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K9s – Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters In Style!

K9s – Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters In Style!

K9s – Kubernetes CLI To Manage Your Clusters In Style! K9s provides a curses based terminal UI to interact with your Kubernetes clusters. The aim of this project is to make it easier to navigate, observe and manage your applications in the wild.
Link: github.com

Installing Knative on the IBM Cloud

Promising project to further abstract Kubernetes complexity from developers

I finally found some time to start playing with Knative. It took me a few hours to get a simple sample running. Below I describe some pitfalls when installing Knative and tips how to avoid them.
Link: heidloff.net

IBM Cloud Private – Alerting with Prometheus

With the new versions of IBM Cloud Private (ICP) a new version of Prometheus has also been implemented.
For ICP this would be Prometheus version 2.0.0 to be precise.

Amongst other changes and improvements, this brings with it a new format for configuring the Alertmanager rules.
After some digging around and a lot of trial and error I got a working configuration up and running that I thought I’d share with you.

Remark: the configuration files can be downloaded from GitHub here
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Using Inspec to Validate Infrastructure

Nice article about using InSpec to Validate Infrastructure in a Continuous Deployment process

So, here we were, at one of the bigger financial corporations in New Zealand, working on an elaborate infrastructure built on Docker containers. It had configurations, SSL certificates, DNS entries and all the other condiments required to spice up a tasty infrastructure curry.
Link: devops.com