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iPhone: inifnite boot loop after Jailbreak

unhappyIPhoneNaive as I am I wanted to update my perfectly working, jailbroken 2.2 iPhone to 2.2.1. which by the way corrects only some minor stuff (but we geeks just have to do stupid stuff like this, don’t we).

Now first try, directly update to 2.2.1 and re-jailbreak results in an infinite boot loop where the phone reboots every 5 minutes or so. This was somewhat foreseeable but you never know you could be lucky…

Second try, restore the phone firmware, then restore the backup then jailbreak. boot loop again. Now that is starting to to be a long update…


After some digging I found some infos on apps blocking correct jaiilbreaking, meaning that you should:

  • First : Restore Firmware
  • Second: Jailbreak
  • Third: Restore the backup

So I’m happily restoring (again) and then trying to do the rest…

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