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OSX Leopard 10.5.6 on the eee 1000h (UPDATED)

Update: You can find new video tutorials on how to install SnowLeopard here.

image I finally got the time to update my article on how to install OSX 10.5.5 on your eee 1000h.

The procedure is pretty much the same but I tried to add the cool stuff that has been discovered lately, mainly over at ipis-osx.

I tried to keep this guide more basic than the one before, so no iDeneb, iPC or Kalyway specific installation instructions, you‚Äôll have to enable your brain at a certain moment 😉

If you would like to install with the original OSX DVD see the excellent tutorial by Gregory Cohen.

Thanks go to Greg, slither2007, pentiumpc, Thireus,strongesthylian, comatron and all the other fine people at ipis-osx.

Update: I re-tested the guide on iDeneb 1.4 and had to change the install order:

When installing the GMA950 kexts before the DSDT fix boot process will most probably hang with a blue screen. –> changed the order of installation and uploaded a new zip package.

Update: Updated the chapter 3.4.5) Fix Power Manage for those who get double or missing battery icons.

Update: Modified the Tutorial to integrate Thireus’ VoodooHDA.kext for Sound input (Mic working) and the Attansic kext for a working Ethernet port (new Install Package РV0.9.3).

Update: Modified the Tutorial and Package (new Install Package – V0.9.4) to integrate:

  • Thireus‚Äô latest VoodooHDA.kext
  • The latest Attansic kext for a working Ethernet
  • The latest BIOS and DSDT (1902 for 1000H) file from alex_l
  • Trackpad kexts in the 10.5.7 folder after my 10.5.7 upgrade
  • Graphics kexts in the 10.5.7 folder after my 10.5.7 upgrade
  • Chameleon 2 RC package for the adventurous among my visitors 😉

Update: I uploaded a new version of the package that should fix the problems with dsdt files for 1GB or 2GB PCs. See this post.

The new bundle is MY_BUNDLE_V0.9.4.2.zip.

To begin with…

Get my install pack here (I compiled a configuration that worked for me. I take no credit at all for this. Guys like paul over here did the lions share of the work).

Unzip the downloaded file (usually it unzips to the same folder)

For each chapter, the files needed are in a nicely labeled folder that contains everything you need (including the download links for the components that I can’t provide freely).

1) BIOS Update to fix ACPI Problems

In order to avoid some very annoying quirks (like bootup taking 20-40 minutes…) you’ll should flash the custom BIOS. If you can wait out the loooooong boot time, you might just use the DSDT method described in chapter 3.4.8).

alex_l provided us with a new version of the 1902 BIOS and DSDT for the 1000h (XP friendly version).

It can be found in the BIOS_1000H_ALEX_L folder.

The modified BIOS has been made by pentiumpc over at ipis-osx. Check out his thread.

There are two flavors:

  • 1000H-Basic-Patched-B3 : Recommended XP friendly without the PowerButton fix (this can be achieved with the DSDT fix from chapter 3.4.8)
  • 1000H-Basic-Patched-B3a : OSX only. Not recommended for dual boot setups or people who want to go back (in which case you‚Äôll have to reflash another XP friendly BIOS)

To flash the BIOS:

  • Make sure the the ROM file is named to whatever the name of your comp model is, in my case 1000H.ROM (or 901.ROM)
  • Put it alone on a USB drive and insert it into your computer. Reboot, hit F2
  • Under the Boot tab of BIOS settings, change priority boot device to USB drive
  • Go to exit, select exit + save changes
  • This will cause the comp to reboot again, so as soon as you see it start up, HOLD DOWN alt + F2
  • This will go into EZ-FLASH and update your BIOS
  • Reboot, hit F2, double check that BIOS is working

2) Partition your Harddisk

I kept a dualboot configuration with XP and OSX on my 1000h. In order to accomplish this you’ll have to do some light changes in your partition scheme. I’ll recommend you do a complete backup of your harddisk before continuing!!! You can use programs like Acronis TrueImage to do so.

  • Right click on “My Computer” on your desktop and select “Manage”
  • Then click on “Disk Management”


  • Delete the second partition by right clicking on the second partition of Disk0 and selecting “Delete Partition”.


  • Create a new unformatted primary partition

image image image image

3) Installation

3.1) Preparation – Downloads

  • Download your preferred distribution from the usual sources (this is somewhat illegal even if you own a Leopard license, as I do) . I recommend:
    • iDeneb 1.4 10.5.6
    • iPC_OSx86 Universal 10.5.6 or iPC-X DL 10.5.6
  • Burn it to a DVD

3.2) BIOS Settings

Enter BIOS Settings by pressing F2 at the gray boot screen

  • Go to Advanced Onboard Device Configuration
    • Onboard LAN: Disable
    • Onboard Camera: Enable
    • Onboard Wlan: Enable
    • Onboard Bluetooth: Enable
  • Advanced – CPU settings
    • Max CPUID Value Limit: Disable
    • Hyper threading: Disable (If you have it in the BIOS – mainly for 901 users)
    • Intel Speedstep Enable (If you have it in the BIOS – mainly for 901 users)
  • Save & Exit

3.3) Installing OSX

  • Put the OSX DVD in your external DVD drive and boot from it (Hit ESC at the gray boot screen and select your DVD drive in the blue/yellow list)
  • The boot may take a while (5-10 minutes depending on your DVD drive)

image image image

  • Just click through until you come to this screen


  • Run “Disk Utility”


  • Select the second partition that you have created in step 1 and format it by selecting “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)”, naming it (OSX in my case) and hit “Erase”

image imageimage

  • To be sure you can select the drive and select “Partition”. Press Options and you should see that the drive is partitioned as MBR


  • If you go back now you should see something like this.
  • Select the drive and click “continue”


  • On the “Install Summary” Screen click “Customize”


  • Now you‚Äôll have to enable your brain as you‚Äôll have to select the install options. Those options are not always present and/or named in the same way. You‚Äôll have to install:
    • The option for ICHx Fixed or Intel ICHx SATA Driver or something similar
    • The option for FireWire Remove or similar
    • Video/Intel and check GMA950
    • PS/2 Keyboard Fix or PS2Fix Keyboard or similar
    • CPUS=1 or One Core Fix
    • Don‚Äôt select any optional Kernel !!!!
  • If you have the option to install some tools I‚Äôd recommend (if present):
    • Kext Helper
    • OSx86 Tools
    • Pacifist
    • Universal OSX86 Installer

Example for iDeneb 1.4

  • iDeneb Essential System
  • Patches 10.5.6 Ready / Alternative Essential Patch / PS2 Fix for ACPI kext 10.5.6 / PS2 Fix Keyboard
  • Chipset / ICHx Fixed
  • Fix / AppleSMBIOS / AppleSMBIOS 667
  • Fix / FireWire Remove
  • Fix / Battery Manager
  • Fix / PowerOff_OpenHaltRestart
  • Video / Intel / IntelGMA950
  • And the recommended Apps
  • Hit “Done” and “Install”
  • Go have a coffee or two, install takes around 25 – 40 minutes.

3.4) Post-Install

After first boot you’ll have to answer some questions from Apple.

Don’t forget to define a password, we’ll need it later!

There is no guarantee that all the kexts in this bundle do work with your eee PC. There are simply too many different hardware revisions out there (even on the 1000h it seems that there are at least 3 different brands of the camera used – some work, some don’t).

So if you install the kexts:

  • Do so by following the guide (unless you know what you’re doing) as it makes it easier to spot an offending kext.
  • Install them using kextHelper (it sets the corrects rights and stuff and makes a backup of your replaced kexts).

If ever a kext has your system crashing/not booting/unstable do the following:

  • Boot into “single user mode” by specifying -s at the boot prompt
  • Then type: /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / (don’t forget the / at the end!!)
  • Then erase the offending kext(s) with the backup(s) (example of AppleIntelGMA950 kext) cp -R /Backup Extensions/AppleIntelGMA950.kext/ /System/Library/Extensions/ rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext
  • Reboot with the -f option

3.4.1) Fixing “About this Mac”

  • Install the “About this Mac” package. Just click through it


3.4.2) DSDT file

The DSDT file can be used with the latest Chameleon bootloader.

  • Launch the Univeral OSX86 Installer Application (ignore the errors, I only included the needed stuff) and install the bootloader to your OSX partition (beware to not choose any other partition!!!)


  • Copy the corresponding dsdt.aml file to your root directory.

Attention there are two flavours: one for 1GB (original) 1000Hs and one for updated 2GB ones!!!

Attention the provided dsdt file only works with the 1000h!!!

For more information see this thread.

The DSDT file will handle and correct the following stuff :

  • Brightness Control (wake fix, no need for AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext)
  • Power Button Fix
  • Lid close goes to sleep (no need for Clamshell.kext)

And on a more technical level:

  • VGA fix (no need for Natit.kext)
  • CPU Alias
  • Mute fix
  • _T_0 fix
  • HPET fixed
  • RTC fixed

Note: This things are already partially fixed by the modified BIOS that you have flashed – so basically you should be able to go back to the latest vanilla BIOS from ASUS, but I prefer to be sure, in case I mess up my DSDT file

3.4.3) Installing kexts

  • Run “Kext Helper”


  • Drag all kexts in the “3.4.2_InstallingKexts” folder onto the “Kext Helper” application (The SMBIOS kext might not be needed for iDeneb).


  • Type your password, click “Easy Install” and follow the dialogs
  • Reboot

3.4.4) Fixing the resolution

  • You may have a strange 800×600 resolution. Don’t worry, we’ll fix that.
  • Install “SwitchResX”


  • Launch “SwitchResX” property panel


  • Go to “Custom” and click on the plus sign “+”


  • Create a custom resolution. Only change the “Pixel Clock “to 60 and the Horizontal resolution to 1024 and hit OK.


  • Click “Apply”
  • Launch “OSx86 Tool”
  • Select “Enable/Disable Quartz GL”
  • Click on “Enable Quartz GL”


  • Reboot

3.4.5) Fix Power Management

  • Delete the “PowerManagement.bundle” in System/Library/SystemConfiguration by dragging it to the Trash (it might be a good idea to make a copy first ;-). You’ll have to enter your password to proceed.


  • Now install the new “PowerManagement.bundle” by dragging it to System/Library/SystemConfiguration. Again you’ll have to enter your password to proceed.


  • Launch “OSx86 Tool”
  • Select “Repair Permissions” and “Clear Extensions Cache”
  • Click on “Run Selected Tasks”. You’ll have to enter your password to proceed.


  • Wait (this may take some time – 5 to 10 minutes)
  • Reboot

Update: For those having problems with missing or double battery icons, read this:

This is a known problem on some configurations.

Could also be that it conflichts with the installed PowerManagement.bundle.

For me on my 1000h it worked like a charm but I had to delete the existing ACPIBattery.kext because I got two battery indicators.

If you have no icon, try the ACPIBattery.kext from my 10.5.5 postinstall pack here.

3.4.6) Install WLAN Driver

if you stayed with the original Ralink card

  • Download here
  • Use specific application to control WLAN
  • I for my part installed a Apple Airport mini PCI WLAN card – BroadCom BCM 94321MC 802.11n (search for BCM94321MC on eBay – around 20$-30$) which works out of the box and is recognized as Airport card.

3.4.7) Fix sound

There is no need for the Audeee solution anymore. The VoodooHDA.kext resolves the problems (though only one Microphone is working – mono).

I’ve included the latest VoodooHDA.kext compiled and adapted to the eee by Thireus (22/04/09: v.3).

Check back often over at ipis-osx in order to get the latest versions, as I’m not able to update very often lately.


  • Install Spark
  • Launch Spark
  • Select “File/New Hotkey/System”
  • Select the actions “Mute” and assign each a key combination under “Shortcut” (I’d suggest something like Ctrl-F10 – FN key does NOT work, they are not captured by OSX but by the BIOS directly!)
  • Check “Display confirm Dialog” (this makes for a nice OSD)
  • Hit “create”
  • Repeat for “Volume Up” and “Volume Down”

Normally you should now have sound on boot, on wake from sleep, keyboard control for Volume and Mute and the possibility to select the input in the SystemPreferences. The Output (Speaker/Headphones) is switching automatically when plugging a headphone in.

3.4.8) Speedstep

The speedstep support has already been installed with the above kexts.

You can launch the GenericCPUPowerManagement Application from the “3.4.7_Speedstep” folder to check if the throttling is working.


3.4.9) Misc Fixes

This directory contains fixes for potential problems (always, and I mean ALWAYS make backups of your kexts before trying those fixes):

External USB to Ethernet : Provides the kexts for an external USB to Ethernet adapter

Time Machine Fix : Provides a known fix if your TimeMachine is not working as advertised 😉 Attention might break the RalinkDriver!!!

Bluetooth Fix : Fix for erratic Bluetooth (may or may not work with 10.5.6 – try it out)

Keyboard : Provides a fix for the Swiss French keyboard layout with a hacked kext. You can use the Ukulele app to create your own keyboard layouts.

Trackpad Fix: I had to install/reinstall those two kexts after my 10.5.7 upgrade.

That’s it…

What works:

– System running with EFI, vanilla and Quartz extreme support

– Stock Kernel : working with EFI

– GMA950 : working with QE & GL

– Sleep Mode : working (With wakeup by pressing power button)

– Wlan : working (After Start and wake on Powersaving a manual switch off/on is neeimageded on original Ralink Card)

– Camera: : working

– Multitouch : 2 finger scrolling, 3 finger control, 2 finger doubletab

– SD Slot

– External USB to Ethernet adapter for the MacBook Air

– Time Machine

– Sound output working

– Brightness control

– Speedstep

– Sound input

– Ethernet

What does not work yet:

– Sound input

– Ethernet

All the information in this post comes from the following sites and from hours of trial and error work from my eee PCs:







  • webharvey |

    Hi Nik,

    I’ve installed as described but after the installation and the reboot I see only the apple logo and nothing happens more…. Nice to see the logo, but just better to see the desktop 😉


  • admin |


    Glad you made it.

    But didn’t the provided BIOS in the zip package work?

    Keep me posted,


  • J |

    I am using this (and other sites) to install on eeePC 1000HA and the issues I have in addition to the well known microphone, ethernet issues are:

    РAfter sleep, finder seems to have an issue where no matter what I click on, it highlights briefly and then goes back to highlighting the previously selected item.  As soon as I open an application that is not MacOS built-in Рit seems to resolve itself.  But it is a little weird.

    -  I get weird hibernation and sleep messages upon Darwin boot-up.

    -  Also of note: It seems to break some drivers or something if I use Migration Assistant and move an existing user account (from a Macbook Pro).

    • admin |


      – For the Finder issue: try to hit ESC when coming back from sleep (there is often a “stuck key” – that just keeps repeating – often the “7” key – have found no solution to that yet)

      – The hibernation messages are normal as there is no valid hibernation image (I’ll try to post an article on how to get hibernation to work soon)

      – Don’t know about Migration Assistant, but it most probably copies settings over to your hackintosh that are not compatible with what we tweaked compared to a real Mac. So just start over and copy your user¬† folder by hand…


  • J |

    Follow up on previous comments:

    One other issue I experience is:

    РTrackpad issue Рcursor gets stuck in the bottom left corner after loading win-blows and then booting back into Mac OS.  The easiest fix for this (taken from some other site) seems to be to shut the lid and sleep the Mac and then wake it back up.

    Also, after sleep Рwhen I experience the Finder highlighting issue, the quickest fix (instead of launching an application) seems to be to hit Ctrl-Command-1 to arrange items in Finder.  Then the highlight bug goes away.  (And actually, the bug only occurs when icons on the deskop are not aligned properly or something Рvery strange!)

    • admin |

      – Trackpad issue happens to me as well from time to time and I use the workaround that you describe. There is no fix at the moment, but I didn’t have it for a while since I used the DSDT patch (which does essentially mean nothing as it is not a proof that it works, but who knows…).

      Basically it seems that the EEE somehow “remembers” some settings/tweaks from Windows after reboot (like EEEctrl settings for CPU clock or Fan speed)

      – Again for the sleep/wakeup/Finder problem try hitting the ESC key when coming back (this stuck key can really mess up things…)

      Keep us posted,


      • J |

        Thanks for the tip – Esc key works great for getting out of the “stuck key” issue in finder!

  • Netzah |

    Thanks a lot, i followed your older tutorial to install Leopard on my EEE PC, I also updated to 10.5.6 but I cant use IWork, ‘Pages’ , by example, although opens dont shows me nothing, I can only see a blank page.

    I believe its problem of graphic cards, Can you use Iwork nice?

    Thanks four your answer and sorry for my english (Im spanish)

    • admin |

      Are the other graphics working (for example System Preferences – is notorious for graphics problems)?

      What does your SystemProfiler say for Graphics? (go into AboutThisMac/MoreInfo…/Graphics Displays)

      Is it the Open File dialog that is blank?

      • Netzah |

        Hi again.

        I reinstalled from begining¬† (Ideneb 1.4) with your guide, now Iwork works nice. But I have a new problem, I can’t use my second monitor (Viewsonic VA1912W – 1440×900). The monitor shows “out of range”. Others monitors are usables.

        With Leopard 10.5.5 i couldnt also, but when I updated I had to use a new Kext for GMA (AppleIntelGMA950.kext; AppleIntelGMA950GA.plugin; AppleIntelGMA950GLDriver.bundle; AppleIntelGMA950VADriver.bundle) whic let me use this monitor but not Iwork.

