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OSX Leopard 10.5.7 on the eee 1000HE (Updated)

Update: You can find new video tutorials on how to install SnowLeopard here.


I finally got OSX 10.5.7 to install on my new eee 1000HE.

This guide is quite basic, again you‚Äôll have to enable your brain at a certain moment 😉

Thanks go to Greg, slither2007, pentiumpc, Thireus,strongesthylian, comatron and all the other fine people at ipis-osx.

Update: I just had to reinstall the OS after I lost keyboard and mouse after changing to 2GB of RAM – strange…

I followed my own steps and I couldn’t get it installed properly, so I had to do some modifications:

  • No wifi driver : there is no WIFI driver for the integrated Atheros card (didn’t check this as I swapped it before installing) – thanks desertman
  • Update to 10.5.7 should be done in the end
  • Update to 10.5.7 should be done with the iDeneb.Combo.Upgrade.KIT.1057
  • The cpus=1 install option is not needed anymore (at least for me)
  • Provided the latest dsdt.aml file that works on my 1000HE (I redid the whole patching thing)
  • New chapter for goodies 😉

Update: I uploaded a new version of the package that should fix the problems with dsdt files for 1GB or 2GB PCs. See this post.

The new bundle is MY_BUNDLE_1000HE_V0.1.2.zip

To begin with…

Get my install pack here (I compiled a configuration that worked for me. I take no credit at all for this. Guys like paul over here did the lions share of the work).

Unzip the downloaded file (usually it unzips to the same folder)

For each chapter, the files needed are in a nicely labeled folder that contains everything you need (including the download links for the components that I can’t provide freely).

1) BIOS Update to fix ACPI Problems

It seems that it is not absolutely necessary to flash a custom BIOS, but for me it was the only way to get it working.

Let me be very clear:


FLASHING THE BIOS IS ALWAYS A RISK (even if it’s a very small one)!!!

I did flash from 0605 to my modified 0802 and back at lease 20 times and everything went well.

The modified BIOS has been made by me based on the original 0802.

There are two flavors:

  • BIOS_1000HE_ENIK_CPU_ONLY: Fixes only the long boot times (corrects the CPU ALIAS)
  • BIOS_1000HE_ENIK_BOOTLOGO_AND_CPU: Fixes only the long boot times and changes the boot screen to the grey apple logo

To flash the BIOS:

  • Make sure the the ROM file is named to whatever the name of your comp model is, in my case 1000HE.ROM
  • Put it alone on a USB drive and insert it into your computer. Reboot, hit F2
  • Under the Boot tab of BIOS settings, change priority boot device to USB drive
  • Go to exit, select exit + save changes
  • This will cause the comp to reboot again, so as soon as you see it start up, HOLD DOWN alt + F2
  • This will go into EZ-FLASH and update your BIOS
  • Reboot, hit F2, double check that BIOS is working

2) Partition your Harddisk

I kept a dualboot configuration with XP/Win7 and OSX on my 1000HE. In order to accomplish this you’ll have to do some light changes in your partition scheme. I’ll recommend you do a complete backup of your harddisk before continuing!!! You can use programs like Acronis TrueImage to do so.

  • Right click on “My Computer” on your desktop and select “Manage”
  • Then click on “Disk Management”


  • Delete the second partition by right clicking on the second partition of Disk0 and selecting “Delete Partition”.


  • Create a new unformatted primary partition

image image image image

3) Installation

3.1) Preparation – Downloads

  • Download the iPC distribution from the usual sources (this is somewhat illegal even if you own a Leopard license, as I do) :
    • iPC_OSx86 Universal 10.5.6 or iPC-X DL 10.5.6
  • Burn it to a DVD
  • Download the 10.5.7 Combo Update from Apple
  • Download the iDeneb.Combo.Upgrade.KIT.1057.dmg from here or here

3.2) BIOS Settings

There was no need whatsoever to change the BIOS settings

If you encounter problems try disabling “QuickBoot”

3.3) Installing OSX

  • Put the OSX DVD in your external DVD drive and boot from it (Hit ESC at the gray boot screen and select your DVD drive in the blue/yellow list)
  • Hit F8 when the boot text appears and enter (just to be sure – I don’t needed it on my system after reinstalling):cpus=1
  • The boot may take a while (5-10 minutes depending on your DVD drive)

image image image

  • Just click through until you come to this screen


  • Run “Disk Utility”


  • Select the second partition that you have created in step 1 and format it by selecting “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)”, naming it (OSX in my case) and hit “Erase”

image imageimage

  • To be sure you can select the drive and select “Partition”. Press Options and you should see that the drive is partitioned as MBR


  • If you go back now you should see something like this.
  • Select the drive and click “continue”


  • On the “Install Summary” Screen click “Customize”


  • Now you‚Äôll have to enable your brain as you‚Äôll have to select the install options. Those options are not always present and/or named in the same way. You‚Äôll have to install:
    • The option for ICHx Fixed
    • The option for FireWire Remove
    • CPUS=1 or One Core Fix
    • Video/Intel and check GMA950
    • PS/2 Keyboard Fix or PS2Fix Keyboard or similar
    • Don‚Äôt select any optional Kernel !!!!
  • If you have the option to install some tools I‚Äôd recommend (if present):
    • Kext Helper
    • OSx86 Tools
    • Pacifist
    • Universal OSX86 Installer
  • Hit “Done” and “Install”
  • Go have a coffee or two, install takes around 25 – 40 minutes.

3.4) Post-Install

After first boot you’ll have to answer some questions from Apple.

