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iPhone – Windows Mobile

I’m aware that this post won’t please the Apple Fanboys out there but I just had to let it out:

“The iPhone hangs/crashes way more often than my former Windows Mobile phone”

Eat that Apple…

  • This weekend I had to restart the thing 3 times.
  • Accessing a contact takes up to 30 seconds until the phone becomes responsive again (try that in a car while driving).
  • Taking a photo is impossible because the baby you wanted to photograph has probably aged by 10 years until the camera controls finally show up.

Don’t get me wrong I still love it (well it’s drifting more and more towards a love/hate relationship) but sometimes it’s just barely unusable.

And frankly it’s embarrassing if a friend asks you for a phone number, you get out your shiny iPhone and the guy next to you with the old Nokia has the number up while you are waiting for the contact list to display… Aaaarrrgh…

The only thing that I’m sure about I hope, is that Apple will iron this out with the 6.2 2.1 to be released soon (apparently with some very interesting stuff in it – Copy & Paste, someone?)

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