        (From this file : http://www.mediafire.com/?qmunkwnfzjd) I read from a comment of http://ipis-osx.wikidot.com/forum/t-113947/mac-os-x-10-5-6-on-eeepc-1000h-eeesy

  • chris |

    are there any extra steps required to put it in dual boot, or is it automatic by the directions?

  • chris |

    are there any extra steps necessary for dual boot, or is it auto configured?

    • admin |


      There is no need to ask the same question three times.

      People are less likely to reply if you insist this way… Netiquette…

      Dual boot is “automatic” in the sense that if you follow the instructions in this post you should end up with a dual-boot system that starts OSX by default.

      You’ll have to hit “enter” when you see the countdown at startup and select the windows entry in order to boot XP.

      But always, and I mean ALWAYS make a backup before installing OSX!

      I’m currently dualbooting Win7 and OSX without any problem.



    • chris |

      sorry for the triple post my internet was lagging, and i did not realize that it posted to the top of the list, and not the bottom

      • admin |

        No problemo,

        I didn’t want to sound like a wisecrack but there are some guys on certain forums who are sort of alergic to multiple postings and I’ve seen more than one guy being flamed to death for less 😉

        Keep us posted if dualboot works for you as well…


  • ruefr |

    followed your tutorial for my 1000ha. worked great. bought the¬†BCM94321MC wireless card though, and it’s a little touch-and-go. airport works for the most part, but when i use the internet connect app, under 802.1x tab, airport doesn’t show up in the “network port” tab. i know this app is a relic of tiger, but i need it to connect on my network occasionally. are there some kexts or drivers that might help w/ this?


    • admin |

      Sorry, but I can’t help you with this one.

      Have you tried to post the question on ipis-osx?


  • Muzammil |

    A fantastic guide!  I am happily sending this massage from my eeemac!  Everything works fine except for 1 weird thing.

    Out of the box, the battery bar works great, however after installing the kexts, the battery bar is now showing “No batteries available”¬†

    What can I do to fix this?  Thanks again for a fantastic tutorial!

    • batmon |

      same  here.  My also show no battery, even when power cord attached.  Any idea?

      • Muzammil |

        I have tried formatting and reinstalling a total of 14 times already!¬† I just wanted to know what was causing the problem.¬† As I’ve said before, the battery meter was working fine out of the box but after following the steps above, it does not work anymore.

        If I do not follow the steps above (when I tried to be to smart) not installing the power related kexts, it refused to boot.  Those who managed to get it working, can you please guide me here?  Thank you so much!  Everything is working great except for the lack of battery meter that works.

        • admin |

          Which eee model do you use?

          Which distrib do you install?

          This is a known problem on some configurations (http://superhai.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=16).

          Could also be that it conflichts with the installed PowerManagement.bundle.

          Just in case, for me on my 1000h it worked like a charm but I had to delete the existing ACPIBattery.kext because I got two battery indicators.

          Try the ACPIBattery.kext from my 10.5.5 postinstall pack here : http://www.enik.ch/PublicFiles/File/downloads/ACPIBattery.kext.zip

          Keep me posted,


          • Muzammil |

            Hey Nik,

            I have eee PC 1000H.  I installed the ideneb v1.4.  At install I installed the battery meter and it worked great.  There was something wrong at the dsdt.aml steep or the kexts installing part because I lost the good working mattery meter.

            I have downloaded the ACPIbattery.kext from the link you provided.¬† I deleted the current one and replaced it with the downloaded version.¬† It didn’t work.¬† So I also¬† removed the current powermangement.bundle and copied the one from your post install.¬† Still no luck.

            Any other ideas?  Or could I just do a clean install?  But which files should I exlcude so that the original battery meter works fine?  Thanks.

          • admin |

            Frankly, I don’t know what could cause the problem…

            Have you deleted the VoodooBattery.kext?

            AFAIK, you should only have either the  VoodooBattery.kext or the ACPIbattery.kext.

            Otherwise I think a fresh install might do it (try iPC distrib, it worked better for me than the iDeneb one).

            Good luck,


  • UMJaX |

    I’m trying to install OS X on my 1000HA but I keep running into the same annoying problem. When I put the iPC 10.5.6 disk in the drive and select to boot fromDVD, the grey apple screen appears for about a second, disappears, and resumes booting windows from the HD. I know the disk is good because i used it to install on my B202. did other 1000HA users have this problem? what BIOS should the 1000HA be using? Thanks in advance!

      • doSeee |

        I got the same problem with my 1000H.

        Tried to install iPC and also with CPUS=1 it¬¥s the same…The bootscreen disappears and windows is going to boot.

        Is this a know problem and some tips how to get it running?

        • admin |

          Which boot screen?

          Do you go to the grey apple logo boot screen?

          Did you try the -v and/or -x options?

          What is the last line that you get in the boot process?

          Did you install the modified BIOS?

          • doSeee |

            Thx for the fast reply…

            Yes i got the grey bootscreen for about 10 Minutes and then this circle above stop the i dvd stops and nothing went on.

            I installed this 1305 B3 xp friendly bios.

            When i first tried they grey screen was to see for about 3 second and then windows starts.

            After i disabled “Quick Boot” in Bios it was like i said above.

            I also did with -v and the last line was something with APPLEUSBHDA…. i duno exactly i was pissed and tired 😉

            Sorry for my bad english i¬¥m only a german… 😛

  • Mike |

    I cannot install the custom bios, it says its too old (installed the latest bios a couple of days ago)… so does this mean that the first boot after installing will take 20-40 minutes? It appears my 1000H is hanging with the grey apple screen and to do nothing…



    • admin |


      Are you using the “Boot-F2” method?

      Otherwise, you’ll have to wait it out (be VERY patient)…

      Good luck,


      • Mike |

        I successfully downgraded the bios using a bootable USB stick. iDeneb successfully boots. Now I just got one question: if I install the DSDT file, could I install the original bios, or do I have to stay with the custom one?



        • admin |

          Yes you should be able to flash an official ASUS BIOS now (although I don’t see the reason for that, as long as you used the modified one that works with XP – if you have XP).

          I left the modified one on the eee, just in case my experimenting shoots my DSDT.aml file 😉

      • Jim B |


        I’m in the same boat, I cannot flash the BIOS back down.¬† Using the USB stick as well.

        How did you get it to flash down?

        • doSeee |

          I had the same Problem with that damn bios but than i found a way to downgrade…

          Get  http://downloads.k0k0.de/EeePC/BIOS/AFUDOS-2.19.EXE this file and also search for HP USB Boot Utility.

          Flash your stick with that utility and then copy afudos and your mod bios on the stick.

          Boot from USB enter the command line like this:

          AFUDOS-2.19 /i1000H.rom

          In this row is a space before the slash and don¬¥t forget the “i” in front of your bios file name..

          With that it´s works great.


          • Jim B |

            Well I have the USB bootable using the HP tool and a DOSBOOT 98 image.¬† I run afudos…¬† I see the USB drive flash and then see “Search necessary information”¬† the a flashing cursor and nothing for the last 20 minutes

          • doSeee |

            Hmm for me i takes about 5 minutes to flash and i also saw the process of erasing, flashing etc…

            Do it like “Create a dos startup disk”, “using dos system files located…”

            there no need to get win98 get millenium or whatever for it works also.

            I downloades a win millenium dos system and that worked for me.

          • Tobias |


            I’m having the exact same problem.

            I have a bootable flash, made by HP Format Tool, with win98 files. Copied AFUDOS-2.19.exe and 1000H.ROM.

            Booted from flash, ran command AFUDOS-2.19 /i1000H.ROM and AFUDOS says:

            “WARNING!!! Do not turn off power during flash BIOS”

            “Search necessary information”

            And it says like this forever…

            What should I do? Power off and try again?

          • doSeee |

            So i tried some different Bios files because i had big problems getting a dvd booting.

            The problem with the bios flashing has something to do with the dos files i think.

            After i erased my folder with  my bios flashing tools i had to search new dos files and it also stuck for me at this point. yes you can power off nothing will be damaged.

            i then tried another dos files and it worked¬† like a charm…

            I will upload i complete package later today an i hope it will help you.


          • doSeee |

            Try your luck with this package i made.. I hope enik won¬¥t kill me if i post “One Click Hoster” links in here?!?!


            Give me a feedback.


          • Tobias |

            I used the tools mentioned here and everything worked fine 😉

            Thanks for the great tutorial!

    • Mike |

      Yes I’m using the ALT+F2 method. It appears that newer bios versions don’t let you downgrade to older ones, but this should still work with creating a bootable usb media and using a DOS util. Will have to give it a try tonight.

      I waited 45 minutes last night and my Eee did not boot :-((


  • shambo |

    Hi Nik,

    great work, just a quick one from sydney, as i want ti dual boot, but with a original osx copy, have gone to¬†Greg’s¬†one you linked to, but there is a¬†difference¬†in setting up the partition, as you use MBR and he uses GUID, is that so you can dual boot, or because your¬†using¬†ideneb?

    • admin |

      AFAIK you can do one of the following:

      • Install OSX and XP on an MBR disk
      • Install OSX and XP on a hybrid MBR/GUID disk (saw that somewhere on the web but seems a bit complicated)
      • Install OSX and Win7 on a GUID disk (I think Win7 supports GUID style disks – correct me if I’m wrong, as I havent tried it yet)



  • Michel Rietveld |

    Hi, i updated my existing setup with the steps provided, downloaded latest wifi driver but now the Wireless Utility won’t minimize or quit when i try to restart.

    Should i go back to the previous driver?

    • Michel Rietveld |

      i get “no device” in wifi application, i have to force quit, reinstalled the application but cannot get wifi to work again?

      • Muzammil |

        @Michel Reitveld

        I had this same problem on my third install.  I used ideneb v4.  I realised this problem happpens on if I had chosen the wireless driver from the driver list during install and then installing it again at post boot.  You only have to do it once I guess.  Works fine for me either way.

        • Michel Rietveld |

          sorry, i don’t understand, i install the ralink wireless utility, normally i would see accesspoints but now the device is not recognized, it is switched on in the bios.

          how do i configure it from here?

          it worked before but now i updated with the provided package and can’t connect anymore.

    • Mike |

      I’m having the exact same problem: if the utility opens up on start, it cannot be minimed and I have to turn the radio off an on again to get wireless working. After one of the reboots the utility did not start, so I had to start it manually – then I could minimize it. I have no idea whats going on…

      Oh, and did you all see that there is now a ethernet driver? I installed it, and it does indeed work (IP assigned via DHCP without any problem).


      • Mike |

        The driver I found here lets me minimize the utility and auto-connects on bootup (no need for off/on procedure).

          • Michel Rietveld |

            thanks, this one works fine, i can get online again, removed the xp disk and reinserted the osx disk, am so happy, this works so much better.

  • cambridgezilla |


    in the dsdt step where is the “root directory” ¬†Is this the system> library>system configuration folder. ¬†This is the only part I don’t get. ¬†Sorry I’m a noob¬†

    • admin |

      No, this is the topmost directory of your system.

      You access it by typing “cd /” (without the quotes) in the Terminal App.

      It’s the same that you see in Finder when you click on your system disk (the one that contains the folders Applications, Library, System and Users (at least)).


  • Tim |

    Hello from NYC! I installed Leopard on my little 1000H and it’s working fabulously. I used iDeneb 1.4 and followed this guide, I’ve been using it for about a week and wanted to share my experiences so far:

    Installed as dual-boot with XP, though I don’t know why I did since I haven’t touched XP since.

    I installed the BroadCom BCM 94321MC card and Airport works like a charm! However, restarting the machine disables the wireless card. To re-enable wireless, I have to go into the BIOS under Advanced – Onboard Device Configuration, Disable wireless (even though it’s already disabled,) reboot, then go back into the BIOS and re-enable wireless. Don’t know why it’s doing that, I’m trying to figure it out.

    Time Machine fix worked.

    I am using  Shades for brightness control, but I am noticing that using software to control brightness disables the calibration done on my screen.

    Nik, you rock!!



      • Tim |

        Thanks for the tip. Enabling Quick Boot and disabling Quiet Boot and Boot Booster in the BIOS did the trick. The other thing I forgot to mention is that the battery status icon does not detect a battery, I just have a battery icon with an X in the menu bar and it says “no batteries available.” I’ll poke around and see if I can figure it out.

        • Markus |

          Hi Tim!

          Do you have any success regarding the not found batteries? I have the same problem and can’t find the solution :-(. Ahh, i’ve installed Ideneb 1.3 and the latest updater to 1.4… :-(. I get the batteryicon in the top menu, but the battery is not recogniced.



          • Tim |

            As it turns out, after I upgraded my ram I stopped having battery icon problems. I don’t quite understand why but I’m happy because my battery indicator works now.

          • Markus |

            Here it’s the same. I did the 2GB Memory-Upgrade last weekend, and now everything is working 🙂


    • admin |

      You should be able to use FN-F5/F6 to control brightness.

      Good to know: Shades only darkens the screen and not the intensity of the backlight.

      So battery life will be the same as with a fully lit screen.

      Whereas the FN/F keys reduce the backlight intensity and help you save some minutes of battery life.


  • Thireus |

    Hi enik,

    Is it a custom version of Voodoobattery you are giving to us?

    Because with the original and latest superhai version I had the following problem:

    Percentage does not refresh until AC is unplugged.

    I’m interesting in how to custom this package because I have a 13000mah battery and the time remaining is not exactly the same as it is in the reality. Do you think it can help?

    • Thireus |

      EDIT: In fact this is random 🙁 sometimes it refreshes sometimes it doesn’t! I’m a bit lost!

      • Muzammil |

        Hi Thireus,

        I read somewhere and I thought the B15 version worked for you?

          • Matteo |

            Hey Thireus,

            Did you manage to fix the battery refresh problem?

            I have a 1000H running 10.5.8, my VoodooBattery and VoodooPower are latest found on superhai.com

            I’ve got no clue to be honest, when on AC it just doesn’t refresh the reading.. but when I unplug it, it magically reload.

            Thanks for your help!


  • Michel Rietveld |

    Video question, is it possible to use, like in the asus winxp environment, 1024 x 768 with scroll?

    Also, can i disable the touch pad when i use a mouse?

    It messes up my typing when i touch it with my thumbs. When i type and accidentally touch the touchpad i type in the wrong place, can i turn on/off the touchpad?

    • admin |

      I have not heard of such a solution…

      However there is a possibility to “squash” the screen:

      BODY { FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; FONT-SIZE:10pt } P { FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; FONT-SIZE:10pt } DIV { FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; FONT-SIZE:10pt } TD { FONT-FAMILY:Verdana; FONT-SIZE:10pt } defaults write -g AppleDisplayScaleFactor 0.8

      You can put in a factor you like…

      Problem is that you have to at least log-out/log-in for it to take effect…

  • Michel Rietveld |

    i have the double battery meter in the bar above, how to correct this?

    • Thireus |

      Update: For those having problems with missing or double battery icons, read this:

      This is a known problem on some configurations.

      Could also be that it conflichts with the installed PowerManagement.bundle.

      For me on my 1000h it worked like a charm but I had to delete the existing ACPIBattery.kext because I got two battery indicators.


      This is in the tutorial…

      • Michel Rietveld |

        could you post the link to the part of the  tutorial where it is mentioned how to remove the kext?

        • Thireus |

          Just delete:



          Worked well for me

  • Thireus |

    My install is too much buggy for my taste since, I’m still running the modified ideneb 1.3 version.

    Will try to backup all my files, make a complete install with iPC and I’ll follow this tutorial.

  • Michel Rietveld |

    i installed vlc to play video_ts dvd ripped files, but i only get sound with a black screen, any ideas?

    • Michel Rietveld |

      it worked before but since i followed the steps for the 10.5.6 to update my installation i can’t play ripped dvd’s using vlc any more.

      • Michel Rietveld |

        also photo booth won’t work anymore, problem that the video card doesn’t support it anymore????? could it be that i had a working 1056 version and redid the steps from as described here in the forum?

  • cdub |

    This guide was a huge help. I am just a simple man who wants to use OS X on his Eee PC 1000H without all the hassle, and this guide came through in a major way. Thanks!

  • Thireus |


    I successfully did a fresh install. Works like a charm now.¬† I’ve not tested DeepSleep yet.

    Another method to wake the wireless card is to disable the quick boot into the BIOS 😉

  • Antonio |

    Hi there,

    I have an Asus EEE 1000H with Leopard 10.5.6 installed. I’ve updated this version from Apple website and with Voodoo kernell.

    The solution provided through your blog it’s not working under this configuration.

    Is there any possibility to install Vanilla kernell in order to make the sound works with the configuration commented?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Antonio |

      Done it.

      I’ve installed Kaliway 10.5.2 from the begining modifying the standard kernel by the vanilla kernel,

      finally the sound works


      • admin |

        Which 10.5.6 distrib did you install (iPC or iDeneb 1.4)?

        If you install one of those distribs you have to keep the standard kernel (don’t install any fancy Voodoo kernel…) – you just don’t select any specific kernel in the install options.


  • Joe |

    Now i dual into windows 7 and im thinking about buying an airport card as well which is a wee bit cheaper than the hp manufactured one. Will windows recognize the card as just the basic chipset rather than an apple product i assume so if you dual boot into windows as well? Just want to make sure before i buy because this and audio are the only things i cant get working right on my 1000ha which has a completly incompatible card installed. Thanks

    • Simon |

      I’m dual booting 7 and OS X; the card is detected flawlessly under Windows. Don’t know what it would do if you swap after it’s been installed though.

