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Fix problems after 1.1.3 Jailbreak

From IpodTouchFans

  1. Go to the Sources tab in Installer, tap Edit in the upper-right hand corner, then Add in the upper-left
  2. When prompted to do so, type ihacks.us/index.xml, so the whole line should look like the following: http://ihacks.us/index.xml
  3. Refresh your Sources (it should probably do this automatically)
  4. Once sources have been refreshed go to Install > AlliPodHacks Software > Fix Jailbreak Symlinks 1
  5. Respring (should happen when you quit Installer) and enjoy!

This patch does the following:

cp -R /private/var/root/Media /private/var/mobile/

rm -r /private/var/root/Media

ln -s /private/var/mobile/Media /private/var/root/Media

cp -R /private/var/root/Library /private/var/mobile/

rm -r /private/var/root/Library

ln -s /private/var/mobile/Library /private/var/root/Library

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