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Mobile Me comes in handy (for once)

image After the rant by THE Walt Mossberg completely dissing Mobile Me an saying is “Far Too Flawed To Be Reliable” I found a way where it can be handy…

After a few tries I got iDisk to work on my eee PC Ubuntu setup in order to share/backup files between all my machines.

Here is how:

  • Go to the Places Menu image
  • Choose Connect to Server
  • Select Service type: WebDAV
  • Enter Server: idisk.me.com
  • enter your username in the “Folder” field (important, otherwise it won’t work!)
  • enter your username in the “Username” field
  • Leave the other fields blank
  • Press Connect

And voil√† it works…

One Comment

  • Andrew Zindilis |

    Hackintosh is not as easy< I thought it would be,but

    worth it