Don’t forget to define a password, we’ll need it later!

There is no guarantee that all the kexts in this bundle do work with your eee PC. There are simply too many different hardware revisions out there (even on the 1000HE it seems that there are at least 3 different brands of the camera used – some work, some don’t).

So if you install the kexts:

  • Do so by following the guide (unless you know what you’re doing) as it makes it easier to spot an offending kext.
  • Install them using kextHelper (it sets the corrects rights and stuff and makes a backup of your replaced kexts).

If ever a kext has your system crashing/not booting/unstable do the following:

  • Boot into “single user mode” by specifying -s at the boot prompt
  • Then type: /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / (don’t forget the / at the end!!)
  • Then erase the offending kext(s) with the backup(s) (example of AppleIntelGMA950 kext) cp -R /Backup Extensions/AppleIntelGMA950.kext/ /System/Library/Extensions/ rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext
  • Reboot with the -f option

3.4.1) Fixing “About this Mac”

  • Install the “About this Mac” package. Just click through it


3.4.2) DSDT file

The DSDT file can be used with the latest Chameleon bootloader.

  • Launch the Univeral OSX86 Installer Application (ignore the errors, I only included the needed stuff) and install the bootloader to your OSX partition (beware to not choose any other partition!!!)


  • Copy the corresponding dsdt.aml file to your root directory.

Attention there are two flavours: one for 1GB (original) 1000HEs and one for updated 2GB ones!!!

Attention the provided dsdt file only works with the 1000HE!!!

For more information see this thread.

The DSDT file will handle and correct the following stuff :

  • Brightness Control (wake fix, no need for AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext)
  • Power Button Fix
  • Lid close goes to sleep (no need for Clamshell.kext)

And on a more technical level:

  • VGA fix (no need for Natit.kext)
  • CPU Alias
  • HPET fixed
  • RTC fixed

Note: This things are not fixed by the modified BIOS that you have flashed – so you must use the DSDT file in order to enable all those fixes

3.4.3) Installing kexts

  • Run “Kext Helper”


  • Drag all kexts in the “3.4.3_InstallingKexts_10.5.6” folder onto the “Kext Helper” application .


  • Type your password, click “Easy Install” and follow the dialogs
  • Reboot

Update: For those having problems with missing or double battery icons, read this

This is a known problem on some configurations.

For me on my 1000HE it worked like a charm but you might have to delete the existing ACPIBattery.kext because I got two battery indicators.

3.4.4) Install WLAN Driver

if you stayed with the original Ralink card, I didn’t but had to completely open up the 1000HE in order to change the WIFI card (see here for some help)

  • Download here
  • Use specific application to control WLAN
  • I for my part installed a Apple Airport mini PCI WLAN card – BroadCom BCM 94321MC 802.11n (search for BCM94321MC on eBay – around 20$-30$) which works out of the box and is recognized as Airport card.

I didn’t test this but apparently there is no driver for the integrated Atheros card.

You’ll have to change it to a compatible one or buy a USB WIFI adapter.

3.4.5) Speedstep

The speedstep support has already been installed with the above kexts.

You can launch the GenericCPUPowerManagement Application from the “3.4.7_Speedstep” folder to check if the throttling is working.


3.4.6) HotKeys

This step is optional:

  • Install Spark
  • Launch Spark
  • Import the Spark configuration (File/Revert to Spark Library Backup)

You’ll get (this is just a list of examples to get you started):

  • Ctrl-F11/12¬† – Volume up/down
  • Ctrl-F10¬† – Mute
  • Ctrl-F2¬† – Sleep
  • AppleKey/Option T ‚Äì Terminal
  • AppleKey/Option F ‚Äì Firefox
  • AppleKey/Option W – TextEdit
  • Ctrl/Alt7Delete – Opens/Closes Activity Monitor

3.4.7) Update to 10.5.7

  • Mount (double click) the iDeneb.Combo.Upgrade.KIT.1057.dmg
  • Use iDeneb.MacOSx86UpdCombo10.5.7.pkg to update your system

  • I didn’t use iDeneb.Tool.rev1.mpkg
  • Reboot

3.4.8) Install the kexts for 10.5.7

  • After reboot you’re back to 800×600 resoultion
  • Run “Kext Helper”
  • Drag all kexts in the “3.4.7_InstallingKexts_10.5.7” folder onto the “Kext Helper” application .
  • Type your password, click “Easy Install” and follow the dialogs
  • Reboot

3.4.9) Misc Fixes

This directory contains fixes for potential problems (always, and I mean ALWAYS make backups of your kexts before trying those fixes):

External USB to Ethernet : Provides the kexts for an external USB to Ethernet adapter

Time Machine Fix : Provides a known fix if your TimeMachine is not working as advertised 😉

Bluetooth Fix : Fix for erratic Bluetooth (may or may not work with 10.5.6 – try it out)

Keyboard : Provides a fix for the Swiss French keyboard layout with a hacked kext. You can use the Ukulele app to create your own keyboard layouts.


Under StartupSound you’ll find a preference pane and two original eNik sounds that let you define startup and shutdown sounds… Thanks to woolmonkey for the tip.

