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My life with the new iPhone 3G – #1

image So i had my iPhone for a whole weekend now and I have learned some things:

3G 3G IS faster than EDGE but it drains your battery faster than you can say “I love my iPhone”.

So for me it will stay off (I have Wifi anyway at work and at home) until I’ll really need it. Exchange Push, RSS, Evernote and Twitteriffic are working great with EDGE – and it roughly doubles my battery life.

Accessories The worst surprise that I had is that the 3G iPhone does not charge on ANY of my accessories (two car radio adapters and the home dock to hook it up to the amplifier – 100$ each).

Apple, this is inexcusable! SHAME ON YOU. In addition to a TCO that makes Rockefeller blush, I’ll have to shell out a small fortune to get my accessories up to date!

So buying a car charger you now either listen to music and draining your iPhone even faster or you charge it and don’t listen to music.

Yes Apple, I hear you say : “you got this wrong – this is not an iPod but an iPhone, so why would you want to listen to music with this thing ;-)”.

It seems that this has to do with the fact that they eliminated the Firewire charging from the new iPhone (it existed from the very first iPod to the last iPhone).

Firewire works with 12V (rings a bell for all those car adaptors – no voltage changers needed in the past) and USB with 5V. So now you’ll have to charge with pure USB connectivity.

Still I’m pretty upset about this one… Apple we need a solution (Adapter?)!!!

GPS It seems to work great. I did a test at 120km/h on the Highway and the little blip followed the road quite smoothly (several updates per second). So contrary to some comments I read in the Sunday press (they must all have been copying some old article without actually testing it) turn-by-turn navigation should be no problem if we get the right software.

As for GoogleMaps – it’s not a TomTom or a Nuvi, but if you are lost it sure will bring you back on track.

Stability Applications keep crashing (especially when snapping pictures from within and application) and event the phone crashed twice in two days.

That’s NOT good Apple!

Push Mail The push mail works great for Exchange (work) and for Mobile Me (private).

Even the calendar stuff works like a charm.

There still remains a problem with synching between Exchange and Mobile Me though.

App Store Works great, but there is no way to see the newly added apps (that’s what geeks are interested in, aren’t they – I don’t mind about the “Top paid apps”).

Also there are apps missing in the App Store in Europe (Google Mobile, Last.fm)

Anyway I still think this little gem is a great device and has a user experience that has never been met by any portable device.

I’ll keep you posted if I run into more stuff (I won’t do the “Here are the 3247 pictures of my new iPhone…” post) 😉

Update: It seems that the charging problem also appears on fixed car installations (I’ve read about BMWs and other integrated iPod connectors not charging the phone). Apple, do you know how much one of those kits cost? This is getting serious!

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