you know what’s the difference between bios v1902 and 1103?

      • kevin |

        problem currently listed:

        No battery icon

        can’t control brightness

  • dornkaat |

    hey all,

    1000h = beautiful ! distro ipc 10.5.6 from scratch up installed

    after combo update to 10.5.7:

    GMA950 kext installed -> 800×600

    Uninstaller used to set 1024×600

    on startup in info.plist (boot)

    works perfectly ..

    reinstall of internal ethernet kext

    works fine

    no battery indicator –> dst*.aml of the pack from 1000(H)E 2 Gig copied to root , the indicator apears now ! fine !

    Reinstall of timemachine fix, vodoo power.kext and smbios.kext and now sleep and shutdown works like a shine !

    Thank u all .. great suff !!!!

    • PabloSmith |


      could you specifiy the ethernet kext you are using? canot get mine to work …

      thanks a lot!


  • JDCipher |

    Nik – Thanks so much for this! I have 10.5.7 on my 1000h and it works great – except for 1 annoying issue…

    Whenever I reboot, I need to go into the bios and disable and then enable the wifi adapter for it to show up in OS X. Any ideas????


    • admin |


      can’t help you there, I replaced my wifi card in the very beginning.


      • JDCipher |

        I replaced my wifi card too… running a Dell card that shows up as a standard airport card. Just strange that this is happening (used to work perfectly).

        Thanks anyway!

  • PabloSmith |

    hey nik

    i just wanted to thank you and all the others for these tutorials – i could get my Eee 1000H to work (except ethernet). it took some tries and i made some modifications to your describtion but now it works like a charme. (it now runs 10.5.7 under ideneb 1.5.1). thanks a lot!

    and if anyone has a kext that gets the onboard ethernet to work i would be very thankful – i tried the L1, L1e and L2 kext but none of them worked.

    thanks again for the great work!


  • Saren |

    I installed Iatkos v7 on my eee pc and it works. Only when i installed the GMA950 kext it will boot but the after the bootscreen the screen turn black. If i don’t install it i only get a 800×600 resolution on my netbook and external screen.

    anyway tips