That’s it…

What works:

– System running with EFI, vanilla and Quartz extreme support

– Stock Kernel : working with EFI

– GMA950 : working with QE & GL

– Sleep Mode : working

– Wlan : working (if you change the WIFI card)

– Camera: : working

– Multitouch : 2 finger scrolling, 3 finger control, 2 finger doubletab

– SD Slot

– External USB to Ethernet adapter for the MacBook Air

– Time Machine

– Sound input/output

– Brightness control

– Speedstep

– Ethernet

All the information in this post comes from the following sites and from hours of trial and error work from my eee PCs:

http://forum.eeepcnews.de/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7381&start=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a (German)












  • Oliver |

    How long does the battery last under OSX? I’m somewhat interested in buying the 1000HE as a smaller brother to the macbook pro for college, and am interested to know how long the battery actually lasts under OSX.. do you have any information about that?

    • admin |

      I just finished installing, so I don’t have conclusive numbers, but it’s showing 4:12 with Timemachine backup running on a USB powered HD and heavy installing (CPU=99%)¬† from another USB HD, with backlight to max, WIFI and Bluetooth on.

      So I think it’s agood guess that the numbers are way better than on the 1000h (I got around 3:30).


      • Oliver |

        Okay, thanks! When you gather more personal experience on the battery times, could you comment again?

        ~4:00 with full cpu load doesnt sound too bad, but i’d be more interested in normal use with wlan and browsing / office work.

        I still need to “justify” the reasons for a 1000HE next to a macbook pro, and if mac runs with a decent hour rates, this would be a good one!

        Thanks for your effort, very appreciated!

  • alesandro |

    Good Evening,

    I installed the driver you linked here for the wlan and it doesn’t work?? I don’t understand what you said of “start and wake on Powersaving a manual switch off/on is needed on original Ralink Card)”. there’s no physical switch on the computer. How can I do that??

    • admin |

      I had the Ralink card only for a few hours before swapping it out, but if I remember corerctly there is a tool installed with the driver (something like Ralink Wireless Utility ?).

      So every time you start your computer or come back from sleep, you’ll have to manually turn off and on the wireless in this tool (there is indeed no physical switch involved).


  • Ivan |

    As a matter of interest, what does the custom bios do?  Is there a specific problem it works around or is it a general stability fix?



    • admin |


      I’m really no sucker for this and try to reply to all questions, but RTFM… It says it right there:

      BIOS_1000HE_ENIK_CPU_ONLY: Fixes only the long boot times (corrects the CPU ALIAS)

      There is a problem (for OSX anyway, cause Windows just ignores it) with an entry in the DSDT table in the BIOS which declares aliases for the CPUs. This completely throws OSX off track and may (this is not always the case, that’s why you might want to try without the BIOS first) result in extremely long (>40minutes) boot times.

      If you don’t understand what I’m talking about you’re probably better off with XP/Win7 (no pun intended), as keeping OSX running correctly involves a lot of low level tinkering.

      Anyway you can red this up here.

      And don’t hesitate to come back if you have questions.



  • rocky0 |

    Hi Nik,

    thank’s for your Rom and your tutorial. it work’s great on my 1000He.

    I’ve just a little problem with the ethernet.

    it does’nt work. the message is that the cable is not plugged.

    I check my ethernet controler and it’s a ATL1E rev B0 (like my 1000h) but with this drivers it’s KO.

    So I’ll try to found solution 🙂

    thank you again for your job


    PS: sorry for my bad english!!

    • rocky0 |

      reply to myself and for all of who will have the same problem :-))

      ethernet work… yesssss!

      i repair permission, clear cache end set extension permissions with osX86tools

  • J Tam |

    Just want to know whether it is a big difference of using iDeneb other than iPC, as I just get an copy of the iDeneb v1.4

    Also, I have tried the installation for several times but still no success, I think it hangs at the first reboot (which means I can’t even see the welcome screen), is there any solution to this?

  • Systemic |

    Great tutorial.

    Issue that I’m facing right now :

    1) Waiting for the broadcom wifi card to come from China

    2) Sleep is not working at all (and I got error message at boot time about hibernation)

    3) I don’t know how to use the Swiss French keyboard fix. Keyboard is working well except for special caracters.

    4) Major issue : Keyboard and trackpad are not working anymore. That was working well. I don’t know exactely why it did break. Using usb keyboard and mouse … no issue. Interesting info : at boot the keyboard is working but is stoping as soon as I put a finger on the trackpad.

    I’m looking forward for new development and will start again from scratch. I will then backup at every successful step to avoid loosing to much time.

    Thanks again for all your hard work.

    • Systemic |

      Self answer for keyboard issue :

      DSDT file is the issue … don’t know why yet but when removing the file at root then keyboard is working again.

      Addition : ethernet is working only if I install kext file. (card not found without it)

    • Systemic |

      Bad news … I did flash with your bios that include the apple logo and from this : no more sleep possible.

      When the computer want to sleep (either windows xp or OSX) the screen goes black and it’s not possible to have it back. Rest of the leds are working normally. I did flash back the standard 802 from asus and sleep is working again on windows. Not tested yet on OSX.

      • systemic |

        Ok …

        Did try several times. No chance with dsdt file that is causing keyboard and mouse issue.

        I did start again with another tutorial using ideneb 1.3 and all is working except wifi (still waiting for my new card shipped from hong kong)

        I’m now using carbon copy cloner to be sure that I can go back anytime to a working situation.

        I wonder if I can put my cloned disk on bittorrent for other sers to restore it on their eee.

    • admin |


      There is a lot to be addressed in your comments.

      Point 3) – The Swiss keyboard fix is getting the layout for Swiss French keyboard to OSX (this was not intended by Apple).

