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Sync iCal with Google Calendar – for free

image Some time ago I came across a solution to sync iCal with Google Calendar (GCal).
This is made possible because Google now offer CalDAV for GCal.

I have tested this now for two weeks and it seems quite stable. I just had one event name erased, but this can also stem from the sync with Outlook (yes, I do sync between three different PCs/Macs and this must eventually lead to some data corruption…)

You can find a complete description here.


  • Paul |

    You’re lucky. My GCal sync was really a mess, plus it only works on the main calendar, whereas I have plenty. Moved over iCal + mobileme.

    That’s not the worst: the Gmail contact sync is a nightmare. Stopped both Plaxo and Mac Address Book sync. This is because of Gmail’s contacts handling (suggested contacts and all). They really need to clean up their act (but they only think about their Android phone I guess).

  • admin |

    @Paul: You can sync all calendars. See the section “Add secondary calendars” on the linked page…

  • Paul |

    @Nik yes, you’re right. Does the sync works flawlessly? Is it possible to sync subscription (like in BusySync I’m thinking about using)?

    I need iCal to stay my main calendar and GCal only be a copycat, since I can use it inside my Gmail and other Google services I’m using.