  • UMJaX |

    Why does my computer start to load from the 10.5.6 iPC DVD then skip after flashing the grey apple screen and return to booting Windows? I have a 1000HA..and I know the disk is good because I used it to install on my B202

    • doSeee |

      Same for me with a 1000H … 🙁

      Tried iPC and ideneb 1.4 and on both the same.

        • chris |

          I am haing the same issue. Did anything work. I have checked all answers/resources above.

          I have tried al is but it flashes aple screen and reboots into windows does not get to installation

  • rl92 |

    hi, it’s a very good guide…

    you have to update the guide with the new audio kext voodoo team and with the ethernet kext of reader02 …

  • ryan |

    i used this guide to install os x on my eee pc 1000 ha, and it works great! i did have to replace the wireless card though, but it couldn’t have been easier.¬† also i didn’t have to install the battery kexts, os x recognized my battery right on initial install

    • UMJaX |

      Congrats on the install! my 1000HA has been a total pain trying to get osx on it. It flashes the grey apple screen for a second then continues booting windows. what BIOS are u running? did u have to take any special steps? what disk did u use? I know its a lot of questions but i really want to get OSX on the HA after a month of failed attempts.

      • admin |


        I don’t own this model, but

        • have you tried playing with the BIOS options (disable QuickBoot, disable SpeedStep, disable onboard hardware like Bluetooth…)
        • have you tried booting with the cpus=1 switch
        • have you tried booting with the -v -f switches?

        Report back what the last few lines are when using -f.

        Good luck,


  • MCal |

    Many thanks for this article. I’m up and running on my eee pc 1000h. And thanks to Reader02’s ethernet driver thats now workin too.

    The only thing thats not working (and this is since 1st boot on both times ¬†Ive installed) is keyboard and trackpad. ¬†I’m using the ipc 105.6 distro. ¬†Havent seen anyone else with this problem….

    Oh I havent put on the latest bios. I’m on an earlier modded bios.. 1502 is it?

    I’m running just osx but my partition format is Master Boot Record so I’m abit wary of which newer bios to use?

    Any ideas anyone?

    TIA  Al.

    • admin |


      I’m running of a Master Boot Record as well and have the same BIOS.

      But the BIOS version does not matter if you use the DSDT solution as described in chapter 3.4.2.

      Now if the keyboard AND the mouse are still not working, then there must be some other problem.

      Did you install both PS2 Fixes for any chance (which would mess up your install – just one of them should be installed at a time)?


  • siam |

    Hi , having an ASUS N10J , and looking to install OS X , I wonder what you

    think of this video ?

    do you think running OS X on an ASUS N10J is possible ?

    Thanks  William

    • Erasmus |

      Well my keyboard works fine enough. Some button didn’t ¬†work yet…

      My Touchpad didn’t work yet neither. ¬†The cursor goes idle if i touch the trackpad.

      Can you help us enik.. ? Thanks in advance

      • MCal |

        Erasmus. I used the ipc distro (10.5.6) and even at 1st boot my kb & trackpad were disabled. Were you using the same or iDeneb or similar??

        thx 4 the reply.


        • Erasmus |

          i’m using ideneb 1.4 … the same distro as enik’s use. Maybe you’ll have to update your bios. This Guide ¬†Help me to update the bios from 1206 into 1103.

          I still have problems

          the first is i can’t get the display in normal resolution (1024×600) even after ¬†i tried to add the res by installing switch resx, its still displaying the default res (800×600).¬†

          the second thing is that my ethernet still didn’t work. I also tried to add the Reader’s 02 kext by installing it from Kext Helper B7. Seems that your ethernet driver works fine. how did you do it?? ¬†¬†I really need your help in this one cause i’m using the onboard lan to get into the internet. I don’t have any wireless connection around my place¬†

          Thanks 4 ur help. 

          • MCal |

            It seems like both distro’s have there own problems then. I tried an earlier ideneb and could only get 800×600 too. So then I went to IPC and screen, ethernet and sound worked fine just gained the kb prob. ¬†I’ve downloaded ideneb 1.4 and will try an install asap. I killed the ipc current install by trying different iousb kext’s to try and solve the kb prob. just kernal panics on boot everytime now.

            Will report back when tried ideneb 1.4. Jezz dont ya sometimes wish we got msi winds???  lol

          • Thireus |


            I’m under ideneb 1.4, and everything works. Yes, EVERYTHING!

            So… maybe you forgot something, try to make a new fresh install, and follow this guide perfectly…

            eeePC 1000h powa

          • Erasmus |

            Hi Thireus

            thanks 4 the reply. Nice to hear everything works fine on yours. 🙂

            I’ve done the fresh install 2 times before. I didn’t follow this guide completly, coz some things run pretty well such the battery icon,about mac, etc. The only thing i follow from this guide is fixing the sound and it worked.¬†

            My problem is as i’ve mentioned before. I can’t switch the default res (i followed this guide and didn’t work) and the ethernet didn’t work too.¬†

            your ethernet works too?  with additional kext or what?

            Now i’m trying to install iPC 10.5.6 than i’ll post you later . ¬†

            Once again thanks for the reply. 

          • Erasmus |


            I can’t boot in to installation screen with iPC 10.5.6 DvD got me an error message something like mac framework failed please report to…blablabla.

            But i did a fresh install iDeneb v1.4 once again and downloaded this kext for  my ethernet , and yippyy it works after rebooting twice. 

            And i downloaded the install pack v0.8 and tried to change the ¬†res into 1024×600 and it works too… now i don’t have any problem at all. Everything seems to be working fine till now..¬†

            Thanks to you enik for this tutor and many thanks to Thierus for suggesting me to do the fresh install once again. 

            And of course Reader02 for his ethernet kext. 

            You Guys are rocked

          • Erasmus |

            Hi Thireus.

            Thanks 4 the links. Very helpful to activate the mic and audio in….

            And i’ve tested the deep sleep either for the ethernet, and to wake the system again i have to press the Fn + F5. If i move my mouse or touch the trackpad, the system woke up but the display still off, so i have¬† to press those two buttons to turn on the display.

            Is this happen to you either? Is that the kext you want to show me in the second link??

            Thanks for the reply.

          • admin |


            Have you installed the DSDT patch?

            This normally circumvents this problem.

            The thing is that your OSX boots up just fine but the backlight remains off (brightness gets stuck somehow). This is a very well known problem.

            If you don’t want to use the DSDT you can use Sleepwatcher in order to run a script on wakeup that corrects the problem.

            But I strongly recommend using the DSDT way, as described in chapter 3.4.2 of my guide.



          • Erasmus |


            Thanks for your explanation. i’ve installed the DSDT file and everything works fine right now. I close the lid the system goes to sleep when i open the lid again the system wakes up and no more “brightness gets stuck”…

            I’m very enjoying my New eee pc, i bought this one 2 weeks ago, and now it’s like i’m having a new macbook air 😀

            I’m very thankfull for ur tutor. Nice to know you


  • jianfour |

    Great writeup!  10.5.6 on the 1000H works like a charm!

    What about apple updates?¬† can I install them?¬† Most for me at this time are for Java, safari, Airport, Itunes, Quicktime….

    • admin |

      Normally you should be able to install all updates without any problems, except the OS updates.

      So go for it, but don’t install the upcoming 10.5.7 update (lurking in the near future) before checking back here or on ipis-osx.


    • admin |


      First I’d like to thank you for the excellent work you are providing for the ipis-osx community!!!

      I finally got around updating the guide to take into account the HDA and the Ethernet kexts (new installation package).

      I had them working for a while now on my 1000h but unfortunately I’m extremely busy at the moment and can update my blog only rarely…

      Keep up the good work,


      • Thireus |

        Hi Nik,

        Thank you, but I just did a basic edit, so big thanks goes to the voodoohda dev team 🙂

        Then, I hope you can keep this blog updated because this is one of the most popular blog where we can find such a great guide about installing OSX on eeepcs :). And thus more and more people can easily join our community, and make this dream possible.



  • latino74 |

    Hi @ all,

    i use iDebeb 1.4 / XP on  my EEE 1000H Sound / Wlan works perfect.

    But i can only install it on a USB Stick because i see no Partitions from my Harddisk  in OSX Disk Util.

    Did anybody know this problem?


    • admin |

      You’ll have to partition the HD first (you’ll loose your XP partition in that case).

      Otherwise follow step 2 of my guide.

      Good luck,


    • hmueller |

      Hi. what are you doing? WLAN doesn’t work at my 1000H. Other things are works perfect, only wlan doesen’t work. Can you help me. At the moment i have upgradet to 10.5.7.

      My EeePC 1000H have 2GB RAM. Thanks

  • admin |

    Hi Everybody,

    I finally got around updating the guide to take into account the HDA and the Ethernet kexts (you got a brand new installation package).

    I had them working for a while now on my 1000h but unfortunately I’m extremely busy at the moment and can update my blog only rarely…


  • Michel Rietveld |

    I like my first encounter with osx so much that i ordered a mac mini today !!! Will keep my 1000h for mobile use 😉

  • Markus |


    first of all thank you for the good Step-by-Step Tutorial. I got my new 1000h running OSX and all is working fine. The only problem is the battery indicator. I can see it in the menu bar, but it didn’t find any battery. It is the battery-sign with an cross and “no battery found” in the tooltip menu. Currently the eee is running in batterymode without an connectet power supply.

    What’s wrong?

    Thanks for helping me,


    • admin |


      Are you sure that you have either ACPIBattery.kext OR VoodooPower.kext.

      But not both.

      Have you followed chapter 3.4.5? Especially the last lines about the troubleshooting.

      Keep us posted,


      • Markus |

        Hi Nik!

        Thank you for your fast reply. I’ve checked kext-Files – everything seems to be all right. I’ve tried both variations, with ACPIBattery.kext and with VoodooPower.kext. With ACPIBattery.kext i got an Batteryicon in the top menu, but the battery-meter didn’t recognize the accu in the system. I’ll add the diagnostics-output with active ACPIBattery.kext¬† in a second post directly from the 1000h.

        I currently don’t know where to search for the answer… Is the error a wrong kext-File or is it somewhere else…???



        • Markus |

          Problem is fixed. I did the 2GB Memory-Upgrade and enabled Bluetooth and now it is working. I don’t know what the problem was…


    • admin |


      The hardware is not strictly identical (Atom 280, don’t says anything about chipset or Wifi …)

      You’ll have to test and post your exact configuration either here or on ipis-osx.

      Good luck,


  • Rau7 |

    I’m wondering if this would work on the 1000HEB which is basically the 1000h with the new style keyboard. It has the same Atom 270 that the 1000h has and I believe it has the same chipset¬† and wifi so it should work right? I’ll try it and see what happens.

  • Prologue |

    Hi guys, I have tried dosee package by using his dosbootdisk to downgrade, and the friendly bios mentioned in enik’s post, however I am stucked at “search neccessary information”.

    How long does this go on?

    Anyone can post a package of dos bootfiles, and friendly bios in a package for the first gen 1000H? dosee package can’t work for me..

    • doSeee |

      Hmmm that´s really weird for me it works perfect with these files.

      I also tried another dos files and these ones do not work for me?!?

      I hope some more ppl check if it works for them… 🙁

    • Prologue |

      The correct steps are to format the thumbdrive using your included dosbootdisk, followed by throwing in the afudos.exe and the 1000h.rom from enik’s link right?

      mine seem to be stuck at the search neccessary information for long long time. lol.

      how long does yours stay on the searching part anyway?

      • doSeee |

        Yes thats right and normaly if it work i takes about one minute to downgrade and you will also see the status like erasing bios and so on.

        Dont forget that it must be the command afudos /i1000h.rom dont forget the space in front of the / and the i in front of the bios name.

        I tried again with that files and it works for me dunno why it isn¬¥t working for you i¬¥m sorry. 🙁

  • serkan |

    thanks all these tutorial. i reinstalled 5 times. and i realized that your dsdt file not working for me. without dsdt brightness control works but with dsdt brightness don’t work and no battery avaiable on the battery meter. i have 1000h model. i installed mod bios. what is the problem ? :):):)

  • bmw-man |

    This is an awesome guide. I used iDeneb 1.4 on my 1000h with the modded Bios and the drivers bundle from here. Everything works 99% – sleep, sound, batterry, lan, wireless, etc. The only problem is the power button doesn’t bring the menu when you press it and the “delete” key is not working. Is there any way to fix those? I did apply the DSDT patch but not sure if the power button fix was in it? Also, how do I map the Win key to Apple key?

    Many thanks!!

    You’re awesome

    • serkan |

      you can change buttons in system preferences.

      keyboard and mouse/keyboard/modify keys

    • Charles |

      The power button does indeed work after you’ve patched the DSDT file referenced int his article.

    • bmw-man |

      I guess I didn’t do¬† the DSDT patch properly before. I did now and my power button works. The battery indicator broke though. I was using the ACPI.kext before and battery was working fine. Now I installed the the Voodoo battery and voodooPower kexts and still not working. BTW when I try to use the CPUmanagement tool- it shows¬† my CPU is running on 797Mhz, instead of 1.6Ghz and it won’t let me move the slider to higher frequency. Any ideas?


      • admin |

        AFAIK CPUmanagement tool does not let you change the CPU Frequency.

        Does the Frequency go up when you move the mouse rapidly, then you’re OK.

        If it is stuck to 797Mhz then you have a problem somewhere.

  • tim |

    Nik, thanks for the great guide update. I needed a fresh install anyway and now everything works perfectly…

  • Djie |

    I Feel   Like an Idiot trying to figure out This Damn mac os :D:D ( ideneb-leo4all-zephyret)

    i’m stuck in still waiting for root device if i pres f8 and hit -v

    and if i try rd=diskXsX i’m stuck in boot loader with icon no enter

    can u help me ?

    this is my pc specs

    CPU Type DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2400 MHz (12 x 200) 4600+

    System Memory 2048 MB (DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM)

    Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS (512 MB)

    Audio Adapter Realtek ALC888/S/T @ ATI SB600 – High Definition Audio Controller

    Disk Drive WDC WD1600AABS-00PRA0 (149 GB, IDE)

    Optical Drive TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S182F (DVD+R9:10x, DVD-R9:8x, DVD+RW:18x/8x, DVD-RW:18x/6x, DVD-RAM:12x, DVD-ROM:16x, CD:48x/32x/48x DVD+RW/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM)

    Motherboat GA-MA74GM-S2

    sory for my bad english..


    • admin |

      Mate, you’re using an AMD based PC which are slightly more difficult to setup.

      You’ll probably need to specify a specific kernel at install-time (the Vanilla one does not support AMD processors, as far as I know).

      From the iPC install instructions:

      “If you are on an AMD or SSE2 system you must chose Voodoo 9.5.0 kernel under Kernels” at install that is….

      Keep us posted,


  • x3m78 |

    Thanks, man!!!!

    Your guide is exellent and all is working like charm!!! One more 1000h has been converted to mac 🙂 Thanks again and best wishes!!

  • Sascha |

    Hello !

    I used this great guide today to install my new 1000h and I only have two problems left:

    1. With the original Ralink adapter and the latest drivers, Wireless does only seem to work reliably when I enter and leave bios before booting. Otherwise most (but not all) of the times, the driver wont find the adapter in macosx. It is of course enabled in bios. I cannot say why it works sometimes without entering the bios before, maybe it has got to do something with the hotkey on F2 … ?

    2. The battery is not found, I followed the guide here, then deleted the voodoo kexts and used the 10.5.5 kext, no success.

    Anyone got some idea?

    Kind regards,


  • Eeekintosh |

    Your guide is awesome. The only thing I would recommend is to change the link you provided in MY_BUNDLE_V0.9.3 for the RALINK WiFi driver to the newer one. The one you provide still requires the user to click Radio Off / Radio On to make it reconnect. I am using  http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/data/drivers/STA_RT2860 D- UI-

  • George Flatman |

    I got to step number 3.4 Post Install. No all it does is reboot in a loop from

    Darwin/86 boot v5.0.132 – Cameleon v.0.12

    Build Date: 2008-11-16

    501 Memory

    Vesa v3.07mb (Intel(r)Rboadwter-G Graphics chip Accellerated VGA BIOS

    Press any key to enter startup option.

    then i s jus continues to reboot.

    • admin |

      What kind of PC are you using?

      The BIOS message does not strike me as something I know…

      Have you tried with the -f -v options?

      Have you tried the -x option?

      Have you tried with the cpus=1 option?

      Please report back,


    • George Flatman |

      I have a Dell with a Broacom nic does any one have the drivers or know how to install them. I can get into the network setting for OS X and i can set it  up, but it says the ethernet or en0 is not connected. I have tried new cables and a different switch port still no luck.

  • Kostas Dinas |

    Dear Nik,

    how can I update from 10.5.5 to 10.5.6 on a eeePc 1000h?

    Thank you,

    Kostas Dinas

    University o Western Macedonia


  • David |

    hey thanks for the great tutorial 🙂

    i’m trying it on the 1000HE and have no luck with the iDeneb iso booting up, it kernel panics and displays the mac-kernel-panic “you need to restart your machine, hold down the power button for 5 seconds” message.

    any ideas ??

    • George Flatman |

      Hey David try pressing the F8 button when your prompted by the darwin bootloader and type in CPUS=1 try that it worked for me.