      Just copy it to /S/L/KeyboardLayouts and select it in SystemPreferences/International

      Point 4) – I had the same problem, but I don’t think that it comes from the dsdt file. The 10.5.7 messed up some stuff (the funny thing is that it works when I change my memory back to the original 1GB)…

      Point 2) – Sleep – It works great for me (in OSX and Win7 – but I can’t test it in XP…) with the provided dsdt and BIOS…

      As for iDeneb 1.3, it’s known to be working with 1000HE, so if you don’t mind going through all the installs and updates 10.5.5–> 10.5.6 –> 10.5.7 then this might be the solution.

      I had success with iPC 10.5.6 and update with iDeneb.Combo.Upgrade.KIT.1057.dmg.

      Oh, and for the Bittorrent thingy: I wouldn’t do that, we’re already in a (very dark) grey zone with hacking this together… So don’t go overboard…



  • calimansi |

    Will the ralink drivers work on the azurewave card?  If so, how exactly is it supposed to be installed?

    I’ve tried it and no dice.¬† My label on the back of my 1000he says “AW-NE771” under wireless.¬† Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • Adam Springs |

    Everything seemed to be working just fine… until I installed the RC for Chameleon 2.0

    At first it worked great! Then I decided to try to make my netbook sleep.¬† That’s when it all fell apart.

    Now my system hangs at the chameleon boot screen.¬† Won’t let me click a key to select an OS.¬† Won’t let me do anything.¬† And after the little blue bar runs out, it hangs.

    What do I do?

    • Adam Springs |

      I figured out what happened to cause it to hang… To fix it, I disabled quick-boot.. (to accomplish this, I had to pop out the hard-drive and start the system up without it in order to reach the BIOS setup)

      • calimansi |

        Hey Adam,

        That’s cool that you fixed it.¬† May I ask how you got the wireless to work?¬† Are you using the card that came with the 1000he or did you replace it?


      • Adam Springs |

        New problem now…

        Keyboard and mouse weren’t working, so I followed what another user did and removed the DSDT file… turned out to be a mistake, now I can’t even get into OS X.

        Also, I haven’t enabled wireless yet. To my knowledge you can’t do it without installing a different card.

        • Adam Springs |

          Started from scratch ALL over again… And once more, the computer is hanging after the Apple boot screen.¬† I don’t know what’s going on. I got as far as rebooting after the ktexts. After I installed the ktexts it simply stopped functioning.

          • admin |


            If you say that it’s hanging, you mean the blue screen after boot?

            If that is the case you probably have a problem with your Graphics kexts (they are for 10.5.7!).

            Make sure that you have the dsdt.aml file in place in the root directory, that you have upgraded to 10.5.7 and that you have installed all the kexts.

            ONLY then should you reboot.

            For troubleshooting, see the paragraph on restoring kexts in chapter 3.4.

            Good luck,


  • Cedric |

    Battery life is about 5 hours for me, 1h30 less than Windows or Linux.

    Wifi isn’t working. ¬†The software (even the latest one) won’t recognize the internal card. ¬†I had to use a D-Link DWA-140 USB card for Wifi to work.

  • ManDriver |

    @cederic: which wireless do you have built in (stock)?

    @eNik: great guide, keep up with updates !!!


  • Ferinannnd |

    –ö–∞–∫ –≤—Å–µ–≥–¥–∞ –Ω–∞ –≤—ã—Å–æ—Ç–µ!

  • ManDriver |

    How come, that i can’t boot to Win XP if I choose it in Darwin bootloader. It is an available option but nothing happens?!?

    • admin |

      You must have shot something…

      Usually, if you choose the XP partition it should boot.

      Try to activate the XP partition with one of the available disk tools (like SystemRecueCd) and boot into it.

      If this doesn’t work you know have killed XP…

    • ManDriver |

      Hm… strange, ’cause I went by the book. Should I install Chameleon bootloader instead; next time?

  • Fjandin |

    Keybaord and mouse problem is the same with my 1000HE. After the post install process the mouse and keyboard are’nt working. I did also try the removal of the DSDT file… which was not such a great idea.

    Did anyone find a fix for this? 😀

    • Fjandin |

      Srry. Forgot to include that i am using iDeneb 1.4.

  • Rich Jefferson |

    I’m having the same problem where the trackpad and keyboard do not work after the step where you install the dsdt file and ktexts. If I take away the dsdt file and reboot they work but I can’t install the ktexts without it because it hangs. Any idea what the solution is? Skip the 10.5.7 update for now?

    Also, with your modified BIOS, if I boot into Win7 it will BSOD when coming out of sleep every time (well, I assume it’s a BSOD the res is messed up so I can’t read it at all). If I flash back to the stock 0802 BIOS that works fine. Is there a fix in Win7 or a new BIOS that will correct that?

    Great guide – just wish I could get past these two points.

    • Fjandin |

      I tried doing the post-install process leaving out the 10.5.7 update. Mouse and keyboard is working now, but the screen is totaly messed up… just black with wierd artifacts. I know mouse and keyboard is working cause the mess is moving:P Tried rebooting with “-x” option and then it booted up just fine with graphics and all looking good…

  • systemic |

    Latest news :

    With a mix of your tutorial and a mix from the one at smallcomputing, I got a fully functionnal system.

