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iPhone update

imageThe 2.0.1 update for the iPhone has come out tonight and I just finished updating my phone.

First impressions:

  • After updating a backup is done automatically which takes less than 2 minutes. Not sure if this is because I made a full backup yesterday or if they corrected the thing but it is very usable now.
  • Contacts Icon is still slow (2-3 seconds lag before you can scroll) BUT via the Phone Icon it’s almost instantly responsive. Strange…
  • For stability, we’ll see over time. I’ll keep you updated…


  • Paul |

    Did you get a carrier update issue in Switzerland ? Here and Australia, there seem to be an issue after the 2.0.1 update (IMO, Safari is faster, contacts as well and, most importantly, SMS writing…)

  • admin |

    No carrier problems here. It worked perfectly “out of the box”.

    The update looks really good.

    If it fixes the 3+ crashes per week and 1+ reboots per day I’m perfectly happy (time will tell).