  • George Flatman |

    I finally got it to work my stupidity i tried using the “CPU=1″ -v” and vola it worked that easy. No time for the network¬† drivers and such to see if¬† i can get this box to connect to my company’s network. Thanks for your time.


  • Thireus |

    [Mac Tip n¬∞1] Little tip for Garageband ’09 and other apps that doesn’t fit to screen

    The solution is to get an app called “Mercury Mover”

    [Mac Tip n°2] How to control iTunes using your keyboard

    + Ctrl / Windows / Alt keyboard pref keys. More than a tip, a good idea. 🙂

    [Mac Tip n°3] So you want to make a fresh install without loosing your data?

    Here is a tip to backup all your data and restore it after a fresh install (yes restore ALL the data, and pref! This is just beautiful isn’t it? :)).

    [Mac Tip n°4] You are always afraid about CPU or Network activity?

    Here is a tip to show your CPU or Network activity into the menu bar of your mac 🙂 + Tip how to move what is on the menu bar

    [Mac Tip n°5] Do you always need to select the right application to open a file?

    The easiest way to change your file associations

    [Mac Tip n°6] So you have a shared printer on your PC and want to print from your MAC?

    Here is how to get a huge list of PDDs and print via SAMBA

    All these tips are here: http://ipis-osx.wikidot.com/forum/c-57952/software

  • Dee |


    I followed your instrructions and also bought a broadcom wifi card you mentionned.

    After installing this card, I see that the card has been recognized as Airport and I can use it without problems.

    But I have a very annoying problem; if I deactivate the card and restart/shutdown and then restart the machine, I am unable to activate the card anymore! The hollow airport icon freezes …

    It’s possbile to fix that issuse by repairing the permissions via Disk Utility for e.g and then deleting the network preferences under HDD/Library/Components/… but when I try to do the same procedure again (deactivating and rebooting), it freezes again >.<

    If somebody could help out, I’d be very thankfull 😉

    Oh yeah! The console says something like “Error: get APPLE80211_IOC_POWERSAVE failed”


  • UMJaX |

    I have been trying to install on my 1000HA for forever now. I have the latest Asus BIOS and have tried the different boot options (messing with quickboot, quietboot, etc) but i just get a flash of the grey apple screen then it restarts. I have been using the iPC 10.5.6 disk Universal PPF5 Final version. Did anyone have a similar problem? when i try booting with -v or -f the data shows up but then the whole system quickly restarts and im back where i started….Please Help. what BIOS version are 1000HA owners using? anything else?

    • doSeee |

      I got the same problem and i burned about 5151515315161646 dvd´s and not a single one works for me. Then i found leopard install helper in the insanelymac forum and with that it worked fine. But read the instruction carefully if you try!

      • UMJaX |

        do you mean the leopard HD install helper? did u have a link? was this able to create a dual booting system?

        • chris |

          I am having the same issue. Did this ever get resolved for you. I appreiate your help.

          I am haing the same exact issue with te apple screen flashing then rebooting into windows. I hae tried different installers but the latest is the same you metioned above.



  • Warai |

    First of all thank you so much for the great tutorial, got everything installed on my 1000h really fast. Only having two slight problems. First off I accidentally installed the AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext file after utilizing the DSDT fix, now I cannot adjust brightness inside of OSX. When attempting to use the code provided to remove the .kext file I receive errors “fsck: /sbin/mount: can’t read disk label”. Any idea? Also I have a battery icon that is simply x’ed out. It seems to always assume I am plugged in with no battery available at all, however it still runs on battery power. I have installed all kext files but still no fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Muzammil |

      Hi Warai,

      I have the exact same problem as you do.¬† I believe it has got to do with the dsdt.aml file which is creating a problem with our 1000H.¬† Battery Xed out and not being able to adjust brightness.¬† I think there’s another guy here with the same problem.

      Do a clean install and don’t apply dsdt.aml? Both Battery indicator and ability to adjust brightness should work. 🙂

  • chapapa |

    same here, battery doesnt work,¬† installed everything… but i dont have the latest bios update.. i use the dsdt file…

  • Ruiqiang Huang |

    Thanks, Nik.

    After following your instruction step by step, I managed to get it upon my 1000HA.

    Everything works perfectly except I need to get a Broadcom wifi, which is on its way from eBay.

    Besides, when booting up, it’s showing hiberate failed, this doesn’t happen in 10.5.5. I dipped into other forum, knowing it’s a common issue, but¬†some buy already managed to fix it. Please keep an eye on¬†this.¬†

    One more reminder, in 3.2,¬†you¬†asked to¬†turn off LAN in BIOS,¬†I’m wondering whether it’s neccessary or not?¬†especially after the ethernet drive comes out. You know, people like me¬†follow strictly¬†on your instruction¬†and at the end forgot to turn it back on.¬†

    Bad consequence is¬†no LAN working in MAC nor¬†Windows.¬†I spent a few hours install the driver again and again, even trying to open the hardware. Finally figure it out. This maybe a joke from me. However, I think it’s necessary as least put some notes to remind clumsy computer guys like me.

    Thanks and keep the great work.

  • Mike |

    Nik, on step 3.4.2 you install the bootloader but also have a motherboard package called EEEBox_B202. Where did you get this and is it required?

  • Joe |

    First off thanks for the great guide!

    Managed to get through the install process, but can’t get it to boot up.¬†

    Stops after this message:

    “MAC Framework successfully initialized using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers”¬†

    I didn’t manage to update my bios to the modified one as mentioned, would this cause the boot to stop here? If so, heres why I couldn’t update the bios:

    To update the bios I tried partition a 1.3gb section of my external usb hard disk with both fat and fat32, copy over the 1000H.rom. Then did the alt+F2. It kept stopping at Reading file “1000H.Rom”….

    It would never go passed here, any reason why? Tried a couple different bios versions too, all the same. Is this cause tis a usb hard drive and not a usb flash drive?

    Hope someone can help!

    Thanks a lot


  • Muzammil |

    I have battery problems after installing the dsdt.aml

    So naturally I did not install dsdt.aml the 2nd time but this is a problem because I cannot install the AppleIntelGMA950.kext as it will result to the blue screen.¬† This caused me to be stuck at 800×600 resolution.

    Is there a way to not apply the dsdt.aml patch yet being able to get my resolution right?

    My battery indicator worked brilliantly before I apply dsdt.aml 

    Thank you.

      • Muzammil |

        Hi Thireus,

        Thanks for the lead but as I tried to download it from


        for the files, I was blocked due to the file limit for my country.  Could you assist by putting it in some other locations, mirrors?  Thanks.

          • Muzammil |

            Hey thanks for the mirror.¬† I just cannot resist.¬† I am updating to 10.5.7 now!¬† Will report back once I’ m done.¬† Thanks again for the quick responses.

          • Muzammil |

            It works!  10.5.7 is installed in my 1000H.

            The pack that you linked me too is needed for the latest video driver.  The dsdt file also solved my battery problem.

            Wifi, Bluetooth, Brightness control works, power button all work!

            However, the About this mac seems to not work after the update and even after reinstalling the fix package again.  Small problem I think.

            Other than that all the necessity work!  Thanks Thireus for making my day!

        • Thireus |

          If you have any problem, you can join our community here: http://ipis-osx.wikidot.com/forum

          We are a bunch of hackintosh addicted people and we constantly try to optimise our eeepcs.

          There is a RRS feed on the forum, so you can follow what we do everyday 🙂

  • Chad |

    Got everything work besides the battery icon, just shows a battery with an X through it. What Ktext/file was supposed to fix this problem?

    BUT, after doing Apple update today (I didn’t select the 10.5.7 package) my wireless ¬†card isn’t recognized anymore. I take it this might be due to the Airport Utility update or something of the sort.¬†

    Anyway to fix this?

    • admin |

      For all Battery related problems, please try alex_l’s 1902 BIOS based dsdt.aml file from the new Install Pack!!!!!

  • Warai |

    Previously posted about my battery icon being x’d out. I recently updated my RAM to a 2gb stick and magically the battery indicator started to work. I currently have two icons displayed but since I am using the percentage reading it doesn’t really bother me. I realize this may not be that helpful but just an odd occurrence so if you were thinking of updating RAM maybe you should do that and it may fix your battery indicator problems as well… just don’t really know why.

    • Thireus |

      It happened to me too 😉

      And I think this is a good alternative to buy 2gb of RAM 🙂

  • Mayhem |

    No, the new dsdt.aml from alex_l still doesn’t solve the problem with [x]’ed battery… 🙁

    P.S. I have 1000H with 1GB RAM onboard.

    • Muzammil |

      Did you flash the bios too?¬† I have 1GB ram too…works great!

      • admin |

        Yes, try to flash it (you can always go back to stock BIOS afterwards).

          • Muzammil |

            Ok I ve checked that I am using the 1305 B3a bios aka the xp unfriendly bios 🙂 I don’t see why I need windows anymore

          • Mayhem |

            Thank you very much! I found it out myself allready. It works! And now I updated my BIOS to 1902. Works well.

  • Mayhem |

    >> Then erase the offending kext(s) with the backup(s) (example of AppleIntelGMA950 kext) cp -R /Backup Extensions/AppleIntelGMA950.kext/ /System/Library/Extensions/ rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext

    Not working. I got message: “usage: cp [-R [-H | -L | -P]] [-fi | -n] [-pvX] source_file target file” and nothing happens.

    • admin |

      Actually it is:

      cp -R /Backup Extensions/AppleIntelGMA950.kext/ /System/Library/Extensions/ 

      rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext

      This should do it.
      But I’m not sure if it is a good idea to tinker with this level of the system if you dont know the basic bash commands…
  • admin |

    Guys I just had to bring in my 1000h for a whining fan (see this post) and support will be reduced for some time as I won’t be able to test the newest stuff (Thi I’m counting on you 😉

  • Muzammil |

    I could not get a video out.  I just get random blue or grey bar across the screen.  Is there a fix to this or do I have to do some settings changes?

  • doSeee |

    Since i´ve upgraded to the modified 1902 bios and changing the dsdt.aml file provided in the package my machine don´t shut down correctly.

    also buttons are still shining… any ideas?

    • admin |

      Did you try the “Open halt restart” kext floating around?

      • doSeee |

        No i didn´t can you tell me where to find this kext? Thx

        • doSeee |

          I tried that kext now and it´s the same as before my machine isn´t shut down correct.

          Fan is running and all LEDs except hdd are on.

          More ideas? 😉

          • admin |

            Try looking at the log.

            It might contain some information on what’s hanging…

          • doSeee |

            May 19 18:48:43 noname loginwindow[39]: DEAD_PROCESS: 0 console

            May 19 18:48:44 noname kextd[10]: error reconsidering volume /Volumes/FREE

            May 19 18:48:44 noname shutdown[283]: halt by hackintosh:

            May 19 18:48:44 noname shutdown[283]: SHUTDOWN_TIME: 1242751724 209244

            May 19 18:48:44 noname com.apple.loginwindow[39]: Shutdown NOW!

            May 19 18:48:44 noname com.apple.loginwindow[39]: System shutdown time has arrived^G^G

            May 19 18:48:44 noname mDNSResponder mDNSResponder-176.3 (Sep 30 2008 16:59:38)[38]: stopping

  • wrathpanda |

    Some questions about the CPUs=1 fix:

    What does this do / fix? The system reports only 1 CPU — which I think is the point. But:¬†Is it required? How do I uninstall?

    I would like to see both cores in action. 🙂


    • admin |

      AFAIK the cpus=1 does not disable one core, it just changes how OSX sees the processor…

      I didn’t need it on my (now in the land of the dead) 1000h but for the 1000HE I had to boot with this flag otherwise it “kernel panicked” (If I may use this word ;-))


  • Mark |

    I have a 900HA, with the proper bios that fixes DSDT.¬† I have been trying to install this by using a Sata DVD drive to a Sata HD and I get the following error: waiting on *DictID=”0″**key*IO Provider Class*/key**StringID=*1*IOResources*/string**key*IOResource match */key**string ID=”2″*boot-uuid-media*/string**/dict*

    I used the astericks for the greater than and less than signs on therror message.  Any idea on what this means?

    • Mark |

      Fixed it, forgot to tell the bios to treat SATA as EIDE.  Ooops!

  • John M |

    Successfully installed 10.5.6, and updated (via Software Update) to 10.5.7.  Webcam not working with PhotoBooth (Msg: graphics card not supported), but webcam works fine with EvoCam 3.6.4 (www.evological.com).  Excellent tutorial!

    • Mayhem |

      John M, what webcam do you have? I have Genesys Logic 0x0505 0x05e3 and I couldn’t force it to work at any apps 🙁

      • John M |

        I’m not sure how to find out what make the built in webcam on the EeePC 1000H is – it doesn’t seem to show up in System Profiler.¬† And I don’t really want to take the machine apart to have a look!¬† Incidentally,¬† just did a clean re-install on the machine using iDeneb 1.4 and these options checked:

        iDeneb Essential System

        Patches 10.5.6 Ready / Alternative Essential Patch /  PS2 Fix  for ACPI kext 10.5.6 / PS2 Fix Keyboard

        Chipset / ICHx Fixed

        Fix / AppleSMBIOS / AppleSMBIOS 667

        Fix / FireWire Remove

        Fix /  Battery Manager

        Fix / PowerOff_OpenHaltRestart

        Video / Intel / IntelGMA950

        and now the webcam works in PhotoBooth!

        Also succesfully upgraded to 10.5.7

        Still not happy with the trackpad though…

        • Mayhem |

          I did the same.

          What version of 1000H do you have, Win or Linux?

          Please take a look there:

          “Apple” icon – About This Mac – More Info – USB – USB 2.0 Camera

          My cam details is:

          USB 2.0 Camera:

          Product ID: 0x0505

          Vendor ID: 0x05e3 (Genesys Logic, Inc.)

          Version: 12.09

          Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec

          Manufacturer: GenesysLogic Technology Co., Ltd.

          Location ID: 0xfd500000

          Current Available (mA): 500

          Current Required (mA): 98

          • John M |


            Camera is: CNF7129

            Product ID: 0xb071

            Vendor ID: 0x04f2 (Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd

            Version: 15.44

            Serial Number: SN0001 (?)

            Location ID: 0xfd800000

            Current Available (mA): 500

            Current Required (mA): 500

            Do you get your trackpad appearing as a separate item in ‘System Preferences’? ¬†I only get ‘Keyboard and Mouse’, whereas on my MacBook Pro there’s a separate item ‘Trackpad’. ¬†The prefs pane is actually there, but obviously doesn’t see the trackpad as being a trackpad – any workaround for this?

          • Mayhem |

            John M, I cannot reply on your post so I reply on mine.

            Q: Trackpad.prefPane is not present in my System Preferences

            I got the Trackpad working very responsively and its performance is not affected by the power source I am using: battery or A/C, as it was for me in 10.5.6. What I am worried is that the Trackpad.prefPane is not loaded in preferences as before, and I don’t have Trackpad tab in my Keyboard.prefPane. I don’t know this may be linked to the AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext (version 1.0.01d), or to the altered Trackpad.prefPane (version 1.1) I am using. Please ping me, if anyone of you has this pane working.

            A: I have this working well


  • williamb |

    Noob just starting out , could do with some help please…

    Managed to get this far ..

    run ¬† …. ” disk Utility ”

    Select the second partition that you have created in step 1 and format it by selecting ” Mac OS unextended ( Journaled )

    my problem is this..

    No partitions are showing up in the Left hand side of the Disk utility

    when I first went to step ¬† (¬† 2 )¬† (Partition Your Harddisk¬† )¬† , When I try and delete my second partition ( D ) I right click¬† and the drop down box does not show … Delete partition , but shows …. Delete logical Drive

    any ideas where I am going wrong please

    • admin |

      It seems that you have more than two partitions on your HD (knowing that you can create a max of 4 primary partitions – that means that if you want to create more than 4 partitions you’d create for example 3 primary partitions and one extended partition in which you can create as much logical partitions as you like – not very clear, I know).

      So what you do is that you delete all the partitions “to the right” of the XP one.

      So you keep the XP partition and all the others that you might have on the left side of the XP partition (this might be an EFI/System partition as you get when installing Windows 7).

      Then you create the primary, unformatted partition to hold OSX (you can also create a third one as FAT32 for data exchange between XP and OSX for example)

      Good luck,


  • AI |

    Thanks for this guide.¬† It’s really awesome.¬†

    So I’m having some issues with the installation.¬† I just purchased the 1000HE with 270 atom processor.¬†

    I installed OS X as the directions indicated (and got through the installation without a problem). Upon booting, came to the grey screen with the apple logo in the center.¬† It seems like I’m just stuck on this?¬† I tried flashing the BIOS with the rom file but received an error.¬† Will I just have to wait out this grey screen for a good 30-40 minutes?

    Thanks for the help.

    • admin |

      For your info: the 1000HE has the 280 atom processor at 1.66GHz

      If you don’t flash the BIOS you might have to sit it out (apparently this is not the case with iDeneb 1.3 ?). This can easily go up to 40-50 minutes…

      What is the “Error” you get when flashing?

      Remember to put the file ALONE on a USB stick and hit ALT-F2 on boot.

      The file MUST be named 1000HE.rom in your case.


      • rau7 |

        there is an 100ohe that uses the 270 atom which is actually called 100oheb which is what Best Buy was selling.