    Everything work perfectely (except stock wifi card replaced by broadcom one)

    I’ve gone through some issue like :

    -Swiss Keyboard (corrected with Ukulele)

    -Video drivers crazy (garbaged black and white screen) corrected in safe move with the¬†drivers of “Cybergreg” (just reinstall the kext)

    -sleep image corrupted (just erase the file located at /private/var/vm/sleepimage and it will be rebuild automatically (2Go file))

    What is still strange :

    -no way to stop bluetooth (I did shut it down in bios instead)

    -two processor showing in GenericCPUPowerManagement but second one is with wrong information

    -trackpad is sometime not working correctely after coming back from sleep mode. Going to sleep again is fixing the issue

    • Fjandin |

      systemic: Could you please post links to the pages/files used. Would be greatly appriciated:D

      Which release did you use? i have iDeneb 1.4.

    • admin |

      The drivers going crazy is a sign that you installed the included 10.5.7 drivers on a 15.5.x system with x<7.

      The weird CPU thing probably comes from the cpus=1 command (I don’t need that anymore, btw).

  • Wes |

    I am also having the trackpad and keyboard problem. After the DSDT step, upon restart, neither work. Removing dsdt.aml to try to remedy the problem just results in the permanent post-boot blue screen, only fixed by removing the GMA950 drivers.  Admin, did you encounter any of these problems?

  • desertman |

    The 1000HE does not have any Ralink WLAN card installed! Therefore no Ralink driver will ever work on a 1000HE. The stock WLAN card on the 1000HE is from Atheros and called “AzureWave Wireless Network Adapter” – and there is no OS X driver for this card as of today. If you want to have WLAN on your 1000HE with OS X you need to exchange the card or buy any OS X compatible USB WLAN adapter. I bought an adapter from Trendnet and it works (pretty slow, however).

    • ManDriver |

      Not agree with you! Some models have Ralink (like mine) and some of them AzureWave . Check on EeeUser.com. But it is interesting that official Ralink¬† drivers for OSX somehow doesn’t work.

  • Wes |

    For me, the install went perfectly if I just installed 10.5.6, installed dsdt.aml and upgraded chameleon (as per this site’s directions), then upgraded straight to 10.5.7 without kexts. In 10.5.7, I just applied an efi-string for IntelGMA950 and it worked.¬†http://forums.msiwind.net/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=11661

    Keep the vanilla Intel video, just apply that efi string. I did not install any kexts as vanilla everything worked great for me. I got ethernet support by installing the attansic L1 ethernet during the customize step of iPC 10.5.6 PPF5 Universal Final.

  • Cedric |

    @Mike : Ralink wifi card (stock)

    It’s not detected by the new drivers on ralink’s website


  • systemic |


    Can you please just confirm that you did re-install with 2Go installed ?


  • Systemic |

    Installation with 1.1 perfect.

    Only glitches :

    Must install modified bios for install.

    GenericCPUPowerManagement was not working at first.

    Battery icon did disappear and I had to reinstall kext voodoobattery to make it appear again.

    Except that : PERFECT. Thanks a lot Nik.

    (installed with 2Go)

    • systemic |

      Missing one step in the doc : enable the quartzgl using osx86 tools.


    • admin |

      Great translation…

      Je n’ai jamais eu le temps de m’en occuper 😉

      Tu peux me lister les différences avec mon guide s.t.p. Comme ça je peux éventuellement les incorporer dans mon guide en anglais.


  • otropaco |

    Good job, it runs for me.

    BUT, the only problem i¬¥d found is the imposibility of hibernation in XP when you change the bios for this modificated one. Whith stock bios Leopard don¬¥t boot, and with the new bios I can¬¥t hibernate. At the end I did choose hibernate, but I am still crying…

    • admin |

      DSDT stuff is a little strange, as for me it works perfectly.

      I’m working on an article to shed some light on the dsdt problems…

  • systemic |

    One more thing :

    To get rid of the error :

    GetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35

    Use this free tool : http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/26268

    and edit this file  /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist and add a new dict with the IEEE80211 config..


    <key>BSD Name</key>




















    more info here : http://forum.netkas.org/index.php?topic=83.0

  • doc bandit |

    anyone install ipc osx86 from usb stick (8gb) ? if possible How can I do?

    Thanks for this guide 

  • atkusz |

    I have a big problem. I have an 1000he, but it is a gma945gm, not a gma950. What can i Do?

      • atkusz |

        Thanks. I think that is the problem, why i intstall the ideneb, it’s work, but after the install kext it’s just a blue screen, or the resolution is not changed (800×600). You have an idee?

  • atkusz |

    1.ideneb v1.4 10.5.6

    2. kext helper and install the 4 green kext(i dont at home, a can’t what is, but i know it’s not the frame buffer, and the gma950)

    3 .ideneb update kit

    4.kext helper and the 2 kext green on the folder 10.5.7

    after this, i have 2 final. or the resolution is not changed, or, it just a blue screen, and freeze.

  • Justin |

    I’d love to do this, but I want to keep Win7 as a dual boot and unfortunately I have the Atheros card in my 1000HE.¬† If I purchase the BroadCom BCM 94321MC wireless card will it work with Win7 (of course, with the proper driver)?

    • systemic |

      That’s what I’ve done and the card is working perfectely with Win7 and osx.

      Only one issue for me : I cannot use it to do wep cracking with backtrack distrib. The chipset drivers for linux are not existing and you must use ndis wraper to have wifi. This is working great if you just need wifi on linux but not for wep craking.

      I think that I will sell my broadcom and buy a gigabyte (b&g only) that is working everytime.


      • admin |

        I second that, the Airport Card works out of the box under Win7

  • doc bandit |

    All goes good until I install Kext(3.4.3) after this i got a Blue screen and frezee. I Try to delete the kexts but dont solove the problem . I need help


    • admin |

      This is strange…

      What distrib are you using?

