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OSX Sleep state

After a night of sleep (roughly 12 hours) the battery of my 1000h under OSX still shows 83% of charge.


That would mean that we should get a bit more than 2.5 days of sleep out of a fully charged battery, which is not bad.

But this still seems a bit low to me – I was under the impression that under Windows it’s more.

Please comment…


  • Robbe |

    i have about the same figures as you have. Have not tried under windows, though (never boot it). my powerboog g4 550Mhz lost less when sleeping, but was not perfect either. we could calculate watt usage by using system profiler battery charge info in mAh and compare it with windows. only that i don’t know how to get the mAh readings in windows. maybe you have more experience with windows and know a software?

  • Robbe |

    I’ve done some measurements running (well, sleeping) OS X. Results were always the same, regardless of lenght of sleep (I am getting tired myself now). The battery of my EeePC 1000h looses approx. 1.3mAh of its charge per minute sleeping. Taking 6600mAh as max. capacity, that would mean a max. sleep period max. of 84h before battery depletion.

    As I don’t want to not use my EeePC for 3.5 days, I won’t check my theory. However, what I’d like to do is compare it to sleeping Windows. However, I don’t know a software that reads battery capacity.