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File sharing with drop.io


Today I discovered an excellent service called drop.io.

It provides a simple and very flexible way to share files and documents over the internet without registration.

Sounds familiar? But there is a lot more…

Click on¬† read on…

Drop.io enables you to create simple private exchange points called “drops.”

The service has no email signup and no “accounts.” Each drop is private, and only as accessible as you choose to deliberately make it. Create multiple drops, add any type of media, and share or subscribe as you want. To make a drop just click the big red button that says ‘drop it’

Each drop has four primary input methods – the web, email, voice, and fax – and a few secondary ones like ‘widgets’.

You can “upload” content via a Web 2.0 interface, by mailing, faxing (fax is saved as pdf) or phone (the message is available as audio file).

From now on you can upload stuff to drop.io/enikdrop (login is “enik”).

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