      Try to install without the two graphics kexts.

      Update to 10.5.7 then install the corresponding graphics kexts from chapter 3.4.8


      • doc bandit |

        I use iPC OSx86 Universal 10.5.6 PPF5 Final Release.I reinstall and no install the video kexts , but now I have problems with keyboard , I can type anything and the keypad don´t work. Help me. Thxs . 

        (sorry for my english , I´m spanish speaker)

      • doc bandit |

        I solved install from ideneb 1.3 and then upgrade to 10.5.6 and 10.5.7. The Keyboard and keypad problem fix with unistall DST file.  Everything works OK .Don´t  work only the wifi stock card. I tried to buy someone usb with osx  drivers. Anyone Knows a brand who works ?

        Thxs Nik

  • drivel |

    Hey, there

    Thanks for your amazing post, but I got a little bit trouble after install the kext about resolution thing, that is resolution is still stay on 800×600.

    So, I goto preference and click display, the option was listed on the box do not have a 1024×600 one.

    Hmm, you got any idea about how to fix this?

  • Ale |


    A little note….

    There are TWO revision of WIFI module….

    some 1000HE model are sold w/ the NE766 pci-card; some are sold w/ NE771 card….

    (see the stiker into battery slot)

    So, NE766 IS a “Ralink RT2860” module, and their (OSX) driver are avaiable on the Ralink’s web-page!!!!!

    An other thing…..somebody have resolved the standby issue under XP after flash the hacked-bios????

    • admin |


      Thanks for the info.

      Concerning the standby issue, I can’t really help you there as I only got Win7 and OSX and it works great.

      Otherwise you could try to create one yourself (it’s not that complicated, by googleing for¬† it even I was able to do the one you’re using).

      When I have some time, I might modify the latest BIOS that just came out and let you know if you like to test it…


  • tsj5j |

    Hi, I saw you got hibernation for the 1000H working.

    I’ve got a 1000HE, and I see no mention of hibernation/deep sleep in the above article.

    Do you have any instructions on how to get hibernation working on the 1000HE?


    • admin |

      Hibernation on the 1000H(E) series is a thing…

      First it works only with Chameleon 1.1.x (does not work with the new version 2 Release Candidate – check their site for more details).
      To make it work I installed the scripts from the Hotkey Enabler and used the hibernate script to enter hibernation.
      You might to have to delete the sleepimage first (/var/vm/sleepimage).

      This worked for my 1000HE but I preferred having the new Chameleon instead of Hibernation, so I threw it out.

      • Ale |

        ok, tnks so much…but I need the Standby fuction on WindowsXP !!

        Any ideas?

  • Ali |

    Thanks for the great guide! I even purchased the wireless card you suggested from google shopping and it works perfectly (it was a pain in the butt to install but oh well hehe).

    The only problem I am having is that the windows key on the eee 1000heb (the one I got from best buy) does not work like the apple key, so if I want to quit like windows key + q, it wont work. Do you have any suggestions?

  • atkusz |

    I finish all the install things, and it works, just i have 2 little probleme.

    1st, i dont have battery icon

    2nd, i cant shutdown, and sleep the machine. When i choose the shutdown, or sleep, or i close the display, the fan is still turn, and the first led(lamp, on) , and the wifi is still working. The restart is work. What can i do?

  • Kuromu |

    I am having the exact same thing happen.  I have checked and double-checked the kext loadout at initial install (reloaded a couple of times) but I still get this exact same thing happening.  Any headway on a solution to this?

  • blakken |

    After whole installation on my 1000he running 10.5.7 battery fully charged shows 6:40 !!!

  • atkusz |

    Just one thing. For me, the brightness controll does not work. You have un idee?

  • petex |

    having issues with getting something other than 800×600 screen resolutions after doing the install. ¬† anyone have any suggestions..

    i tried installing the GMA905.pkg that was mentioned above..

    can’t wait for my new wireless card to arrive so i can have wireless on both end and not just the XP end.

  • Jordan |

    This guide was amazing!  OSX 10.5.7 running almost perfectly on my 1000HE

  • Alex |

    Hi, thanks for your guide! I would like to plug an external monitor in mirror mode for use 1280×1024 resolution. The external monitor is recognized with this resolution but when i activate the mirror mode the 2 screens are garbled but all is ok in extended desktop.

    Do you have an issue?


  • atkusz |

    The mirrored mode works it’s just in the same resolution the internal display. If you want use huigher resolution, or different, use extended mode, not mirrored.

  • mike |

    i’m curious why everyone has so much trouble with the wifi… my 1000he’s bt253 worked on the first boot with ideneb 1.4. it even hopped on the first available network without asking me…

  • ulysess |

    Well, I past the last weekend installing OSX with this tutorial, and everything works OK. I lucky because my 1000HE came with the Ralink 2860, and I selected it in the iDeneb 1.4 installation.

    I can’t install the DSDT file, (copy the file on / but uInstaller don’t recognized). Maybe this happens because I didn’t install the Chameleon, and I have GRUB to select between OSX, XP, and EEEUbuntu.

    Thks for your work eNik!

  • Udo |

    hi nik, the day before yesterday I bought an eeepc 1005 HA and tried to find a kind of how2 to change it into a nice little macbook. I’m still on the run – and would like to ask u for it. may i do the same as you did on your 1000? and – if You still have any – a german languaged how2 would not be my dream ;-), but of course it would be more simple to work with.

    best regards, udo

  • doc bandit |

    I can´t use external display in any resolution that I try, I have only garbage in the screen.I use idenb and running 10.5.6. Any help!!


