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As requested by Carls in my last post on Ubuntu on eee PC I’ll post a short walk through for the mentioned operations.

Attention, this is very nerdy stuff below this line…

Update: Simplehelp.net just posted a very complete description on how to install Ubuntu on eee PCs.

All the information that I’m posting here can be found on http://www.array.org/ubuntu/setup.html, theeeeUser Wiki and the eeeBuntu Forum.

Install the optimised kernel (described here):

First you have to setup the repository:

Go to System / Administration / Software Sources.

imageThis will pop-up a configuration dialog (after you entered your admin password)

Click the “Add” button and insert the

“deb http://www.array.org/ubuntu hardy eeepc” in the box that pops-up and click “Add Source”.


Then type the following lines in a terminal (Applications / Accessories / Terminal)

wget http://www.array.org/ubuntu/array.list

sudo mv -v array.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/

wget http://www.array.org/ubuntu/array-apt-key.asc

sudo apt-key add array-apt-key.asc

sudo apt-get update

Then you have to install the kernel by typing the following in the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install linux-eeepc linux-headers-eeepc

After that, reboot and choose the 2.6.24-20-eeepc kernel entry in the bootup menu (if you installed eeeBuntu it remains the default one).

Recompile the sound drivers:

In eeeBuntu you have a lot of preset scripts to recompile parts of the specific drivers (this may be needed after installation or an upgrade).

First open a terminal (Applications / Accessories / Terminal)

Then type

sudo -s

<enter the admin password>

cd /eeesupport/scripts


This will recompile the sound support for the 900.

You can use the “ls” command to see the other scripts that you may launch (for example sndfix701.sh if you have sound problems on a eee 701 or install_madwifi.sh if you have problems with the wireless card)

Hope this helps…


  • Mike in Sheffield |

    Hi Just installed eeebuntu 3 on a 701 4G after a while of use the sound died.  Being new to Linux i am not sure what to do will the sndfix701.sh script fix this problem.

    Any advice greatly recieved…