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iPhone: Jailbreak with obstacles

image  As you may have read some posts below I had some bad stuff happening to my iPhone last time I tried to Jailbreak it (first the boot logo loop and then the phone part not activating ‚Äì meaning I made a wonderful jailbroken iTouch out my iPhone).

Now today I did some digging for information because I really miss some apps:

– Clippy
– Cycorder
– Emoji
– hClipboard
– Notifier
– Qik
– SBSettings 
– ScummVM

and others…

So what I found is that I made a stupid mistake.

It seems that you have to:

  • Restore your phone to 2.2.1 in iTunes
  • Then activate it
  • and only then Jailbreak it
  • And restore the backup

As I left out the activation the phone never got properly activated (I guess QuickPwn somhow did that for me… but that left the phone in some GuruMeditation state with a disabled phone component).

So now I’m happily loading my missed apps to the iPhone…