  • Hartmut Schwensen |

    After upgrading to 2GB and 10.5.7. I cannot accesss trackpad and keyboard, too. Is there a solution? I just can find a post that describes  a complete reinstall. Anybody an idea?



  • admin |

    Thanks mate,

    I corrected the problem.

    Somehow WordPress corrupted the entry…?



  • kel |

    I took the 2gb out and installed the DSDT file and then shut down machine. Install 2gb. THEN WA LAW!~

  • admin |


    Is it the 2GB upgrade or the upgrade to 10.5.7 who shot your install?

    The 2GB upgrade might break the dsdt file (but I havent had any problems regarding keyboard or trackpad)

    It is more likely that the 10.5.7 upgrade did break something.

    User a USB mouse and keyboard and experiment with replacing the PS2 kexts.

    Have a look here (and it’s in German, which should suit you, doesn’t it?)

  • admin |


    Does that mean that it did work, right (for all of us non native english speakers)?




  • admin |


    I had a plugin breaking the treaded comments.

    I just got home from a 3 week vacation and corrected it immediately.

    However, I won’t/can’t correct the latest posts made, so this will remain a bloody mess, but from now on, the threading works again.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,


  • rootme |

    hey, I was just wondering, did you get the VGA out to work?

    is that what you mean by the VGA fix?

    To be more specific, the problem where you plug in a external monitor and the system crashes, or both screens get garbled up.


  • Thireus |


    Now the new intelligent and optimized version to kill your hard drive *clunk* noises is available!

    Download page —> ClunKiller РKill your Hard Drive *Clunk* noises!

    Do not forget to tell me if this new version works for you 🙂

    And tell me what do you think about it too 😉


  • javi |

    hello everybody

    first of all thanks for the info.

    I’m installing osx in my new 1000he but when i copy the dsdt.aml in the system root and reboot the screen comes blue and nothing happens. where in the root i have to copy de file?? system- librery…. just system or where??? sorry for my ignorance and thanks again

    • javi |

      also when i don`t copy the dsdt file and install the kexts 3.4.3 I have the same problem, any sugestion??

      • JAVI |

        the problem is easy, when I install the dsdt file or when I install kexts the system stops, gets blocked or have a blue screen and nothing works, but if I don´t do it I can work without problems, well 800*600 screen but no more problems.

        What else can I do???

  • Ben |

    I have also blue screen after rebooting, the same problem as what JAVI mentions below. Who can supply us a solution?

    Thanks in advance.

  • admin |


    There seem to be a lot of problems with the dsdt.aml files (missing battery icons, no sleep, you name it).

    It is very important (and I forgot to mention this in my post) that you use the same version of BIOS (the one that you flash) and the dsdt.aml file.

    The BIOS file should be provided in the package.

    If you flash another BIOS or change the dsdt.aml it might screw up some stuff on your hackintosh.

    The BIOS and the dsdt.aml file are the 0802 versions, so don’t mix them with the new 0902 one (I’ll try to do the 902 versions when I get some time).



    • JAVI |

      well at this moment my problem is the wifi, i don’t use the dsdt file and also i din’t update ideneb, every think seens to work right

      • javi |

        I resolve the wifi problem with the ralink drivers, but have to enter the bios all the times before start with ideneb, the rest seens to work fine as i said before

  • tony hamrick |

    i have a eee100ha and i have followed your instructions to the letter. but i have been very unsuccessful at installing the OS X on this machine. i have gone every step that i have seen posted and still run into errors. such as getting stuck in an infinite power cycle. to where i have to boot using cpus=1 -s -x. once that is done and get the the gray apple screen and watch the loading disk in the center of the screen just is there and spin. the longest i have let it set was 3 hours and nothing. can you help me out on this.


    Thank you


  • ac |

    The only way to get it to work for me without the blue screen problem was to skip step 3.4.2 (UIInstaller w/ DSDT ) and to skip installing the AppleIntel*.kexts until later.

    To do this I installed the latest chameleon package instead and then copied the awl file (2GB one) myself to /.

    Then once I updated to 10.5.7 I used the UInstaller (selected from the install dvd during custom setup) and only checked off the “Apply custom EFI string for Video card” and selected the one for the intel chip.

    Once this was done the AppleIntel*.kext could be applied and the proper 1024×600 resolution would work. Also make sure that the bios is patched to the custom 802 one.

  • Yon Blanco |

    I haven’t got to 10.5.7 yet.

    Everything was working fine for me with iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 but needed to upgrade to 10.5.6 to install iWork09. Used the Combo pkg and it booted OK the first time. Everything was ok but the video which was 800×600. I installed the AppleGMA950 kext and restarted the machine BUT now I only get to the Apple logo with the ticking clock. Actually the clock stop and I even get the mouse cursor but can’t get further than that. I can move the mouse but screen still shows apple logo and nothing else comes up.

    Any hint to try to fix before I have to start all over again?



  • Miguel |

    Anyone tried to update to 10.5.8?

    If so, can you post detailed directions?


  • Tweeber |

    I wanted to comment on the WIFI issue that seems to be up in the air. I downloaded iDeneb 1.5.1 /os x 10.5.7 and made the error in thinking that the software installer would know what hardware I had and only install what was needed to operate my 1000HE.

    Mistake! Kernal panic and a quick breeze over the install guide later (RTFM, I know) led me to only install a few options.

    All went well, in fact I was really thinking about keeping my “Mac” until I started seeing posts regarding the WIFI driver issues.

