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Theft safe OSX

the-thief-thumb1289485I came across this nifty application called Lockdown based on the popular iAlertU.

It’s a program that locks your screen with a password when activated.


But then it tracks:

  • If the mouse is moved
  • If a key is pressed
  • If the PowerSupply is detached
  • If a USB device is detached
  • If the Computer is moved (only on real Macs, eee don’t have movement sensors)

So if someone tries to steal your Hackintosh an alarm goes of and it sends the picture of the iSight cam to a personal email address.

So when you’re working in the Library or somewhere public, just activate Lockdown and you’re reasonably sure that you’ll hear when someone tries to get off with your beloved eee.

It’s basically a good idea to hook it up to a power supply to activate as this works like a virtual Kensington Lock…

And the best… It’s free…



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