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Sound under OSX

image Some users asked for a short video of the sound working on the Asus eee PC.
So I did a short demo (here) of my current setup which works like a charm.

Only thing still missing is microphone input for Skype but I think we’ll get there one day.



Update: Sorry for my English, I was only half awake when I did the recording πŸ˜‰


  • mrctll |

    OSX gira da dio sul mio 1000h. Ma l’audio lo manda in kernel panic. L’audio comincia a gracchiare e dopo qualche istante va in kernel panic. Addirittura va in kernel panic anche con la mia terratec audio dual usb. Chiavetta eccellente riconosciuta come OOTB. Dopo un po kernel panic…. senza driver di sorta. Che sia un problema dell’atom stesso!!!!!