    On my system, I went into the settings and looked at the Network icon. I have a BlueTooth device and two Ethernet devices showing installed.

    The EN0 device was accessing (ifconfig from the terminal) on some unknown router and I was able to ping URL’s, meaning I was out of my own lan, wirelessly!

    The 1000HE shows a sticker, in the battery slot, with NE766 which is alledged to be the RaLinkTech card that has an OS X driver.

    My wireless works, sort of. Has anyone installed this driver and found it works with 10.5.7? IS it possible that due to some goof on my part I was able to “add” some functionality and make the card work?

    I am hoping that this is news and maybe makes its way to the Dev Team for followup.


  • tweeber |

    Okay, I reloaded OS X 10.5.7 on my 1000HE using the same iDeneb 1.5.1 install. I selected install options paying close attention to network cards and chipset options.
    Audio seems to be found without a hitch. No selection made there. I have not tested mic(s) or inputs/output jacks. The ALC662 appears to be the correct dirver.
    Under Netbook I selected EEEPC.
    Under ChipSet I selected ICHx Fix.
    Network I looked for Attansic L1 or L1E or ATL1E.
    Wireless appears to be an AR928x from Azurewave. If I recall, there are three drivers to select from and none match. I selected the single driver. There are two others in numeric sequence.
    Video is GMA950.

    Okay, so I start my new install and all looks fine. Video looks even better (Could be new stock Bios v1001 I installed). Opening the Preferences panel and then Network, I show the three devices again. Bluetooth, and two ethernet connectors or NICs. Again, EN2 now, is connected to a 192.168.x.x IP and I am able to ping and after launching Safari, plow around the internet. Setting the connector to off kills the connection but not the radio lamp on the laptop. I cannot determine what SSID I am connected to or find a way of setting WPA or WEP up. My home lan is encrypted. The neighbor up the road is not.
    I also noted that the connection time is super fast, under three seconds or so to connect, obtain an IP and show a green icon.
    Now, the wired connector does not appear to be functioning. I connect up to my lan and there is no change in the status or in ifconfig’s listing.

    Hope this helps some.

    • admin |


      If I’m not completely mistaken you get the classic “Airport” functionnality only if you replace the wifi card.

      Using the drivers for any other card, OSX will see the wifi as an ethernet connector…

      There should be a tool that comes with it that allows you to connect/disconnect to/from a SSID and to check status.

      To make the ethernet port work you need the corresponding kext. But apparently it remains a bit fiddly…

      Hope this helps,


  • Dan |

    I followed your guide to the tee. It was the most informative and best experience yet! Thank you so much for your time and tremendous effort. I do have a question. I am experiencing the same problem as you with loosing the keyboard and mouse. I upgraded to 2GB ram and changed to broadcom wireless. Now I lost keyboard and mouse. Everything worked perfectly…now all is lost with no keyboard and mouse functionality. Please help. I am unfamiliar with terminal but will give it a try. Thanks again.

    • admin |


      Try hooking up an external mouse and keyboard. This should at least give you back the control.

      Now you should probably install the dsdt.aml file that goes with the 2GB memory configuration (it’s in the bundle) to the root of your OSX installation.

      Keep us posted,


      • Dan |

        I have your dsdt.aml file however I don’t know how to install it. I just cut and pasted it there and nothing…sorry I’m such a noob…everything is working buttery smooth except for the mouse and keyboard. any help would be graetly appreciated and thanks in advance.

        • Dan |

          Now I have keyboard working and no trackpad….I only need trackpad working…Please help? I used iDeneb 10.5.8 Lite.

  • haddock |

    Thanks very much for your guide.

    It works on my 1000HE.

    I spent only 6 hours to try to downgrade from bios 1002 to your bios 802. To doing that i must use a version of asus update 6.10.02 that allow downgrade of the bios

    Hope to find a migration to snow leopard in few month.

  • Jerwyn |

    Thanks for the tutorial. I found myself being able to install ideneb on my 1000he netbook at its bios at 1002 if i could remember the number. and everything runs well.

    i found a little trick for those who can’t run ethernet all the time. The ethernet cable works all the time when you connect the ethernet cable before booting your computer up.

    The only thing thats a bit glitchy about my netbook with ideneb is my touchpad and thats about it. everything works well.

  • chris |

    I am not getting past the bios flash. When I try to flash the bios using either of the 2 roms I get that the bios file is to old for my motherboard or hardware.

    Any other roms?

    my problem is When I get to the installation I get the apple for a sec then it boots again into 7.

      • chris |


        This may help someone else.

        the 1104 BIOS seems to go through install OK.

        To stop the infinite loop

        when asked to boot from CD DO NOT hit enter but F8 into advanced options when you get the boot prompt type -v -f cpus=1

        This will take a little longer to load install but it WORKS..

        right now I have about 15 min left of install.


        • Yan |

          This is not working for me.

          After 30 min of trying I got a fatal error saying that it can’t load the ACPI driver.

          Any idea?

          modified Bios update?

  • Yan |

    Hi all,

    I got the last bios version of Asus eeePC 1000 HE (1104) and when I try to change it for the modified bios I got a message telling me the bios is too old or not adapted to my mother board.

    Is there a solution to force it, because when I tried to install the Ideneb DVD after 30 min i got a message telling me there is a conflict with ACPI configuration?

  • itsugawakun |

    someone… with the touchscreen capabilities available, someone should make the iPad os on 1000he. that would be so 133t. lol come on. right. would be awesome.