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A plan for a crash

I’m always afraid of loosing my documents (there are probably around 20 of them) and the photos taken in the last few years.

I duly back-up to 3 external hard disks that are not in the same location but still…

I got curious when the guys over at Twit discussed a solution called CrashPlan.

The tool is not free but gives you the possibility to backup between your PCs (even over VPN using the free and excellent Hamachi).

In addition (and that’s what did it for me) you can subscribe to CrashPlan Central which gives you online space to backup to (some 5$ a month for 50GB).

So I’m now happily making my backups between PCs and to the Cloud and I feel quite safe about those photos of the birth of my son…

Update: I had a very nice surprise today. Yesterday evening I had sent a rather technical question (about tunnelling CrashPlan through a VPN) to the support and I had the correct and very polite answer this morning in my inbox. Kudos for the support – that’s what makes me wanna spend money on applications…

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  • vpn hardware |

    It really depends on how much you want to spend… Basically you need to weigh costs Vs. Risk it can be done very inexpensively i.e. you could connect both servers directly to the internet with routable ip addresses and establish a tunnel, or you could setup a couple of firewalls and establish a connection between them