  • Thireus |

    Hi everyone 🙂

    I’m posting here to let you know about my new website. You’ll find there some really interesting articles and tips for your Eeepcs under Mac OS X 🙂

    This is also the right place to find my Apps & Hacks such as ClunKiller or my modified version of VoodooHDA.


    Feel free to subscribe to the different RSS feeds 😉

    I’ll link the Ipis Forum and Enik’s Tutorial as soon as I can 🙂

  • greg |

    When I chosen CPUS=1, a panel ban in the restart…

    To have ETHERNET networks, which pilots to install(settle)


  • zjael |

    hi there

    i just went to install osx on my new 1000h and it loads the apple splash screen for about 2 seconds, then proceeds to load windows?? thats strange,,, any ideas?

    • darky |

      dont forget to disable the “quick boot”¬†

      option in bios for the install cd to load

      thanks ppl for the good job

      • Balvardo |

        You are wrong. I found the instructions on the author, install  iDeneb and I have everything working except ethernet =(((

        • admin |


          Please don’t accuse people here of being wrong.This is extremely rude (at least it seems to me).

          This is a discussion and a lot of guys (me included) got everything working (including Ethernet) by following this guide (that’s why I wrote it in the first place ;-).

          Now did you solve your problem with the blinking cursor (it seems so, as you have no ethernet)?

          To get working ethernet you have to install the AttansicL1eEthernet.kext.

          Then when you open your network preferences it should tell you that it found a new network interface. And that’s basically it.

          Keep us posted,


          • Balvardo |

            Firstly a huge thank you to all for the tremendous work you have done. I apologize, my English is not my native language and this phrase, I did not want to offend anyone. Once again, sorry. The problem of a blinking cursor, I decided to quite simply – a laptop tried to boot from the wrong drive, my mistake. At the moment everything is working and I am very happy, except for three things. At first ethernet, but I figured that you’d like, in addition, I have a few useless kext and I suspect that if they remove all the work. Secondly I am very irritated by the sound of the fan and I do not understand why this may be due. When downloading, it is turn on but then does not turn off. I would be very grateful if you told me in what direction should I look for a solution to this problem. And the third. My laptop is excellent to sleep when you close the lid but then did not wake up. That is, I hear the sounds of how it works, but the screen remains black. The main problem is that I did not had 1000h model, i have 1000 model. And I can not take all of your utility, which makes everything herself (or can?). Once again, I apologize and express my deep gratitude.

            Regards, Ilya.

          • admin |


            No problem, you’re forgiven 😉

            Now your problem is that you can not use the dsdt.aml file provided here (as the 1000 porbably has a different BIOS than the 1000H).

            The dsdt file contains a hack that restores the brightness after sleep, but you’ll have to do it manually (just hit FN-F6 several times after sleep should do it).

            I’m not sure if someone with a 1000 could do a dsdt file (I might try by extracting it from the ROM file, but I’m slightly overbooked these times).

            The fan noise is a problem and I haven’t found a way to improve it yet, sorry…



  • Balvardo |

    I need help. After install (iDeneb 1.4) i just see Black screen with blinking cursor. What i do wrong?

  • AK |


    thanks alot for this great tutorial. I tried repeatedly to install osx 10.5.6 iPC but always get the blue screen right after installing the kexts in step 3.4.3. Is there a different order or something I’m doing wrong?

    Also, please update this section:

    If ever a kext has your system crashing/not booting/unstable do the following:

    Boot into “single user mode” by specifying -s at the boot prompt

    Then type: /sbin/fsck -fy /sbin/mount -uw / (don’t forget the / at the end!!)

    Then erase the offending kext(s) with the backup(s) (example of AppleIntelGMA950 kext) cp -R /Backup Extensions/AppleIntelGMA950.kext/ /System/Library/Extensions/ rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext

    Reboot with the -f option

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who found it very confusing, there’s a better way to write it, such as:

    If ever a kext has your system crashing/not booting/unstable do the following:

    Boot into “single user mode” by specifying -s at the boot prompt

    Then type: /sbin/fsck -fy

    Then: /sbin/mount -uw / (don’t forget the / at the end!!)

    Then erase the offending kext(s) with the backup(s) (example of AppleIntelGMA950 kext)

    cp -R /Backup Extensions/AppleIntelGMA950.kext/ /System/Library/Extensions/

    rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext

    Reboot with the “reboot f” option

    I just found it more easy to understand like that for the many noobs like me who might be following your tutorial. keep up the great work. thanks

    • admin |


      I appreciate your comments, and I’ll eventually integrate them.

      But where in the world did you find the “reboot -f” command?

      The -f option has to be entered after hitting F8….


    • Jack Soe |

      Yes much easier, but didnt work… hmm… still blue screen… which other ones should i remove


  • alex boy |

    hi im following the guide i am useing ipc_osx86 universal and i keep getting it staying on the blue screen help plz

  • alex boy |

    ok i got the blue screen so im trying to rebuild it but it wont boot of the ipc_osx86 disc so i am also trying ideneb but that is going to the apple logo with the loding bit and freezing im confused it wont evan boot into windows anymore

  • alex boy |

    ok thats fixed but i cant get ethanet working or wifi

  • damon |

    Hallo all,

    I intensily used the 1000H during 8 days of course and I had some problems.

    1. With the battery: then I put in charge the computer, the battery charge indication (in %) don’t increase during the time, event if the battery is charging. Putting the computer in sleep and waking up refresh this indication.

    Another problem is that the battery charge end a little bit before the computer goes in sleep, so if you are in a critical battery condition, you risk to loose all your data. I don’t know is this problem is related to wrong readings or the battery polling is too slow, and the battery ends before the OS knows that is time to go to sleep.

    2. When I wake up the computer after the sleep with the power button often it wakes up like the “7” key is down, fulling my word document of sevenths. Once the trackpad waked up with two right buttons (left and right button acts as right button), but this only once in hundreds of times. Using intensively, I found that the waleup time is quite slow (from the moment you hit the power button to the moment the cursor and keyboard are working againg), this compare to an original macbook. I don’t know it this id an hardware issue or sometinh in the software.

    I home someone can give to me help or ideas!

    big thks for all this work! Overall a big pleasure to use in real-live (-:


  • Thireus |

    The new patched version of VoodooHDA to get the microphone working for you eeepc is now online! Check out my website!

  • Minh |

    Hi my name is Minh. I installed iDeneb 10.5.5 ( sorry I don’t have the .6 one ) but I think that doesn’t matter right ? There’s a problem : I cannot change the brightness. Everytime I boot Mac OSX it always get the highest brightness level, like when I plug the Power and turn max brightness in XP. I cannot reduce or increase the brightness using FN + F5 and F6 ! One more thing. I found this and tried to install but it keeps saying that Growl is not installed even I did ! I used Pacifist to extract it and install each sub-package which contains scripts, ACPI4ASUS.kext and dsdt.aml but I doesn’t work ! Can you help me, please. I only need the brightness one but two is ok. And, once I combine 3 instruction one is you old one, one is Thireus’s and one is gregory cohen and got all thing right until I installed Paragon NTFS for Mac and got crashed. Thanks

      • Minh |

        Yeah I meant that after installing Paragon NTFS, I coudn’t boot into Mac OS anymore, it kept telling me that I have to shutdown. By the way, why I have to chech CPUS=1 Fix ? I never heard anyone say that. I think that if I chech CPUS=1 the atom will not multi-threads anymore. even if I don’t check,¬† I can still boot osx after installatio. One more thing to Nik : Can you express more details on the dsdt patch ? I don’t know if I have to chech the DSDT Patch option. When I checked it and install, error ! But if just the chameleon 1.0.11 whatsoever, success !

  • Minh |

    No body answer my main question ??

    1. Brightness Control doesn’t¬† work

    2. More detail using Universal Installer to patch dsdt.aml

    3. Why need CPUS=1 Fix ? Necessary ?

      • admin |

        Sorry Thi,

        My spamfilter didn’t like the two links 😉


    • admin |


      First, you’re not at Apple Support here, we’re not paid to do that and all have day jobs (I’m at work right now and reply to you during my coffe break, so that you stop spamming my comments).

      That said:

      It makes a HUGE difference if you have iDeneb 1.3 or 1.4 (the kexts to apply may not be the same) and I hope that you followed my tutorial on 10.5.5 here and not the 10.5.6 or .7 one.

      If you cannot change the brightness it’s usually a problem with the AppleIntelFramebuffer or GMA950 kexts. Try them again- with the right version !!

      If you cannot change brightness with FN F5/6 not even the excellent Hotkey package can help you…

      For the Growl problem you might have a look here. It says : “Ok forget my last post, In fact we have to install the extra called “Growl notify”!!!”

      CPUS=1 may help you get back into your OS. This is a very well known thing and I heard a lot of people using it.

      Don’t check any DSDT option. You just have to install the included dsdt.aml file to your root directory (IF you have a 1000h, do you?)

      Just install the classig Chameleon 1.0.11 or 12.

      And as Thireus, I don’t see how Paragon NTFS could screw up your install…

      Have you made some other modifs?

      In conclusion, don’t forget that those are Hackintoshes. They are meant to be for hacking pleasures and not as production PCs/Macs.

      I would never use it as my main PC (that’s why I dualboot with Win7, which IS meant to run on those machines).

      Hope this helps.

      Going to grab a cup of coffee,


  • Minh |

    Uh sorry bothering but I really could’t find much useful solutions for me. I have one problem. I used UInstaller to install Chameleon 1.0.12 (only checked it) and copy the dsdt to root. Then I got these :

    – No Brightness Control

    – Cannot go to sleep within lid closed

    Only them. By the way, seems that my iPC OSX is slower than when I tried with Gregory Cohen’s pack and Nik’s old tut.

    Is there a solution for those probs ? Like installing kexts ?

      • Minh |

        I tried and got the same result. When I closed the lid, I found that it only turned off the hdd but not the whole system, the wifi module, and the battery led was still on, the light icon led showed that the eeepc was on, but not the standby mode ! And about the brightness, I installed the one in Nik’s latest pack using iPC OSX 10.5.6 but still not got it right !

        I am sorry bothering you like this, but I am just a 15 years-old kid and just so excited to do this. I spent 2 weeks for this. I am Vietnamese and we are a poor country, I don’t have enough money to buy a macbook so I just can make this a mac book to show off wit¬† my friends. Hope you support me. It’s 1.36 a.m now and i am still doing these mac hacks.

        • admin |


          This looks as if your dsdt.aml didn’t load.

          The dsdt makes the Brightness control possible, as well as the closing of the lid.


          • Minh |

            Uhm the reason of the problem is the dsdt.aml crashes with some voodoo kexts. It loaded, so there would be the problem when I close the lid. If I load dsdt.aml, I close the lid, eee will try to sleep, but it cannot sleep ! I found out that the voodoobattery.kext crashes, make brightness control impossible, crashes the powermanagement.bundle too and doesn’t allow to go to sleep ! I deleted it but the dsdt still crashed with something so I deleted the dsdt too and install clamshell, natit, acpibattery,… And now it works fine like a charm ! everything ! But there’s a little prob with VGA Out ( I don’t see you mention it ? ), Ethernet after wake from sleep ( Fixable by waking again without cable ) but that’s fine ! I am even making my own tut ! Thank for supporting me all the time and your great tut and pack !

  • Dany |

    hi nik,

    danke erstmal f√ºr den guide….

    bin echt am √ºberlegen, aber nicht ganz sicher ob das dann auch bei mir funktioniert…;)

    deshalb ein paar fragen:

    Р OSX 10.5.6 geht auf Eee Pc 1000H?

    Hab zuhause noch einen IMac stehen, und werde dann dessen DVD benutzen.

    РAuch WLAN funktioniert dann? ohne nachher eine andere karte kaufen zu müssen?

    dass wars erstmal… vielen dank ¬†im voraus!


    • Dany |

      √ºbrigens bekomme ich schon beim entpacken der von dir zur Verf√ºgung gestellten Dateien in Zip-Format 288 Fehlermeldungen…:(

      die meisten beziehen sich dabei auf den zu langen namen von dateien.

      was tun?

      lg Dany

      • admin |


        OSX funktioniert bestens auf dem 1000h.

        Wie in meinem tutorial beschrieben kriegt man alle komponenten zum laufen.

        Ich empfehle dir allerdings ein 2GB upgrade (und falls du kannst eine apple airport wifi karte Рso um die 25€ auf ebay Рdie eingebaute funktioniert via ein tool, ist aber nicht so schick ;-).

        Deine original DVD wird dir nicht wirklich helfen, da du f√ºr dieses tutorial eine modifizierte version ben√∂tigst (iPC oder iDeneb 1.4). Selbst f√ºr die “vanilla” installation brauchst du eine gekaufte DVD (die bei iMacs oder Mac Books beigelegte DVD scheint nicht zu funzen).

        Was das zip file anbelangt, solltest du es unter OSX und nicht windows entpacken (windows mag pfadnamen nicht, die länger als 255 zeichen sind  (ein grund mehr auf OSX umzusteigen). Da die kexts und bundles nur verzeichnisse (mit recht tiefer verschachtelung) sind kriegt es windoofs nicht hin.

        Halte mich auf dem laufenden,


        • Dany |

          das dachte ich mir schon…;)

          okay auf jedenfall mal danke! werde mir aber dann doch eher ein macbook air zulegen, da das OSX ja auch so in etwa 1100 euro kostet, so viel ich mitbekommen hab…

          lg Dany

  • ufm |


    After install DSDT file battary status not work properly… (unknown battary status and @work on battary”).

  • admin |

    No problem,

    Yes, I always thought that there is some info stored about the memory in the dsdt file.

    It had to, because of the pattern of problems that we encountered.

    As soon as elParkeur publishes the info I’ll update the packages of my posts.


  • damon |

    I have finally two dsdt.aml working one fot 1GB RAM machines and the other for 2GB RAM machines. Tested on both configurations and working. If someone need them, I’m here (: .

  • John M |

    Could you provide a download link for the dsdt.aml files, please?

    Thanks in advance!

    John M

  • Dany |

    hi nik,


    hab mein EeePC jetzt auf 2 GB aufgerüstet.

    Allerdings w√ºrde ich an dem modifizierten OSX ca 1monat lang saugen…:)

    Wäre es möglich, dass du mir eine DVD mit den erforderlichen Files zukommen lasst?

    Versandkosten würde ich natürlich übernehmen.


    Vielen Dank im Voraus,


  • doSeee |

    Ich glaube kaum das hier DVD´s versandt werden mit irgendwelchen Files?!?!Bei Apple.de kann man sowas problemslos ordern!

  • Dany |


    iPC bzw iDeneb kann man bei Apple anfordern?

    kannst du mir auch den dementscprechenden Link senden bitte?


    Allerdings hab ich noch ein weiteres Problem:


    Der 2GB DDR2 – 667 (auch DDR2 – 553 kompatibel) RAM-Riegel scheint ein Problem zu verursachen. Nach dem Anmeldebildschirm unter XP –> Bluescreen….:(

    Die 2GB werden im BIOS erkannt.

    Wisst ihr da weiter? Der Riegel ist von PowerRam.


    lg Dany

  • Martyn |


    Having major problem with the appleintelgma950.kext, no matter what i do or what order i install things if the kext is installed it hangs on boot at the grey screen. everything else seems to be working ok.

    I think i have loaded the dsdt, but the picture on the screen looked nothing like the ones on the tutorial. I got errors like no video and motherboard plugin not found. when it launched there was no “select mother board package to install” the only way i could get this to work was by using open with by right clicking on the dsdt.aml and that seemed to work.

    using ideneb 1.4 and have tried ipis-osx

    did have ideneb 1.3 working ok

    any ideas?



  • admin |

    Nein, du kanns das nat√ºrlich nicht bei Apple anfordern…

    Ich werde mich aber h√ºten irgendwelche “DVDs” zu veschicken. Der Hackintosh selbst ist schon rechtliche Grauzone.

    Du musst Dir wohl oder übel eine original DVD besorgen und/oder einen Freund mit zackigem ADSL.

    Komisch mit dem RAM, kannst Du einen anderen 2GB Riegel versuchen? Welches BIOS?




  • ufm |

    BIOS upgradet to 1902 (again). Used new DSDT file. But battary still not work. What i’m doing wrong? :((

  • damon |

    You are using the right dsdt.aml file for your memory configuration?

    And you have installed the three voodooPower.kext file and the PowerManagement.bundle file?


  • ufm |


    After system installation (iDeneb 1.4) power indicator work (may be wrong, but show bat status). Immediatly after installation dsdt file and reboot – bat status show “no bat installed & work on bat”). Install voodoo kexts (as in solution), update to new dsdt not resolve this.

  • damon |

    If you go back to the older dsdt.aml file, the battery status works again? Just to make sure the problem is with this file.

  • ufm |

    No difference between old and new dsdt file.

    First step – setup iDeneb. battery status show something.

    Second step – setup chameleon and dsdt file from pack. Reboot. Battery status show “No battery” and “work on battery”.

    Third step – setup kext files and rebot. All works fine except battery status (without changes). Install new PowerManagement.bundle and reboot. Without changes.

    Fourth step – download pack and copy new dsdt file (for 1000H and 1G memory) ower old. Reboot. All works fine except battery (without changes).

  • Pepe |

    I have exact same problem as ufm explains, and had same symptoms in each step as he describes. Only difference I have to report is I have the same, while using the 2GB dsdt file on my 2GB eeepc 1000H.

