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Website traffic – an insight

I just wanted to share the visitor statistics of my blog for the last month.image

  • On July 28th I published an article about installing Ubuntu on the eee PC – this got me the first “real” traffic at around 3-4 visits a day (hey you have to start somewhere 😉
  • On September 23rd, I then published the article on installing OSX on the 901 and the numbers went to a more or less stable 20 visits a day (with a total of almost 400 pageviews).
  • And my new article about OSX on the 1000h sees the numbers exploding – I got 87 unique visitors (with 73% of them new ones) yesterday.

It seems that this blogging thingy is all about good content¬† 😉

So keep those visits coming…

Update: It got “worse”. I’m now at a stable 150 pageviews per day with still around 70% new visits every day. This is utterly unexpected traffic for my small, personal and unambitious blog…

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