  • wally |

    i have the blue screen problem, too and i have iDeneb 1.3. Everytime I install “AppleIntelGMA950.kext” and “AppleIntegratedFramebuffer.kext” I get a blue screen on reboot. but it worked with an earlier package from this site. it also happens when I want to upgrade iDeneb to 1.4… i need help!

  • Sindhu |

    I downloaded the My_BUNDLE file but upon extracting it in windows, it says certain files are password protected. What is the password?

  • dornkaat |

    thank you so much for your fascinating work !

    i got everything running expect the wlan ..

    it runs finr when no encryption is used i use wpa 2 .. i treid it under xp the card works fine but not under osx ??? any suggestion ??

    thanks dornkaat

  • Joerg |


    can the “Battery not detected” error be caused by the dsdt.aml file for the 1 gig versions?

    Looks like some user got the indicator running after upgrading to 2 G. And some mentioned everything was fine before they installed the kext files. I guess it was also before they placed the dsdt.aml file in /

  • greg |


    My problème

    Launch “SwitchResX” property panel

    “Custom” and click on the plus sign “+

    No existing



  • Eli |

    hi, i have just buyed an eeePc 1000H and I want to install ipc 10.5.6 universal but I’m not able to download your file My_Bundle_v09.4.2.zip. Do you Know where can I found it? thanks in advanced and congratulations for your work.


  • meinname |


    thank you for the guide – now i’m a proud owner of a 1000h with 1 gig ram and OSX 10.5.7.

    But i have a small problem: When i close the lid the sleep-mode is activated. But i can’t wake it up with pressing the Power-Button 🙁

    What could i have done wrong? dsdt.aml is in¬† / but i think it’s not working?

  • Chris |

    Ich hab das Problem, das ich iDeneb installiert habe, aber seit 1er Stunde der Bootscreen mit dem Apfellogo kommt…

    Hab dann alles neu versucht und nun mal das Biosupdate probiert, bekomme aber die Fehlermeldung, das mein Bios zu alt sei bzw. das Motherboard.

    Hab Ubuntu EEE drauf und das neuse BIOS (2003) von der Asus Website auf mein EEE 1000H

    Kann mir jemand helfen?



    I have the problem which I have installed iDeneb, but since the 1st hour of the Bootscreen with the apple logo comes…

    If everything has anew tried then and has simply tried the bios update, however, the error message which is too old my bios or the Motherboard agrees.

    Have Ubuntu EEE on it and neuse BIOS (2003) of the Asus web site on my EEE 1000H

    Can somebody help me?

    Thank you

  • jmic |


    die Installation hat wunderbar gelappt – nur ich kann keinen Beamer anschlie√üen. Das Bild hat nur streifen. Was muss ich tun, dass auch ein Beamer am 1000H mit OS X 10.5.6 l√§uft? Gibt’s da einen Trick? oder eine besondere Tastenkombination?

    Vielen Dank für viele und gute Antworten im voraus.


  • damon |

    Just tested the system with the new BIOS (2003 – before was 1902) .

    It works without problems (1000H / 2GB RAM)!


  • Chris |

    My Problem:



    hi mem tamps at0xffee00000

    PAE enabled

    Darwin Kernel Version 9.6.0: Mon Nov 24 17:17:00 PST 2008; root: xnu-1228.9.59~1/RELEASE_I386

    standard timeslicing quantum is 1000 us

    vm_page_bootstrap: 253520 free pages and 8624 wired pages

    mig_table-max_displ = 79

    Extension “xcom.apple.driver.APPLEACPIPlatform” has immediate dependencies on botth com.apple.kernel and com.apple.kpi components; use only one style

    AppleDecrypt; Copyright (c) 2008 Dale Walsh

    Apple Decyrpt: Starting…

    AppleACPICPU: ProcessorApicId=1 LocalApicId=0 Enabled

    AppleACPICPU: ProcessorApicId=2 LocalApicId=1 Enabled

    Loading security extension com.apple.nke.applicationfirewall

    Loading security extension com.applesecurity.seatbelt

    calling mpo_policy_init for mb

    Seatbelt MACF policy initialized

    Security policy loaded: Seatbelt Policy (mb)

    Loading secruty extension com.apple.security.TMSafetyNet

    calling mpo_policy_init for TMSafteyNet

    Security policy loaded: Safety net for Timemachine (TMSafetyNet)

    Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993

    The Regents of the University of Alifornia. All rights reserved

    MAC Framework successfully initialized

    using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster I0 buffer headers

  • dornkaat |

    dear all i’ve made a new experience … the change of the resolution can be done without installing the extension , mentioned in eniks faq i have done it with:

    Univeral OSX86 Installer Application, set the resolution on 1024×600¬† and all the other settings you want …. copy the dsdt.amtl to the root of your hd ,afterwards after reboot all settings are fine !!!!! me got a 1000h with 2 gig …..


    think this is a usefull help …..


    regards dornkaat

  • Chris |

    Hallo zusammen,

    auf meinen 1000H funktioniert leider immer noch nicht das MAC OSX.

    DIe Installation klappt, bekomme aber bekomme unten die gleiche Fehlermeldung.

    Muss aber dazu sagen, das der BIOS Mod nicht funktioniert hat:

    You’re BIOS is too old or your current motherboard is not supported

    Ich vermute, das es daran liegt, das meine normale Bios Version die 2003 ist und NICHT mehr ein Downgrade durchgeführt werden kann.

    Gibt es schon für die 2003 oder bis zur Bios VErsion 1803 eine gemoddete Version?

    Eventuell startet hier dann mein MAC OSX?


    Hello together,

    unfortunately, on my 1000H the MAC OSX does not function yet.

    The installation claps, agrees, however the same error message agrees below.

    However, must say to the fact which has not functioned BIOS Mod:

    You’re BIOS is too old or your current motherboard is supported

    I suppose which is due it which is my normal biology version them in 2003 and cannot be carried out any more a Downgrade.

    Is there already for in 2003 or up to the biology version 1803 a gemoddete version?

    Perhaps, my MAC OSX starts here then?

  • doSeee |

    Hi Chris…

    Es könnte schon sein das es am Bios liegt kann aber auch unmengen anderer Ursachen haben.

    Wenn du dich hier durch die Comments scrollst wird auch das Thema Bios Downgrade schon behandelt. Du brauchst dafür zwei kleine Programme und damit ist es möglich auch ein neues auf ein älteres downzugraden.


  • Chris |


    Vielen Dank!

    Meinst du diese Lösung hier:

    <!– @page { size: 21cm 29.7cm; margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –>

    I had the same Problem with that damn bios but than i found a way to downgrade…

    Get  http://downloads.k0k0.de/EeePC/BIOS/AFUDOS-2.19.EXE this file and also search for HP USB Boot Utility.

    Flash your stick with that utility and then copy afudos and your mod bios on the stick.

    Boot from USB enter the command line like this:

    AFUDOS-2.19 /i1000H.rom”


    Wie gefährlich ist das ganze?

    Bzw. an was kann es den noch liegen das meiN OSX nicht startet?

    Fehlermeldung siehe weiter unten!

  • admin |


    Ohne BIOS mod started OSX extrem langsam (>40-60 minuten) wegen einer CPU definition im DSDT file, welche OSX quasi hinhaut…

    Versuche die L√∂sung von @dosee um das BIOS zu installieren, oder schau auf ipis-osx, ob da schon jemand das aktuelle BIOS gemoddet hat…


  • Chris |


    Ich weiß das es lange dauert zum booten, aber bei mir hat es 4 stunden lang nicht gebootet. Hab auch schon das Ergebnis des verbose Modus gepostet.

    Und welche Lösung von dosee meinst du?

  • admin |

    4 Stunden sind ja schon ein bisserl lange, nicht 😉

    Ich kann Dir nur sagen, dass ich noch keinen gefunden habe, bei dem alles korrekt l√§uft, ohne ein gemoddets BIOS…

    Ich meinte die Lösung, die doSeee angesprochen hat, und welche Du zitierst (AFUDOS).


    • admin |

      Wie immer – es gibt keine dummen Fragen, nur dumme Antworten 😉

      Das BIOS ist im Grunde dieselbe version die ich im Package drin habe… Aber versuchs mal damit (alex_l ist sehr zuverl√§ssig…)…

      Ist aber komisch, dass deine EZFlash nicht funzt. Ich habe x-mal hin und her geflashed von neu zu alt un alt zu neu…

      Deine aktuelle Partitionierung ist ein bischen ungl√ºcklich…

      Wenn Du da was dran schraubst verlierst du XP.

      Du m√ºsstest ein tool wie Acrois DiskDirector (kostet) oder eine Linux basierte BootCD, wie GParted benutzen, um zuerst die XP Partition zu verkleinern (XP kann das direkt nicht)…



      • Chris |

        Würde das ganze auch mit Partition Magic gehen?

        Und wenn ja, was muss dann hier eingestellt werden?


        Das komische war, das ich bei der Installation von XP keine Partitionen erstellen konnte!

        • admin |


          Sollte eigentlich gehen mit PartitionMagic, kenne das Programm aber nicht.

          Müsste aber ganz intuitiv sein. Du musst ja nur die XP Partition verkleinern. Den Rest machst du dann in XP wie im Post beschrieben.

          Bei der Neuinstallation von XP kann man eigentlich immer neu partitionieren, es ist nur gut versteckt im Setup menu 😉



  • Chris |

    So die Installation und das booten hat geklappt.

    Leider hängt wird aber nach der Installation der ktext 3.4.2 nicht mehr richtig gebootet.

    Es wird neu gestartet, das Apfel Logo erscheint und danach nur noch ein hellblauer Bildschirm.

    Zudem kommt im Boot Menü hibernate failed

    • admin |


      Hibernate failed ist normal und völlig harmlos (falls du willst, kannst du das korrigieren indem du das Hibernate image löschst).

      Der “Bluescreen” hingegen ist komisch sollte eigentlich normal booten. Hast Du nun das gemoddete BIOS drauf?

      Um das zu korrigieren, kannst du die alten kexts wiederherstellen (siehe schwarzen “Kasten” im Kapitel 3.4



      • Chris |

        So jetzt funktioniert fast alles;-)

        Nur der Sleep Mode funzt noch nicht!Und auch das herunterfahren klappt nicht, hier ist zwar dann ein schwarzer bildschirm ist aber eher ein Standbymodus

        Wie kann ich das den noch fixen?

        Und welcher Vorteil bietet mir die 10.5.7?

  • admin |


    I had a plugin breaking the treaded comments.

    I just got home from a 3 week vacation and corrected it immediately.

    However, I won’t/can’t correct the latest posts made, so this will remain a bloody mess, but from now on, the threading works again.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,


  • Thireus |


    Now the new intelligent and optimized version to kill your hard drive *clunk* noises is available!

    Download page —> ClunKiller РKill your Hard Drive *Clunk* noises!

    Do not forget to tell me if this new version works for you 🙂

    And tell me what do you think about it too 😉


  • Milos |

    You should probably update this post, since iDeneb 1.5 is out.

    • admin |

      There is soooo much stuff I should do …. 😉

      No seriously, I can’t always try all the last stuff and I don’t own the 1000h anymore (got it replaced with the 1000he).

      The update to 10.5.7 (usually) works without a hitch so I’, not sure if I will cover it (weighting the evenings spent on this against evenings spent with my family…)

      So if I have some spare time I’ll give it a shot, but I’m more inclined to wait for Snow Leopard and cover this directly (this will be WAY more interesting and challenging).


  • bob |

    I’m going to try iDeneb 1.5 10.5.7 on my 1000H. Says has an option to choose ‘Asus EEE PC’ at install to just work. Wish me luck…

    PS: Also new bios v2003 is out from asus with better video memory.

    • admin |

      Keep us posted about iDeneb 1.5.

      Have a look/ make a request on ipis-osx for the modded BIOS. I don’t own a 1000H anymore and I refuse to put out stuff (especially a BIOS that might brick your eee) that I can’t test personally beforehand.


  • jmic |


    I am still using iDeneb v1.4 (10.5.6), as it is the mostly working version I could find.

    I changed the version manually to 10.5.7 and now even iWork’09 is running here.

    As I am using Keynote for presentations, I am facing antoher problem:

    I cannot use an external monitor (or beamer) on OSX. I can see a picture while booting up, but once the system is startet, the external monitor goes blank. I tried everything I could think of, but it appeasrs that the intel 950x driver is the problem.

    Anyone with a solution for this?



  • masel |

    Super HowTo!! nur ein Problem habe ich noch. Wenn der 1000h in Sleep-Mode geht so kann ich ihn nicht mehr wecken. Das Battery Symbol zeigt nur ein X und in den Einstellungen steht das keine Batterie verfüfbar ist. Bios habe ich das 1902 genommen und die neuen dsdtl.aml (2GB Ram).

    Bin für jeden Tipp dankbar!!

    PS: Mit Wlan Treiber aus HowTo konnte ich keine Verbindung einrichten, mit dem neuen Treiber welcher via folgendem Link geladen werden kann, hatt’s auf Anhieb geklappt:

    http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/data/drivers/STA_RT2860 D- UI-

  • Giopad |

    Hi to all, I’m new to hackintoshing a PC, so I thoroughly followes Nik’s instructions, with some success and some unsuccess. Now I have a problem, so I try to list the operations I’ve done so far, hoping some of you can help me.
    1) Bought a 1000H a few weeks ago (beginning of july).
    2) Updated the BIOS to 2003 version using the XP tool provided with che netbook.
    3) Followed Nik’s instructions about setting up the partitions and installing iDeneb (I used 1.4 1.5.6) onto the OSX formatted partition.
    4) At this point, when booting, I was offered three different HD options: the Windows NTSF (HD 1), the OSX (HD 2) and a third one. Trying to boot from HD 1 didn’t work, sporting the message “error reading from disk”. Trying to boot from HD 2 took too much.
    5) Flashed the 1902 modded BIOS coming from Nik’s bundle and followed Nik’s remaining instructions. At the very end of this process I was able to run OSX 10.5.6 with everything working (wlan, webcam, audio, mics). Only problems: it seems that power button doesn’t work, and still no way to startup the machine as Windows XP.
    6) I updated to 10.5.7 using the standard update function: at this point the 1024×600 resolution got lost (leaving only the standard 800×600), and further attempts to bring it back to the higher level using the utility provided by Nik were effortless.
    7) Reading that at this point one could go back to the plain vanilla BIOS, I did so, thinking that in this way I could have Windows XP starting again.
    8) At this point the story becomes a mess: I didn’t get the “HD1 HD2 HD3” choice anymore, and at a certain point the boot immediately produced “error reading disc, press CRTL+ALT+CANC to reboot”, wich didn’t work.
    9) The only thing I could do to have the hardware working again was to restore the machine from the disc provided with the 1000H.

    At this point I restarted the installation process (again trying to keep the standard 2003 BIOS), and now I am at the point where the basic OSX is installed and it seems to keep hours so start.

    After such a tale (and before going on) I have some questions for you guys:
    a) is it mandatory to do the job with the modded BIOS?
    b) any hints about why I cannot boot the 1000H in XP mode?
    c) I don’t understand exactly how to have the DSDT file working. Nik’s instructions simply tell to copy it to the root of the disk, after launching the OSX86 installer. This means that I just copy the file (1GB version, in my case) to the root that I can see from the OSX desktop (the one where I also see the “System”, “Library” etc folders)? Or should it be a physical root reachable from the terminal utility with UNIX commands?
    d) did you experience problems updating to 10.5.7?

    Thank you very much for your patience in reading all this. I hope somebody can help me.
    Best regards to all,

    • admin |


      You should follow the tuto step by step, meaning that you should start by flashing the modified BIOS (see on ipis-osx for the latest version for your configuration – make sure that you get the 1GB version if you have 1GB of RAM and the 2GB in case you updated it).

      4) As for the partitioning, make sure that aou can still boot XP, after the partitioning and before installing iDeneb (or iPC as I used). I bet that you shot your XP partition either during the partitioning or by doing some thing wrong with the cootloader installation.

      Usually, installing OSX does not kill your XP (at least it didn’t for my 40+ installations I made).

      6) After the update you don’t need the utility, you need the kexts that are compatible with 10.5.7 (see my update post :http://www.enik.ch/2009/05/osx-leopard-1057-update-on-the-eee-1000h/)

      7) I don’t know what exactly you did before flashing the vanilla BIOS, but there is no way that your install would not boot (with the error that you indicate) after doing that…

      So the answers:

      a) It is a VERY good idea to flash the custom BIOS before installing (and to keep it, as it should not affect XP) otherwise I won’t be able to help you any further, because the strangest things might happen.

      That said, you might try to sit out the looooooong boot times (IF it boots) and to install the dsdt.aml in the root. But that’s your choice and I’m not sure if it everything will work correctly one day…

      b)See point 4) above

      c)You have to copy the dsdt.aml file to the topmost folder of your system (called root folder) which contains the System, Library, Applications, … folders)

      You might have to change the rights on the file by launching a terminal and doing a “sudo chmod 755 /dsdt.aml”

      d) As I said, follow the tutorial for updating : http://www.enik.ch/2009/05/osx-leopard-1057-update-on-the-eee-1000h/

      Keep us posted,


      • Giopad |

        Hi Nik, thank you so much for your quick and detailed reply.

        Well, I did what you wrote, following exactly your instructions (starting from flashing the BIOS as the very first thing), and (almost) everything went fine this time. In detail:

        – now I can dual-boot with either XP or OSX

        – audio is working (either speakers and headphone)

        – microphone is working

        – webcam is working

        – bluetooth is working

        – grapihcs went up to 1024×600 without the need for SwitchResX to run

        – wifi card works, after some attemps to have the 1000H recognize the card. I don’t know exactly what I did: I donwloaded the utility for the card from the Ralink site, I ran the AwakeRalinkUI, ran the utility, repaired permissions, and at a certain point the Ralink utility showed me a list of wi-fi networks around (including my own).

        What doesn’t work:

        – I still cannot see the battery icon in the upper status bar

        – when I select “turn off” from the apple menu, the screen goes black, but the machine doesn’t actually turn off (I can still hear the 1000H fan), and the blue led in the power button remains on. If I finally keep the power button pressed the computer turns off.

        Any hints about this?

        I haven’t had time to read you post about upgrading to 10.5.7, which I’ll do in a short time.

        Thank you very much again,


      • Giopad |

        I add that after turning the PC off and on again, the wifi connection appears to be failed again. In the Network page of the preferences application I can see the connection (which is labelled “Ethernet 2”), but it isn’t connected, nor I understand how to have it working without manual operations.


      • Giopad |

        Nik, I wish to share one more strange thing that happens when I boot my 1000H with OSX.

        Right before the loading starts (“loading darwin/x86), the following messages appear:

        starting hibernate

        sleepimage has garbage

        hibernate failed

        Can this have to do with the fact that my OSXed 1000H neither turns off, nor goes to sleep?

        Thank you.

    • Giopad |

      One more update.

      I noticed that at boot, if I don’t press any button, the system starts as OSX (otherwise I’m asked about what partition to use for boot- in that case I can successfully launch XP).

      In this case, the Ralink Wireless Utility starts automatically and detects the wireless lans in the area. This is good, but if I want to connect to my home wireless lan, I have to input the WKA password each time.

      I don’t know if there’s a way to have the password saved for future use.

      If I press a button at boot and then choose OSX, the system starts regularly, but the wireless utility doesn’t come up, neither it works (i.d. detects card and lans) if I run it manually.


  • John |

    Love the guide. Couldn’t have been easier and most everything is perfectly. I’m just unclear on a couple of things.

    Before I Launch the Univeral OSX86 Installer Application and install the bootloader my battery icon is working perfectly fine. It shows me the time/percentage. After installing the bootloader and putting the dsdt.aml file in the root and then rebooting the icon shows an x and no batteries found.

    When giving permissions is this what I’m supposed to do?

    1. Open terminal

    2. Type sudo chmod 755 /dsdt.aml

    3. Enter password

    4. Type sudo chown root:wheel /dsdt.aml

    5. Exit?

    It seems like that is not working and I’m doing something wrong.

    Also after installing the kexts whenever my computer is idle for a while it goes to sleep and then doesn’t come back on. Should I just put the original powermanagement .bundle back?

    BTW I have a 1000HA (the same as the 1000H but w/out Bluetooth and wireless n). Good thing is that my lcd resolution is correct, wireless/keypad and speed step all work perfectly.


    • John |

      Nevermind. Got it figured out.

      Just had to install the hot keys enabler package and now pretty much everything works. Comes back from sleep. Dual boots xp. Battery icon works.

      Some good stuff. A little slow but what can one expect from an atom.


  • masel |

    Ok, i don’t now that i have a Asusu 1000HE. After I Take the dsdt.aml file for HE everything works great.

  • max-toloto |

    Same problem than John, after put dsdt.aml file to my root directory, no batteries found. So I get ideneb 1.5.1 with eeepc package, and same thing. Do you have/find an other dsdt to replace this one or something resolve this problem? I have eeepc 1000h

    PS: thanks for the great topic

      • max-toloto |

        ok, I tried with dsdt of 1000H 1Go and 2Go, it doesn’t work. And I put dsdt of 1000HE 2Go and I work fine.
        Now I will buy the pci wlan card – broadcom.
        Thanks again, for the guide and for helping people like me 😉

  • StrikeR |

    there is a new version of ideneb, can u explain how to dual boot??

    i have my eee pc 1000he running with win7 and i want to dual boot with osx, i tried, but it instaled the chamaleon boot screen and mess up with the MBR and i couldnt start windows anymore and to start leopard i had to run the instalation cd first and wait till it starts

    and on osx i had nothing working (maybe cos i didnt use all the fixes)

  • StrikeR |

    Great how-to…

    but i have some problems. I have the eee pc 1000he with 2gb of ram and windows 7 running and i want to dual boot win7 and osx.

    i tried instaling ideneb 1.5.1 with the eeepc option and it runs, but no wifi and no other stuff, but the instalation also instal chamaleon v2 and it messed with the MBR, so i couldnt start windows 7 and to start osx, i had to run the CD and wait till osx starts (dont pressing any key when the CD ask for it) but no windows 7, i tried fixing the mbr with the win7 CD and i couldnt.

    where i can get a dual boot with win7 and ideneb 1.5.1??


    how i can instal ideneb without chamaleon?

    or just.. install ideneb and then install grub to fix the MBR?

    • StrikeR |

      i fix it!!! i have dual boot win7/osx

      but i have no wireless on osx (i have an 1000he) with tha atheros ar928x, what is not suported on leopard 10.5.7, but its supported on Snow Leopard, the new OSX coming on september…. and in the beta the wireless works fine (ive read).


      Asus EEE PC 1000HE – Windows 7 / OSx / Chamaleon v2.0

      • admin |


        I hope that this is still true for the RTM version of SnowLeopard. As it seems that there is some pulling of (drivers/kexts) going on between Apple and some manufacturers.


  • admin |


    There seem to be a lot of problems with the dsdt.aml files (missing battery icons, no sleep, you name it).

    It is very important (and I forgot to mention this in my post) that you use the same version of BIOS (the one that you flash) and the dsdt.aml file.

    The BIOS file should be provided in the package.

    If you flash another BIOS or change the dsdt.aml it might screw up some stuff on your hackintosh.

    As I don’t own the 1000H anymore I am unable to help you any further, but you should be able to find an up-to-date combination of BIOS and dsdt.aml on ipis-osx.


  • max-toloto |

    hey, I have a new problem with my trackpad, I install the fix for trackpad 10.5.7, and everything is fine. But when I reboot on Xp, and then come back to mac os, the trackpad go and stay to left side screen. I reinstall fix for trackpad 10.5.7 (many times), it doesn’t work. So I remove AppleACPIPS2Nubs.kext and ApplePS2Controller.kext, and install VoodooPS2Controller (without trackpad beacause elantech trackpad is recognize as ps2 mouse) and problem still there. And I think the 1000HE and 1000H trackpad is the same.

    Can anybody help me please…

  • junhize |

    Hi I’m having a problem installing using the universal OSx86 installer as an error will come out “Applescript Error: Can’t make …… into type string (-1700)”

    Do you have any idea wat’s wrong with my laptop? I have an ASUS 1000H.. thanks a lot

    • junhize |

      It’s okay, the problem was because i pressed the apply dsdt patch…

  • StrikeR/Budske |

    there is a new fix for the PS2 keyboard and mouse!!!!

    please, update ur “how-to”

    well i instaled osx thanks to this tutorial and another one (http://smallcomputing.net/2009/02/25/how-to-install-os-x-on-asus-eee-pc-1000he-netbook/), but sometimes i coundt use the keyboard and the trackpad never works… i start in verbose mode and i saw that there was a problem with the kext files…

    looking on the net i found a great how-to instal osx on a dell XPS (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=167327) and in some part of the post instalation there u have to instal the keyboard ps2 fix for 10.5.7…

    PART 3: PS2 Keyboard (FIX)

    -After the update to 10.5.7 you cant use the Laptop keyboard anymore.

    -Plugin an external USB Keyboard.

    -Install the “10.5.7 RepairPack” Link

    -Select only “Additional Kexts” / “ApplePS2kexts.10.5.7.ready”

    -Reboot and the keyboard should work now.


    well then i restart the netbook and boot again in verbose mode and there wasnt errors… al the text was white (errors are in yellow)

  • junhize |

    Anyone managed to get the EEE PC to display to another external screen using a VGA cable?

    I tried using the mirroring option but the screen will be screwed up and contains random colors

    • got eee mac? |

      Mirroring has always been a problem for hackintoshes. Extended desktop works great though. Just drag a window over to the other screen.

      • junhize |

        Hi sorry but how do u do the extended desktop thing?? thanks a lot

  • max-toloto |

    can somebody help me to replace my wifi card please ? There are 2 wires, how can I put off that ? A guide or a link to website ?

    • dornkaat |

      hey .. great video … how did you get the photo booth working … i cant see anything onthe dosplay .. running that programm .. my eepc is running 10.5.7 .. all works fine inclusing the wifi card (apple one from ebay).

      thanks for your help


  • max-toloto |

    thank you everyone, I have no problem for the moment. Great guide, and very good member to help people.

    Oh I have the solution when you boot on Xp and reboot to mac OS X, your touchpad bug, just shut down your netbook, wait a minute, and boot on mac OS X, So problem solve.

  • Nick |

    I have found that for EEEPC 1000H there is no need to use the cpus=1 -f in the com.apple.Boot.plist (found in /Extra), if used the second core (HT) is disabled in the GenericCPUPMControl.

    However, I still find the “About this Mac” only got Number of Cores: 1

    Also, I would like to know why the VRAM (Shared Memory) for the GMA 950 is only 64MB? While the 2003 BIOS already support up to 224MB?

  • Tom |


    i followed the tutorial for my 1000h but got one strange problem…

    If i unplug the Power, Growl says now i am on battery and have that much time left, but the Battery icon still says “on Network Power battery not charging

  • Malte Larsen |


    I’ve made an almost perfect installation of iDeneb 10.5.6 on my eee 1000H 1GB, but I’ve encountered a couple of problems.

    First of all I tried to make my netbook dual boot, like in the tuto, but Darwin crashes when i try to launch XP.

    I’ve upraded to Darwin Chameleon v.2.0, but without luck.

    The only point where I slipped a step in the tuto, was when I was supposed to install the “dsdt”. I couldn’t figure it out and, skipped it… important?

    Second, the “mac” won’t wake up after opening the lid…

    All kinds of help would be fantastic, it’s surely an amazing tweak!

    Best regards,


    • admin |


      The installation of the DSDT file is usually a very good idea if you want your OSX to work porperly. It corrects some stuff, like sleep on closing of the lid.

      If everything seems to work for you without it (which would be very surprising), don’t touch it (you know, never touch a running system ;-)…

      Opening the lid cannot wake OSX. This is a limitation of the EEE PCs for the moment, and no one has managed to make it work.

      Concerning your boot problems:

      I’ll need more info about your problem.

      What happens exactly (what steps work?).

      FYI, it’s not Darwin crashing (Darwin is part of OSX) but the Chameleon bootloader and/or part of the XP boot process.

      Keep us posted,


      • Malte Larsen |


        I get the Chameleon screen with the green lizard. It says:

        Darwin/x86 boot v.5.0.132 – Chameleon v.2.0 r431

        I choose the xp (NTFS-partition) and then I get a black screen with a blinking cursor.. CTR+ALT+DEL works..

        Could it be anything concerning the MBR? my partition scheme is not exactly like yours. I’m not able to see the partitioning scheme like in the tuto (just before pressing continue in the installation process)..



  • George |

    I followed instructions but I installed 10.5.7 instead of 10.5.6. After installing kexts (step 3.4.3) I reboot and now resolution is destroyed. I can see only background and dockbar without icons 🙁

    any idea how to solve it?

  • rimarzo |

    Hi Nik,

    I’ve already hacked my eeepc 1000H with success, thanks to you, but now I’m trying to do the same on my wife’s eeepc 1000H. She upgraded the bios to version 2102 date (07/21/2009) and I’m not able to load anything.

    I tried to downgrade the bios version using afudos but it does not work! the latest version of afudos does not support installation of an older bios version, while the old afudos, version 2.07, that is supposed to be able to downgrade the bios version does not start! I can’t even start loading ipc osx86.

    simple flashing with alt + f2 does not work either! it keeps saying the version I’m trying to install is too old!

    Is there a way I can get a bios version newer than the one you have in your “boundle”? and obviously newer that the one is installed in my eeepc now?

    thanks a lot!!!

    • Paul Adams |

      I’m having the same problem. The BIOS version in the bundle is “too old” and I cannot install it. Did you get this resolved?


      • rimarzo |

        yes I did! I tryed so many things with no luck but finally I got it to work! I found a program making boot disks out of sd card or usb pen and a version of afudos that I don’t remember what version is but it works. First you have to make the boot disk with the program included, then copy afudos in it, than boot your pc from the sd/usb pen and once it’s booted lunch AFUDOS and you can upoad any bios version you like! send me your email I will send you what I used if you like.

        • Paul Adams |

          sorry I missed your response and didn’t see my own so I re-posted, oops. my email is adamspe at gmail.com if you can send along the info I’d really appreciate.

          I have been trying what you say with a boot disk but without much luck. I have tried several versions of afudos with the 1000h.rom included but each one I try just hangs.


          • Paul Adams |

            I got things going. I found a different version of afudos called afu236u which is an engineering version that allows you to install any version of rom and that did the trick for me.

          • Sean Warren |

            My email is smw1 at live dot com

            thanks for the help

            When I ran afudos it gave me Error: Rom file boot block is not valid

        • Sean Warren |

          Rimarzo could you tell me how you downgraded your BIOS? I have the same problem!

          I tried EZ Flash, Afudos, and afu236u but nothing works 🙁

          • Paul Adams |

            hmm, i did this on two different 1000h’s “afu236 /i100h.rom” without problems (been a bit think that’s the command). I can’t remember where I finally found the engineering copy of the utility I used. If you send me a mail to adamspe at gmail I can zip up the exe and rom I used and you can try that. I just created a dos bootable CD, stuck the exe/rom on a thumb stick, booted to the CD, switched drives to the thumbstick and ran the command. no problems.

    • Paul Adams |

      I’m having the same issue because I have too new of a version of the bios. Were you able to resolve this and if so how?


      • Sig |

        I almost went nuts before I finally downgraded to the factory version of the older bios, available on asus’ site, which installed normally, then flashed the upgraded version.

  • doSeee |


    Ich machs ausnahmsweise mal in Deutsch um meinen √Ñrger besser ausdr√ºcken zu k√∂nnen hehe! 😉

    Hab folgendes Problem mit meinem 1000H und zwar hab ich eben neu gestartet und bekomme ein schwarzes Bild das mir sagt “boot=0” und nix passiert. Hab dann Linux Live CD reingetan und die XP partition auf aktiv gesetzt. Dann mit Acronis Disk Suite nachgeschaut und gesehen das meine osx partition als “unzugeordneter bereich” angezeigt wird???? HILFEEEEE!!! Google konnte mir auch nicht weiter helfen und ich m√∂chte ungern die Partition l√∂schen und neu installieren! Wer hat nen Tip?


  • Michel Rietveld |

    Will you be creating a “snow leopard” 1000h install description too?

    Would be greatly apreciated.

  • beat |

    if i boot from dvd

    he ask me to press a key for install

    if i do that darwin x68 load

    a apple sign is on the screen

    and then he reboots everytime

    whats wrong 🙁 ?

    • admin |


      This is waaaaay to vague…

      What model are you using?

      Which distro?

      What BIOS have you flashed?

      I’d say that you get a kernel panic along the way.

      Try to boot with -v -f flags and report back.

      BTW, did you diasble QuickBoot in the BIOS… ?



      • beat |

        i use a special model called

        eeepc 1003 hag (same like 1000h) from o2germany

        dristo: iPC 10.5.6. Mac OX S

        Quickboot is diaabled

        if i boot with -v -f flags

        he load something (looks like a linuxinstall) and then he reboot again….

        i haven´t flashed any bios Рi have to flash it?

        thanks for help

        kindest regards

        • davidwittenbrink |

          i had the same problem. just flash the bios, it´ll work

          • chris |

            I am having the same issue. I have a 1000HE using the ipc 10.5.6 I go through the beginning steps after booting from the .iso it flashes a greyish white screen with the apple then reboots right into windows.

            I pick the new partition and I have flashed the bios.


  • haifischjunge |

    maybe theres an issue with self upgraded 2gb machines (stock 1gb)

    like other posters down here I installed with ideneb 1.4, bios was flashed to the provided custom version.

    right after the install the battery indicator workes like a charme but after installtion of the kexts and the bootloader battery indicator no longer work.

    sleep also doesnt work as well as shutdown. if i try the 1gb dsdt file i losse ps2 mouse and keyboard.

    any ideas?

  • Dany |

    hi nik,

    tolles tutorial!

    aber: ist es dann möglich mit iDeneb (also ohne original DVD?) (Auto-)Updates durchzuführen?

    und noch was: ist das Installieren auch mit dem BIOS möglich: 2102 date (07/21/2009)?

    Oder funzt das nur mit dem von dir oben angegebenen 1902 BIOS ?

    Vielen Dank im Voraus,


  • David Wittenbrink |

    In my case only Power Management doesn´t work. Even not with the .kext file. What shall I do?

    • admin |

      Let me return your question, why wouldn’t you?

      The mode Journaled is slightly less performant in Read/Write operations than the NonJournaled one, but who cares on a Netbook (on a server with Raid1 or 5 Disks, why not…).

      And the day you manage to install OSX on a FAT or NTFS partition, please let us know, because no one ever managed to do that and it would be great to get back the instabilities of the Windows OS…


  • Dany |

    hi nik,

    hier noch mal meine frage:

    aber: ist es dann möglich mit iDeneb (also ohne original DVD?) (Auto-)Updates durchzuführen?

    und noch was: ist das Installieren auch mit dem BIOS möglich: 2102 date (07/21/2009)?

    Oder funzt das nur mit dem von dir oben angegebenen 1902 BIOS ?

    Vielen Dank im Voraus,


  • *Mussaboy |

    Hi Nik,

    Thank you very much for you tutorial.

    I’ve just installed an iPC distribution following your instructions step by step.

    Almost everything seems to work fine but there are some issues that i’d like to share with you.

    My bluetooth doesn’t work… at all.

    My battery icon was working well… but when I tried to install the first the “kext”s it showed a “x” in the middle of the icon. I removed the ACPIBattery.kext and the AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext” once it seemed to be a conflict.

    I can’t use the 1000h’s hotkeys.

    And finally when i try to use Time Machine the system brings up a network problem (airport).

    Well I know that’s a lot of questions. But I am a newbie in the “hackintosh” business.

    Thank you one more time and I really hope you can help me. =)



    • *Mussaboy |

      I’ve tried you sugestion about battery icon that you posted here. But it took no effect. :/

      • *Mussaboy |

        Hi Nik,

        I think I solved most of my problems…

        About the bluetooth issue… my machine doesn’t come with this device. My bad… :/ It seems like you said before that there are many modificatinos on 1000h model series depending on manufacturing site.

        About the battery icon.. well after many trys I found by elimination that the problem was the dsdt.aml file. So I downloaded another version at this site: http://technow.cc/downloads/ … it worked great for me. I had to remove the “voodoobattery.kext” to avoid the two icons problem that was reported here.

        The Spark app seems to be the best solution for the hotkeys problem.

        And time machine started to work normally after all those modifications i’ve made.

        I didn’t install the 10.5.7 update. Let’s see how it works. =)

        Best regards,


    • Filipe Silva |

      Hi. I am having the same problems as you do, and I think I know why. It must be because of the distro. I used iPC too, but I will try again with deneb to see if the problems go away.

      Other guide I folowed before specifically for iPC got almost working http://eeemeetsmac.webs.com/1000series.htm and as you can see, the choices of installation are different…

  • Zoli |


    I do the all steps with 9.4.2 package and iDeneb 1.4 (4x), but i dont have sleep, shut down, battery icon.

    Can anybody help me?


  • Michel Rietveld |

    running osx on my 1000h for some time, thinkin of ugrading to snow leopard, thats why i orderd a BCM94321MC wifi card to replace the onboard ralink. strangely, it sees all but my own accesspoint and it works on the not so secure ap from my neighbours.

    I disabled security settings for my own ap, which is a draytek vigor 2820vn, but it just does not show up in the list of availlable ap’s. tried to manually connect, just times out. any ideas, do i need to reinstall with the new card, it looks likes it works but why o why does it not see my ap.

    • admin |

      I went vanilla on 10.6.1 with the original DVD (though you’ll need a working Hackintosh or Mac to do this) and it works like a charm (I have a tutorial on our partner-site technow.cc).

      I didn’t go to 10.6.2 as of yet as the kernel does not work on Atom anymore (as Paul stated before) but there is a hack that seems to work. I’ll give it a try as soon as I’ll find the time…


  • dany |


    is it possible to make an (auto-) update with ideneb?

    and do i have to upgrade bios to 2102 or to 1902?


    • admin |

      Depends on which version you have now, and to what version you’ll want to update.

      Usually the update scratches the custom kexts that you have put in the System/Library/Extensions folder…

      So try to follow either the tuto on this site to get to 10.5.7 or look at ipis OSX.


  • NSFX |

    Hey guys, i have an original copy of the Leopard DVD from apple store, does this still work?

    Or do i need to download the hacked ones?

    • admin |

      You might do a vanilla install, but you’d need a USB stick.

      There are very nice tutos out there (on ipis-OSX for example) on how to do this.

      I for my part went vanilla with the original Snow Leopard DVD (you can find the Tutorial for this on our new partner-site: technow.cc)


  • Alexander |

    Hi Nik!

    First of all, thanks for this guide! Everything works great and I could never have installed OSX on my own. But I have one question: When installing the new ethernet fix kext, is it necessary to enable onboard LAN in the BIOS? The fix does not work with disabled LAN, but I don’t want to break anything by enabling it…

    Thanks in advance!


  • Olancheg |

    thanks for your manual…

    but i’ve got some problems:

    first of all
    i’ve updated BIOS to version 1902(1000H with default configuration).
    then installed iDeneb 1.4,
    with packages listed in manual.
    in “Postinstall” section i saw many kexts, that not present in your bundle_v9.4.2. then i find bundle_v8.0, almost all files was there. i’ve installed some of them, and some from bundle_v9.4.2.
    DSDT file copied to “/”. OSx86Tools also used.

    so, problems are:
    1. sleep mode not working (display turns off, and nothing happen).
    2. brightness hotkeys not working.
    3. battery icon disappeared.

  • Jesse |

    Hey nick!

    I have just installed iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6. The installer said that the installation was succesful, however when I restarted the pc, the screen remains on the grey apple boot up screen for over 12 hours. Also, I hav not updated my bios to the osne you have provided. I have tried various methods in order to update, including the virtual floppy disk method, yet every time it says that ‘the boot block is not valid’. I have no idea how to get around this, so I am currently running asus’ version of 1902. I know that by not updating the bios, boot up will be longer, however your instructions says about 20-40 mins. Is it normal for first boot up to take anything over 12 hous with a non-patched version of the bios? Thanks in advance. Jesse

  • armus360 |

    Fist of all I want to thank everyone involved on this project, GREAT JOB!.

    Now I have a few issues… I got a eee 1000h with winxp on dual boot. the ideneb 10.5.7 install went fine until OSX tries to find a keyboard and mouse and it never finds any unless I connect my USB keyboard and mouse… once loaded into OSX I tried to install all of the fixes needed (including the PS2 keyboard and mouse fixes)… I reboot and still get the same issue. On top of that I also cannot get the wireless card to work (using the card that came with the eee1000h, Ralink). I try to run the “wirelessutilitycardbusPCI” found in the applications folder… the utility looks like it will launch “popsup on the OSX dock” but then it disapears. I installed the latest Ralink drivers for OSX 10.5.7, rebooted… still have the same issue. Can anyone help me out?

    would I be better off formatting and installing ideneb 10.5.8 snow leopard?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you.

    • Marc |

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! Spent SO SO SO many hours looking for a working link! =D

    • Jesse H |

      Mate! Thank you so very very very much! This has helped me incredibly! I was stuck for so long on this very step… looking for the stupid driver!! Thank goodness for your post! You have know idea how much it has helped. I hope others appreciate this comment as much as I did. Lifesaver, absolute lifesaver. I’d be more than happy to send you a tip or something. Thanks again, very much.

      Jesse H.

    • Ace |

      Omg! Omg! Omg! You have no idea how much this comment has helped me! Omg! Ive spent literally over a month looking for the driver… thanks to you… my eeemac is now complete! As posted above, you are an absolute lifesaver! Deffinitely a lifesaver! Again I thank you for your contribution. I would also not mind tipping you… thanks!


  • Jason |

    Anyone knows what kind of graphic card or adjustments I need to do on my 1000ha (already working smooth as a hakintosh) to make the following softwares work :



    …or basically iLife09+ iwork09 😉

    the second question is what can I do to make my internet work with a cable (now only wireless works)



  • Enrev |

    Uau! Thanks to all…

    I have two problems that makes me crazy:

    The battery Icon indicator an the Bright buttons won’t work, the battery just says that there is no battery…

    I own an 1000H with 2102 BIOS and ideneb 10.5.6 installed by this tutorial…

    The other problem is that kind of bios makes some drivers in windows 7 not work..

    Please.. I don’t know what I must do to solve the problem… the OS goes perfectly but…can anyone tell me how to solve the battery problems?


  • j.wood |

    i’m still having a hard time making the camera, iwork 09 and mic to work.

    Hi guys I need some help

    the model is 1000HA and everything seems to be working (well the Ethernet is not ) but most of the things do!…

    when I try to upload photobooth I get a message that it doesnt support my graphics card.

    DO I need to change it to another one? or there are some ktex that will fix this issue

    • admin |

      If your camera is not working out of the box, then it probably won’t work at all.
      There are different models used in the eee family and some are known to not work.


      • J.wood |

        Hi Nik,

        thanks for the quick reply.

        However that’s not really the case since I can’t operate a software that will allow it to open.

        I tried imovie and photobooth and both closed on me due to the unsupportive graphic card

  • jb3 |

    Nik, thanks for this updated instruction, I have running osx on my 1000H after a interesting process with a lot of fixes. In my case sound was ok with a slide-panel in the menu-bar.

    One question and some advises.

    Question: I have changed the language in Dutch, I also changed the Region in the preferences/international to become a decimal comma instead of a point. But in the Finder there are some menu-items who stayed English. How can a change them in Dutch?

    Problem#1: I had a boot problem, I became at start the message: “boot0: error”, and then nothing happens anymore. Solution: When you pusch the start-button, you have to push the F2-button frequently fast to become the gray eeepc start-screen.

    Problem#2: After installing the iPC_OSx86 Universal 10.5.6 version and choosing the basic option I became the message: “Seaching a keyboard” and I coud not proceed. Solution#2: Install a usb-keyboard, proceed (the laptop-keyboard fail to work). In the post-install you can fix that with a PS2-fix from internet.

    Problem#3: No battery icon. Solution#3: Install a DSDT-file of a more recent date from the internet. The double battery icon is then to solve by deleting the VDooBattery-kext. Problem#4: W-lan does’nt function with the original Ralink-card. The link in the instruction fails. Solution#4: Search for the official Ralink-website and download the 1000H-driver.

    I hope somebody has a profit of this feedback,


    • alex |

      i tried several dsdt files, but most rendered the booting useless, which bios dsdt combination did you use?

      • jb3 |


        I used the bios-file in the bundle from Nik, the dsdt.aml – file I become from ? dadaz ? out of a bundle in a forum.


  • Christian |

    Hi Nik/All,

    First, I apologize if this is a N00B question. I was searching the many replies here and did not find a match.

    I am attempting this on my Asus 1000H and downloaded the installation pack here, as well as iDeneb 1.4 10.5.6 and burned it to a DVD.

    My Asus has XP SP3 installed, and I followed the guide to delete the second factory partition per these instructions. I have in essence one XP partition of 40GB, and the second newly created partition which shows up as a RAW unformatted partition. I basically followed the screencaps here.

    I also updated the BIOS with 1000H.ROM per the guide.

    So far this went well without issue.

    Now, when I boot from the iDeneb 1.4 DVD, I can get as far as the Disk Utility where I will need to select my partition to perform a MAC OS Journaled partition via Disk Erase. Here is where I am finding a problem. The Disk Utility is not recognizing my individual partitions, rather it shows the HDD as one large drive. Now even if I want to select this main drive (thinking i’ll just start from scratch and blow out the XP partition), I get an error indicating Disk Erase failed, Input/Output error.

    Wondering if I did something incorrectly, and if anyone has seen this as well?


    • SnowMan |


      Make sure you are looking under the partitions tab of Disk Utility. If you still don’t see the 2nd partition, but see half of the drive as unpartitioned space, just click the + icon and add a partition.

      If none of that works, go back to Windows and add the 2nd partition which if you format it as fat, Disk Utility will then see it and allow you to reformat it for Mac.

      • Christian |

        Thank you SnowMan!

        I tried the suggestions but it did not work. But I found the problem. I had my HDD locked down with a password. After I disabled the Master pwd for the HDD, I was able to have access to the partition to install iDeneb. All is good now. Hopefully this will be useful for someone else.

  • shinemoon |


    Thanks for your great guides! And basically I can do those steps correctly, but there are still some points I can’t successfully follow in my 1000ha, and after digging all possible places/threads I can find, I still can only comment here to ask for help:)

    1. In the bios updating step, I download bios your provide and try to flash the bios, the 1000h.rom can be recognized and loaded, but after it, system just told me this bios is too old and can’t be used in updated. So I have no choice but ignore it;

    2. In DSDT patch step, I can’t find the motherboard package type in the list as your pic shows (just empty), but I still click the install and get a ‘success’ result…….

    3. OK, like many others’ situation, every time after I install the ‘AppleIntelGMA950.kext’ and ‘AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext’, I can only got the blue screen after rebooting

    (As you said, if I install them before DSDT, such error may occurs, does it means I haven’t patch DSDT correctly, how?)

    4. Sounds and Ethernet work fine, but batterymanagement/touchpad seem not so well…I have not checked them carefully because I was struggling with the display in those frequently rebootings…:(

    BTW, I’d like to thank you again for your so detailed and professional tutorial I’ve ever read:)

    • shinemoon |

      Hi Nik, I found the solution, I just searched the newer version of AppleInterGMA950 and AppleInterBufferFramer to replace those ones inside your pack, then I can login correctly and with an expected resolution 1024×600 🙂 Thanks!

  • rick |

    Hey I messed up and installed timemachine fix and it broke my ralink wireless driver it says no device and i tried to reinstall but no luck! how do i get my wireless back???? please help me I am going crazy over here!

    • admin |

      Sorry, but I have no ready-to-use solution for you…
      That’s why you should ALWAYS backup you kexts (extensions folder) first.

  • Diogo |

    Hey guyys! I sucessfully installed 10.5.6 but still having some issues on my eeePC 1000H

    – No battery icon!

    – No hibernation (when I clode the lid it becomes black but nothing more happens)

    – Don’t automatically shut down (when I shut down it becomes black but don’t shut down)

    I’ve been trying to read solutions, but I’m a newbie to this, I don’t understand anything of informatics, the only reason I accomplished te instalation was because it has ALL the steps needed to perfom!

    I would like if you reply with a guide, in order to be easier for me to know what to do. Thank you so much guys!

  • Adam |

    Maybe someone can lend a hand. I installed ideneb with everything working and using the annoying ralink driver with the stock wireless card. Now I am trying to switch to using a airport card but the system doesn’t seem recognize it. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to roll back a kext or something? Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Paul |

    Hi, I have a dual-boot Mac OS X and Win XP working very well for the past 2 years (I had used your old guide).

    Recently, the windows partition suffered what I think is a virus attack. Now it does not boot up anymore. When I select to boot Windows from the boot selection screen (Darwin?), all I see is a black screen. Can’t even get to safe mode or anything. Just blank.

    I am still able to access the windows partition drive from within Mac OS X.

    Is it possible for me to resinstall the windows partition without redoing any of the Mac thing?

    Thank you!

  • Barry |

    This is a great site. I came across it while googling about my eeepc s101. If I followed the above directions, would I encounter any problems or are there any additional things I should consider before hand?

  • traveljazz |

    Thanks for the great instructions. Unfortunately, I got stick at the early stage of the installation. I have an eee pc 1000H with Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Remix. I tried to install OSX in the partition of the 80GB hard disk. The disk partition was created with Gparted in Ubuntu. during the installation, OSX asked for which disk to be installed. I chose the 2nd disk and other options per instruction then hit “erase”. After erasing it went back to the previous screen and no place for me to select the drive and “Partition” as on the instruction. there is no Option for me to press to see the drive as MBR. Go back one more step, there was no disk icon shown in “Select a Destination”. I am stuck and really need some help. Btw, I use iDeneb 1.4 10.5.6

    Thanks a lot.

  • John |


    Here are my specs: iDeneb 1.5.1 1000he (intel atom 1.6) 2 gb of ram 300 gb hdd (2 partitions [1st: non functioning osx / 2nd: functioning XP ])

    It appears to install perfectly every time.

    When I go to boot it;

    -it gives the grey apple screen,

    -then a blue screen that gradually fades into a black screen with the pointer in the top right corner.

    -the pointer alternates between the (rainbow) wheel of misfortune and the arrow. Sometimes I can move the pointer around with my track pad sometimes I cannot.

    -during this time I see my hdd activity light doing stuff

    I have left it in this state for as long as 3 hours (took a nap) and came back to find only a purely unresponsive black screen with no pointer.

    Any Ideas?

  • zemra |

    Hey! First of all: Many-many-many thanks for this guide! After many installation and test my 1000H (latest bios 2204) is running Leopard and everything (Sound, ethernet, wifi, etc…) seems to work well …except the Screensaver. It want start. I can “Test” it in System Preferencies but won’t start. Any ideas?

    • C53 |

      hello, I have the same product eeepc 1000h with 2204 bios version but at the first boot I can wait for hours it do not finish installation. Can you help me, witch version of ideneb did you use, witch options did you select at the install preparation.


  • TJ |

    I followed all of these instructions and was using the iDeneb version to do the install.

    I placed it onto a USB thumb drive and all seems to have installed perfectly.

    When it did the restart after the OS install it shows the grey background with apple logo, and then shows the NO symbol over the apple logo. Once this happens I can leave the netbook for hours and it just stays there and does nothing else.

    Are there any suggestions on what to do?

  • Jakub |

    Thank you all, Hacintosh finaly working witch dual boot. Only I have one small problem. Graphics card or chip intel GMA950 is unable to connect any external monitor with is possibily to change resolution. Do you know, please, about any software or untilities, witch can I use to do it? Thank you for your final help.